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Living Shape Releases Hard Hitting Rock Track “Nirwana”

Living Shape is an alternative rock band from Zurich, Switzerland.

Their sound is hard-hitting, no-frills and no-compromise alternative rock. The tone of the band is really captivating and interesting.

If I could describe it by making comparisons, I would say that their recent single, “Nirwana”, almost sounds like Jim Morrison fronting The Foo Fighters, jamming with members of Metallica.

The track is a great example of the band’s eclectic influences. The guitar tones of the group tip the hat at the early metal sound of the 70s, learning lessons from bands such as Metallica or Judas Priest. The vocals are present, really cutting through the mix perfectly. On the other hand, the drums are dense and thick, echoing the best early stoner rock and grunge. In spite of the band’s rocking attitude, there is also a lot of melody in this track, making it appealing to a broad pool of listeners.

The band recently even took to Youtube to release a brand new music video for their single, which showcases the band jamming in various locations in an abandoned old mansion!


Byran Motley Releases Post-Grunge Track ‘Hurt’

Simultaneously paying homage to the more melodic end of Seattle’s grunge scene and the strands of classic rock inspired scenes which were evolving into any number of post-, alt- and nu- subsets around the same time, Hurt revels in a big, powerful and muscle bound sound. But it is much more than just another homage to rocks past. Whilst it flits through and flirts with everything from Zeppelin-esque grandeur to New Wave of British Heavy Metal guitar motifs to Nu-Metal’s dark and edgy sonic world, it also offers a glimpse of rocks future. Or one possible one at least.

It is interesting that one track can reference so many past glories yet keep them all enough at arms length to allow room for new ideas to burst forth at the same time. Hurt is a blend of the cold, doom-laden edge of Danzig’s dystopian blues-metal and the emotive, sonic drama of Staind, but with more than a nod to the likes of Soundgarden and built as much on an intangible weight as the power of the musical delivery itself. Post-grunge? Is that a thing yet?


The Night Suns release post grunge track ‘Smoke’

Post grunge? Is that a thing? Well, if it is then The Night Suns fit right into such a category. You can hear the last dissonant chords of the end of the grunge era drift through their music, as well as the muscular and more polished alt-rock sound of the modern era and between the two The Night Suns find their own singular voice.

But it is cleverer than the simple meeting and re-matching of those two genres. There is a clever dynamic at work in their approach to composition, one that often feels as if they are going to head off into more progressive rock territories but which stops short of any unnecessary noodling or sounds aping. Instead they prove to be masters of taking all the classic sounds from across a number of heavier genres, blend them with melody and deft atmospherics and produce a sound all of their own.

It might be quite obvious where they come from musically but where they are going is a far more interesting prospect.


Banzai.Giant’s stoner-alt rock track ‘Melancholia’

If you try to unpack Banzai.Giant stoner-alt rock sound you soon find that it is built from some surprisingly deft textures. Rather than just the usual grunge grunt and heavy riffs, there are layers of electronic wash, chiming, jangle pop guitars, progressive passages and dramatic symphonic rock theatre.  All of which is rather pleasing. It is good to come across a band that understand that making an impact isn’t merely the business of volume control, but is more about dynamics and the building of layers to contour the sound.

Post-grunge? Is that a thing? If it is it suits Melancholia which proves great at capturing all of the power of the intent and delivery of the rawest of grunge bands and doing it by drawing the deftest of lines and leaving behind the “I hate by mum because she made me tidy my room” parochialism which was often at the heart of the scene.


A&R Factory Present: FALSE HEADS

Having been hailed by Iggy Pop as one of his favourite bands of the moment, declared “the future of rock n’ roll” by ex-Ramones manager Danny Fields, signed up by The Libertines drummer Gary Powell to his 25 Hour Convenience Store label, given Pete Townsend’s studio to record in, and named as one of their tips for 2017 by both Fred Perry Subculture and This Feeling, it’s fair to say that there’s a hell of a buzz swirling around the young East London trio False Heads right now.

The Independent, NME, Clash Magazine, Q Magazine, Artrocker, Drowned In Sound, BBC 6Music, Radio X, Kerrang Radio (where the band were playlisted), and BBC Radio 1’s Huw Stephens have also all waded in with support and praise for the trio’s delinquent, punk-driven assault, that finds them caught somewhere between the early grunge of Foo Fighters, the infectious songwriting of Pixies, and the snotty punk attitude of The Buzzcocks.

Following their remarkable ‘Thick Skin’ and ‘Weigh In’ single releases in 2016, False Heads went on to perform at The Roundhouse in London for the Punk Weekender event, played an acclaimed set at Camden Rocks festival, live sessions for BBC Introducing and Radio X, and were even interviewed by The New York Times. Meanwhile their avid fanbase continues to grow as the excitement around the trio builds.

False Heads will now return in 2017 with their ‘Gutter Press’ EP, featuring a string of hard-hitting tracks, including Iggy Pop favourite ‘Slew’, and two stellar new tracks ‘Twenty Nothing’ and ‘Comfort Consumption’.

