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That’s Why I Gave You A Key To The Lock: The First To Fight ends up in the maze with Almost A Win

Released from their hugely enjoyable 13-track album The Saddest Champion, The First To Fight drop a Kings of Leon-like gem to admire for its raw texture and unpretentious lyrics with Almost A Win.

The First To Fight is a Salem, South Carolina-hailing Greenville-based indie alternative post-emo band who have matured like fine wine and are on a mission to represent their city.

The earliest iteration of The First To Fight was like a pipe bomb; an explosion of attitude dressed as a down and dirty vendetta wrapped in two minutes of shouting and slipshod guitar work.” ~ The First To Fight

Streaming into our lives with something rather consequential, The First To Fight have strengthened our rattled armour and brings the world a tremendously important song that digs deeper into being stuck inside someone else’s box.

Disappearing into our minds like that backroom that has many belongings, we are treated to a quality single with a real message to learn from.

Almost A Win from the electrifying Greenville-based indie post-emo band The First To Fight is a rather phenomenal soundtrack to the distant daze of not wanting to waste any moment. Sung with a pulsating edge and flowing with terrific power and roaring forces within, this is a monumental release made for current times.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drunk Text: North Carolina’s Jordan Berri falls for the love again on ‘Champagne’

With his much-awaited EP on the way soon and oozing in style that easily captures our intrigued attention, Jordan Berri teases the first single off the new project with the popping-a-bottle track called ‘Champagne‘.

Jordan Berri is an expressive Greenville, North Carolina-based indie hip-hop/pop artist and a former athlete. He makes that heartfelt music that pulls at your heartstrings, as he uplifts our romantic-less souls with a candle-lit atmosphere that heats up those hungry senses.

Growing up known for being an athlete, it wasn’t until he started recording music with his friends that his brand started to shift.” ~ Jordan Berri

With a stirring eloquence which slides us slowly into the picture of his on and off lover –  who he loves deep down – but feels like she might be wasting his time ultimately, we are entrenched into this romantic glance at the past and future. Sung with a classy interior, we are elevated by the gripping vocals that puts us all into a reflective mood, with an extra sip of that desired taste you crave.

Champagne‘ from the Greenville, North Carolina-based indie rapper and singer Jordan Berri, is a true story all about falling for someone who you know you shouldn’t really be with. You started off as friends but then the spark grew as you spent time together – with the drinks flowing things changed – as you now wonder if it was all worth it, even though you can’t get enough of her.

Sometimes you just need a sober night in, to see if you are both really compatible or just party friends, who are together when the night is alive with wonder.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In My Zone: Keylo Jsr is the triple threat on the money-maker ‘Zon3’

He wishes that she was right next to him right now but knows that the trust is there so they can kiss through the phone, as the rejuvenated Keylo Jsr gets into the right mindset to make that ‘Zon3‘.

Keylo Jsr is a driven indie rapper based in Greenville, South Carolina. The Queens, New York-born artist makes that enlightened music as he was behind bars for over five years, so had plenty of time to work out what he wanted from life. Long-term success is what he is after – as he drops proven bars that slam down with much-appeal – to have you inspired by his true redemption story.

This is the type of track that is rapped confidently with so much certain conviction, as he has your ears locked into to a destination of peace and ever-lasting comfort that so many fail to see with their small-minded minds.

He knows that she believes in him and vice-versa, his mind is relaxed and their love is so real. This is the message of putting faith into those caring eyes that are interwoven so naturally, no matter how far your beating hearts are from each other.

Zon3‘ from the highly motivated and excuse-less South Carolina RnB/hip-hop artist Keylo Jsr, is a riveting display from an artist on a mission to let his girl know, that he is there for her no matter what. He refuses to let the distance get to him – as he flows with such a skilled ambiance – which has you overwhelmed at times by his smooth quality.

This is that get-into-the-vibe music which shows us a skilled emcee who has only used his past failures to enhance his life, not the opposite. Music heals all wounds after all.

Stream this single on Spotify and check out more visuals on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen