Blackeneddagger’s moody drum & bass bounces in with ”Confess”

The mysterious Blackeneddagger returns with an old school drum and base ode to the past. This is a fantastic track to get 2020 jumping again with its dark pointed edge and gritty sound.

The moody beat turns after while and is ominously bellowed out of the speakers as this one ramps up. I feel like I’m in a club in a sweaty and hot City while grooving to this one all night. The sound is a times distorted and for good measure. Taken off new album ”Through the Silence” this is a fantastic and furious deep dub vibe to get through life.

Confess” is the new track from the producer Blackeneddagger who slides in with real vengeance here. He bites through the beat like a hungry vampire and has clawed his way in. Things haven’t always been easy but this musician is confident and feels that this is the moment. This new track is a perfectly edgy bounce to the crazy year of 2020.

Stream this new song right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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