The new EP delivers five tracks that capture False Heads perfect riot of energetic, leering bawdiness, and set a huge marker for a band whose remarkable rise is seemingly unstoppable. With their frenetic live shows taking on a life of their own, False Heads have also announced their first dates of 2017, with select shows across this February and March.
False Heads ‘Gutter Press’ EP will be released through 25 Hour Convenience Store on March 10th 2017. The band have also partnered with Pledge Music on the new release, with exclusive signed pre-orders on vinyl and CD, along with other merchandise, available from HERE now.


23 Feb – MANCHESTER – Dive NQ

24 Feb – LEEDS – Milo Bar

25 Feb – SHEFFIELD – The Rocking Chair

11 Mar – LONDON – Nambucca

17 Mar – BRIGHTON – Bleach



A&R Factory Present: Psychic Love

The song is the first single leaked off the band’s forthcoming debut album, The Hive Mind, which drops September 2nd. The track is a solid groove of melodic indie rock with smooth vocals and jangly guitars that harken back to Rilo Kiley’s prime years.

“Oddly, I first wrote “Ultralight” while taking care of a friend who was having a bad acid trip,” says frontwoman Laura Peters. “Apparently the guitar lines were so soothing that every time I stopped playing he looked horrified and pukey. I ended up writing about nine verses. Obviously, they didn’t all make it into the final cut.”

Psychic Love is an Echo Park-based act spearheaded by multi-media artist Laura Peters along with Max Harrison (guitar) and Liam McCormack (bass). Peters likes to describe their sound as “dream grunge” or “as if Nancy Sinatra had a love child with Frank Black.”
“Ultralight” was recorded by Aaron Espinoza (of Earlimart) at The Ship Studio in Eagle Rock, CA and mastered by Mark Chaleki at Little Red Book Mastering.



A&R Factory Present: Meat Eating Orchids

Meat Eating Orchids ‘s new single, Bulletproof , corresponds to the greatest hymns which has burst from the 90’s grunge-rock with sassy, up-to-date, energetic tunes. Bulletproof faces the clash of the vulnerability and naivety the 90’s children generation are coping with nowadays, in a non-compromising yet sensitive take, making the band the new intriguing player in the genre backyard.

Three iconic videos were released in 1992 and 1993 by three American grunge bands (Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Blind Melon). The songs accompanied by those videos became hymns of a generation and dealt with a variety of psychological issues – from codependent relationships through school violence and teenage suicide, to the thoughts on an unaccomplished self, or an alienated youth who deals with addiction. Now in 2016, the heroes of the videos are in their late twenties or early thirties, living the Y Generation’s work, society and relationship paradoxes.

In the new cheeky video the three go for a one-day-banter tracing their childhood path, meeting with characters and situations from other eye and ear candy from the Nineties, and gather at a show of their new favorite rock band. The video pays a homage to Nirvana’s video for Heart Shaped Box (the song from which the band had also derived its name) through its main character, the all grown up all-dressed-in-white blonde girl who appears in Nirvana’s video as a little girl.

Tel Aviv based band Meat Eating Orchids (MEO) was formed in Tel Aviv mid 2014 by singer-songwriter, nightlife entrepreneur and local fashionista Or Biron who after spending a year in Beijing and engaging in an interesting electronic music project decided to go back to her grungy folk roots. After teaming up with guitarist Nitzan Zisk, the two young women decided to find the Yang to their Yin and invited Ran Boldor (bass) and Boaz Blum (drums) to join them.

In 2015 MEO has released their debut single Weapon of Choice to acclaimed reviews both in local and international press ( Hype Machine is among them to be found), which was followed by a successful local tour and a keen, consistently growing fan base.

The band’s name has become mostly known for their ecstatic, kicking live act, as well as a fresh, relevant empowerment of the grunge-rock genre in general, and female musicians in particular.

Nowadays, MEO is in a process of reformation and recordings of their debut album, which is set to be released in the near future.


A&R Factory Present: Pet Sun

Pet Sun’s self-titled debut LP is an eleven-track album that takes listeners on a sonic moonlit trip from grunge dungeons to melancholic landscapes. The LP hears the four-piece band melt their strong influences of heavy rock, grunge, doom and surf rock together in a caldron creating their own evil brew much to the delight of all head bangers.

It was recorded at Dream House Studios in Toronto with producer Dave Plowman (Michael Rault) and was mastered by Alex Bonenfant (Metz, July Talk, Crystal Castles). Released as a 7” on the Hand Recordings.

Web Of Man – “Our most traditional garage rock song. Lyrics mostly about manipulation and lies. The tone is a bit bitter but the chorus is pretty upbeat. Inspiration would be mid to late 60’s garage rock like the Kinks.” – Pet Sun

Upcoming Dates:

03/06 – Northside Yacht Club – Cincinnati
03/07 – Drkmttr – Nashville
03/08 – GoBar – Athens
03/09 – The Masquerade – Atlanta
03/10 – The Syndicate Lounge – Birmingham
03/11 – Shark Tank – Tallahassee
03/12 – Sluggo’s – Pensacola
03/13 – Saturn Bar – New Orleans
03/14 – Satellite – Houston
04/02 – Doors Pub – Hamilton
04/07 – Le Quai Des Brumes – Montreal
04/08 – Nino Panino – Oakville, ON
04/09 – The Studio @ Waiting Room – Buffalo
04/15 – Silver Dollar – Toronto
04/29 – The Aquarium – Philadelphia
04/30 – Pianos – New York City

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