Rumble Skulls remind us of how music truly can speak where words fail with ‘Clouds Of Darkness’

With a name like Rumble Skulls, one could gather a pretty clear picture in their mind of what’s to come. Blaring guitars, rough vocals and pounding drums akin to countless bar-scene metal groups are the expectation. Now, meet the reality. Clouds of Darkness is a minimalist track that’s driven by an uplifting piano and a soft vocal. The content of the song is somewhere between expectation and reality, dwelling on harsh and depressing themes with little to no hope injected into the lyrics. Relying on delivery, this song creates something beautiful from sadness, reminding us of how music truly can speak where words fail.

Rumble Skulls is tame and careful in their exploration of themes, never falling to the level of its inspirations. This gives the listener an impression of being on the outside looking in. This type of perspective play makes for a really interesting track comprised of simple elements and simple themes. Something like dark clouds can mean infinitely much and Rumble Skulls is set on exploring that. Whether you need a track to bring you out of an existential funk or even soften the blow as you fall into one, this track acts as a unique stepping stone between impossibly different moods.

-Paul Weyer

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