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Backyard Casino – Silver Tongue: UK Indie Rock Got Its Bite Back

Backyard Casino

Since their 2019 debut, Backyard Casino has been lauded for bringing their infamous live energy to their boisterously relatable indie rock releases; their latest single, Silver Tongue, due for release on August 26th, is no exception.

The cagey post-punk-tinged hit comes complete with Pete Doherty-Esque swaggy vocals and popping angular indie guitar melodies that pull their weight when crafting the hooks that take the anthemic energy to the nth degree.

If any new up-and-coming act has what it takes to rock a main stage festival crowd with turbulence last seen in the 90s, it is this indie powerhouse with their sneeringly clever lyricism, loveably rogue vocals and tight instrumentals. Get them on your radar.

Check out Backyard Casino on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Speak, Memory – Trails: an instrumental art-rock exploration of unrequited love

Speak, Memory

Oklahoma-residing alt-indie artist, Speak, Memory are set to release their highly-anticipated EP ‘Adirondack’, which allows the listener to see the beauty in shared experiences – no matter how harrowing they may be to endure on a personal level.

‘Trails’ is the first of three singles on the live-recorded EP to explore the torrid emotions surrounding unrequited love through instrumentals alone. After waves of spiritual reverb ease you into the soundscape, angular jangly indie-pop guitars start to cut through the accordance until the track builds up an all-consuming wall of guitars that could rival My Bloody Valentine’s sonic constructions.

It’s a track that you can’t help getting caught up in, making it impossible not to get excited about the future of this artfully astute outfit.

You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can check out Adirondack for yourselves. In the meantime, head over to their official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mohe’s Track ‘Warm’ Embraces Casualness

When musical aesthetics come together, people come together. Bossa Nova swagger and lo-fi sensibility go together like…well, to be honest, how many times have we tried this? Warm by Mohe is a song that’s carefree and yet glum-sounding. Not quite melancholic but not frantic enough to be happy by the standards of EDM or modern pop. It’s simple yet completely unlike most other songs you’ll hear throughout the day. It’s not something you’d expect yourself to feel, but that’s exactly why you should be listening. You don’t need to be a fan of the Magnetic Fields to understand this brand of comfortable pop.

Mohe’s vocal approach isn’t monotonic, but it carries a certain sense of doldrums in a way that is pleasant. This is a song you could nap to while swaying in a hammock. It’s also a song that you could play on a long drive through Autumn. It’s also…well, very accessible in just about any situation that doesn’t require heaps of energy. This song embraces casualness. There won’t be a bass drop or an intense solo or a sudden, ear-shattering scream. If you feel your foot tapping, let it tap! If you find yourself swaying, sway away! It’s always good to have a reminder that we don’t need to dramatize our moods, especially our good ones. Warm is warm and Mohe is a fine choice for a slow mood.

Rumble Skulls remind us of how music truly can speak where words fail with ‘Clouds Of Darkness’

With a name like Rumble Skulls, one could gather a pretty clear picture in their mind of what’s to come. Blaring guitars, rough vocals and pounding drums akin to countless bar-scene metal groups are the expectation. Now, meet the reality. Clouds of Darkness is a minimalist track that’s driven by an uplifting piano and a soft vocal. The content of the song is somewhere between expectation and reality, dwelling on harsh and depressing themes with little to no hope injected into the lyrics. Relying on delivery, this song creates something beautiful from sadness, reminding us of how music truly can speak where words fail.

Rumble Skulls is tame and careful in their exploration of themes, never falling to the level of its inspirations. This gives the listener an impression of being on the outside looking in. This type of perspective play makes for a really interesting track comprised of simple elements and simple themes. Something like dark clouds can mean infinitely much and Rumble Skulls is set on exploring that. Whether you need a track to bring you out of an existential funk or even soften the blow as you fall into one, this track acts as a unique stepping stone between impossibly different moods.

-Paul Weyer

Brazilian rock band Ego Kill Talent release new single ‘My Own Deceiver’

Many believe that the flame of Rock music has long since smoldered under the vastness and accessibility of modern pop, indie, etc. Ego Kill Talent are here to show us that the flame still burns bright if you know where to look. Turn your ears toward Brazil if you’re yearning for immense drum sounds, heavy guitars and powerful vocals.

Despite the influences from harder rock genres, My Own Deceiver is a versatile single that blends pop sensibility with edgier style. Verses are arranged for easy singing along, even if you only know one word. This is definitely a single that will raise attentiveness at a live show. There’s a respect for classic rock in there as well. You can hear it in the way the song builds dynamically to its climaxes. While modern hardcore enthusiasts will go for full speed and peak volume right out the gate, My Own Deceiver is a track that takes its time and packs a bigger punch for it.

Even if you’re not ready to abandon your posh life of dream pop and folk ballads, there’s a timeless quality to rock music and Ego Kill Talent can dial your mind to a time when you were ready for more energy out of your music. This could be just the gateway you need to break out those guilty pleasure Motley Crue tracks that we both know you love.

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-Paul Weyer