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Where Did Everyone Go: Baltimore alt-rockers Normal Suits urge us to not plug too far into the matrix on ‘In Threes’

With a catchy chorus up there with the best of them around and a cleanly swept sound that pulsates the shaking speakers into pure bliss, Normal Suits are at their best with their latest kick-ass single called ‘In Threes‘.

Normal Suits is an experienced and high octane three-piece indie rock band from Baltimore, Maryland. Over twenty years being in various bands and getting the t-shirt, you feel their close bond throughout this revved up track.

The songs are, at their core, straight-ahead rock songs, but with the sophistication that comes from years of experimentation with the layering of instruments and sounds.” ~ Normal Suits

You feel their purposeful and exhilarating standards bust into your consciousness on a breathtakingly simmering soundscape, which has such a tremendous edge to it. This is the type of song that makes you think twice about your latest moves, as the world threatens to take your money and your soul, without you even knowing or caring, that this is taking place right before your very eyes.

In Threes‘ from the gritty Baltimore, Maryland-based indie rock act Normal Suits, is a scrumptious single that has a stark warning about plugging in too deep, as it can drown your mind like being underwater for too long. Made with a roaring blend of a electrifying force that stamps a powerful wave of intrigue all over your soul, this is a quality single from a truly criminally underrated band, who definitely need more love.

Hear this gritty new single on Spotify and see their future show news on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Miniature Cyclops” from California Punk band Dads Under Where rock in with eccentric release

Dads Under Where is a psychedelic rock band from Sacramento with punk, grunge, and math rock influences featuring manic theatrics that uncovers your inner rock n’ roller. ”Miniature Cyclops” .

The Californian 3-piece full of long shaggy hair and gritty guitar riffs, ice up with some gruff vocals illuminates the speakers. ”Miniature Cyclops” is a very eccentric song full of old school 90’s punk rock sounds. That era was a real top shelf time to be listening to this type of music. Dads Under Where would of fitted in well during this time as their music is fantastic.

With drums, vocals and guitar being the centerpieces here, the Sacramento outfit slam in sliding on the greasy dance floor. Dads Under Where bring back the fun of punk rock with a raving set up drums to set up the mood splendidly on ”Miniature Cyclops”.

Stream this new rocking track here on their Spotify music channel.

Check out the band’s Facebook page to find out more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Blackeneddagger’s moody drum & bass bounces in with ”Confess”

The mysterious Blackeneddagger returns with an old school drum and base ode to the past. This is a fantastic track to get 2020 jumping again with its dark pointed edge and gritty sound.

The moody beat turns after while and is ominously bellowed out of the speakers as this one ramps up. I feel like I’m in a club in a sweaty and hot City while grooving to this one all night. The sound is a times distorted and for good measure. Taken off new album ”Through the Silence” this is a fantastic and furious deep dub vibe to get through life.

Confess” is the new track from the producer Blackeneddagger who slides in with real vengeance here. He bites through the beat like a hungry vampire and has clawed his way in. Things haven’t always been easy but this musician is confident and feels that this is the moment. This new track is a perfectly edgy bounce to the crazy year of 2020.

Stream this new song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Neon Dolls – Rock and roll is back on the menu with ‘Creep Inside’

It may be a very simple idea, but as is often the case with simple ideas, it’s a good one, namely take the groove and grit of blues and give it the scuzzy garage rock treatment. Why not throw in some sweet and drifting harmony vocal whilst you are about it? But it isn’t quite as simple as that, as we know by now the saleability of such a simple and oft visited genre clash is the songs themselves, after all anyone can drive the blues-rock car off of the cliff of convention but the art is ending up with something which is more Thelma and Louise’s dramatic swansong and less a short traffic report on page 7 of the local newspaper.

Thankfully drama is never in short supply here. They join dots between Memphis in 1956, Detroit in 1969, New York in 1977 and Manchester 1995 and at a time when “rock” has become polished, defined, packaged and refined to within an inch of its skinny-jeaned and complicated hair-styled life, maybe it is time to turn back to “rock and roll” for our kicks. There is no denying that underneath all the jagged edges, Brit-pop poise and punk rock sonic poses, that is essentially what this is.
It’s elemental; it’s out of control but just enough in check, it’s savage, stroppy, sweet and sour, and slightly silly…but never a joke. Rock and roll is serious business and it looks like it is back on the menu.