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Ghost Nation advocated idiosyncratic autonomy in their dark pop/rock amalgam, Insane

Ghost Nation advocated idiosyncratic individuality in their latest addictive anthem, Insane. With a Shinedown-esque rock backbeat and razor-sharp pop hooks that pull you into the emboldening future-ready synthetics of the down-the-rabbit-hole single, it’s a feel-good anthem for every outlier who knows how hard fought for sanctity can be.

Uniqueness may now be celebrated to a certain degree in society but there are still boundaries to keep quirks inside of, Ghost Nation broke every boundary in their liberating anthem, which also borrows a few industrial rock tones. It may be darker and infinitely more twisted with the carnivalesque propensities of the melodies, but insane is the epitome of a radio-ready earworm. If Muse and Imagine Dragons managed to mainstream their sonic signatures, Ghost Nation is easily capable of doing the same.

Ghost Nation has already had its fair share of successes since forming in Stockholm in 2016. Their debut release was a hit worldwide, and their seminal single, Unforgiven, reached No.1 in over 20 singles. To date, the single has clocked up 1.4 million streams on Spotify and 3.6 million on YouTube.

Insane was officially released on July 14th; stream it on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Born To Fail: Ghost Nation drops mental health inspired single Help Me

Known best for their unprecedented fusion of modern alternative rock, dark pop, electronic rock, rebel blues and boss beat, Ghost Nation intertwine through a Katrineholm and Stockholm moulded gem of a single called Help Me.

Ghost Nation is a Sweden-based indie pop/rock duo who are an experienced team that lathers our attention with extremely well-constructed anthems.

We are thrilled to share this new music with our fans,” says Micke Berg. “It’s a very personal and meaningful song for us and we hope it resonates with listeners and encourages them to open up about their own struggles.” ~ Ghost Nation

Soaring with much radiant honesty and so much to learn from, Ghost Nation display such bravery in this engaged song which is wrapped with real meaning. Searching for the light deep in that lonely forest, we find a supremely dark song to help unlock all the previous trauma.

Help Me from the Sweden-based indie pop/rock duo Ghost Nation is a rather terrific single all about asking for help when you need it most. Sung with sterling precision and much to be illuminated by, this is a rather lyrically aware song for anyone who needs to know that friends are there to help if needed.

When you feel like you’re sinking, it’s time to get some backup before it’s too late.

Listen up on YouTube. See more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keep On: Sensational Swedish band Ghost Nation can feel that immortal power rising on ‘Forevermore’

After their incredibly important mental health message from April 2021 called ‘Black Dogs’, Ghost Nation whistles their way into our hearts with the instant classic that has you feeling like anything is possible if you have that vital support on ‘Forevermore‘.

Ghost Nation is a Stockholm, Sweden-based alternative pop/rock duo who met by chance at a local gig and clicked instantly, which certainly shows in their electrifying music.

This time it is a conversation between the past, the present and the future. And the last words in the end of the song are chanting “We are forevermore” frantically, as if it would give the words life.” ~ Ghost Nation

Causing our speakers to boom and our souls to go vroom, Ghost Nation rocket into our lives with a simply brilliant new single that shall probably cause some unexpected heart palpitations.

Forevermore is also a song that pays homage to the guitar solo. For this song, Ghost Nation has invited guitarist Christian Lund, who together with the band explores new musical territories.” ~ Ghost Nation

Forevermore‘ from Stockholm, Sweden-based alternative pop/rock duo Ghost Nation is an action packed track that deserves to be in the next Fast & Furious movie. There is a real elevation here from their previous releases, which shows their outstanding progression to being one of the most lively bands on the planet.

Underground for now, but packed with world class quality, that will stun you like you have just seen the love of your life for the first time.

Hear this thrilling single on Spotify and see their movements further on the website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Run Away: Top class Swedish band Ghost Nation lead us from the ‘Black Dogs’ of our mind

Bringing us a vitally important message about mental health that is often swept under the carpet, Ghost Nation show us unrivaled honesty about issues that have plagued the band in the past, as they perform with so much passion on their new song called ‘Black Dogs’.

Ghost Nation is a thriving two-piece alt rock/pop act from Stockholm, Sweden. They make that spiritually enlightening music that has your mind alert and gives you so much admiration for their stunning soundscape creativity.

”The black dog is that constant darkness that follows you and that you can’t get rid of.” – Ghost Nation

You feel the superb vocals that are entrenched into your mind, you hold onto the beat that washes over your body to cleanse away the self-doubt, the lyrics are striking and gives you a true warning.

Black Dogs’ from sensational Swedish duo Ghost Nation, is a message to not look back, as you run from the dark shadows and the barking of the mind, as you find your peace to figure out who you really are in life. Looking behind and getting bitten by the past isn’t helpful at all and leaves you with those deep scars.

Taking a breath and believing in yourself with good habits away from bad company and unhelpful vibes, will only make you smile and happier after all.

Stream this new single on Soundcloud and see their FB for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keeping it real: Swedish Pop Rockers Ghost Nation send the rubbish back to sender on ‘Blow My Mind’

The earsplitting start from Stockholm, Sweden Pop-Rock band Ghost Nation on ‘Blow My Mind‘ might just perforate your eager eardrums.

Deafening electric guitar bluster and power screams through the unwavering speakers that feel the pressure mightily as the shake from the pure booming vocals, true story and excellent background that feels like a 5 piece band at least. The exuberant duo stir up a real meal for the soul here and this is such a welcome listen.

The story about being told things that you believe at first but after further inspection, you turn to the lieutenant in your brain and they tell you to call no on this once exciting journey; that has reached the end of the tracks. The energy force field is broken here as they have thrown away the trust that you once had. When someone shows you their true colors, its very hard to forget that moment as you lose all respect for them them, no matter what happened before.

Swedish duo Ghost Nation are quite electric on ‘Blow My Mind‘ as they up the standard of Rock songs that has a Pop sprinkle into the shaker too for us to consume. The quality act have such incredible success before and for a band so young, they are certainly an outfit you want to see do well as you don’t hear class like this too often these days.

A story about how some people feed you nonsense in your ear is so valid and the message to ignore it is so valuable. In a world full of quick messaging and an almost crazy reaction mentality that does nothing to educate our youth. This is a top effort from a band that show such special self-awareness.

Stream this stomp classic via Soundcloud and see the Swedish sizzlers on their IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen