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Malta’s Dylan De Bono sends love to the Ukrainian girl who made his heart happy for the first time on ‘You Got Me so High’

Taken from his debut solo album ‘Loose Wire’, Dylan De Bono sends much respect to a kind girl who taught him the true meaning of what love actually was on the space-filled hit single, ‘You Got Me so High‘.

Dylan De Bono is a Malta-based indie-pop/retro-futuristic solo singer-songwriter who was formerly in the local pop group, Royals.

The result is a personally inspired, sonically cohesive body of work – dark, seductive, edgy, yet interspersed with honest vulnerability. A combination of 80’s pop influence and modern club hits define the sound of the album.” ~ Dylan De Bono

Showing us that romance can be so simple if you let it flow in your veins without any extra baggage, Dylan De Bono has dropped something rather extraordinary here in a time of need for millions of anxious souls.

The release date of this video coincided with a very dark time in our world and for that reason, I was hesitant to release. However, I wrote this song about a girl from Ukraine. A girl who showed me what true beauty is. I release this song as both a tribute to her and also a tribute to the Ukrainian nation which she represents – A nation of beauty.” ~ Dylan De Bono

You Got Me so High‘ from Malta-based indie-pop/retro-futuristic solo artist Dylan De Bono, is a quality release that will put you in a frame of mind that shall shake your core like a washing machine. A story of that love that wasn’t allowed in a time that shocked the world, as we are treated to an artist who sings with such true emotion. With a catchy beat that takes you to a higher place, this is something to embrace as we all desire that calm will be restored soon, in a country that needs all the hope it can get at the moment.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more news via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Another World: London-based darkwave producer Daverage J. Normal takes us to an exciting planet above on ‘Dark Stars’

With his much-anticipated upcoming EP ‘General Dysfunction‘ lacing up for action soon, Daverage J. Normal takes us to a planet far away from this strange world that we find ourselves stuck in with ‘Dark Stars‘.

Daverage J. Normal aka DJN, is a creative London, England-based space-driven synthwave electronic music producer and bassist, who fantastically fuses retro-futuristic music into our hungry souls to immerse head-first into.

Inspiration is mostly just cooking away in the back of my mind and from noodling around with synths, generally leaning towards a retro-futuristic and science fiction vibe. I have a very simple process, power on, mess about, oh, I like that, let’s evolve it..” – Daverage J. Normal

Dark Stars‘ from the superb London-based electronic darkwave/cyberpunk music producer and bassist Daverage J. Normal, shows us brilliantly upwards to a new place that full of life and promise. The blazing electronica is dazzling and pulsating throughout, you feel like this might be the perfect fire dance music and get lost easily into this terrific creation. The dark elements capture your vivid imagination and things get more intense as the song heats up, putting your headache at ease and helping you bathe in pure water, that is full of crystals and healing energies.

This is what excellent electronic music sounds like in 2021.

Stream this buzzing new single on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Those Wild Egos: London’s Empress Linoleum rips through the big heads on ‘God Complex’

On the lead track off her incredibly vivid new six-track EP ‘Cloud‘, which is about acceptance and looking after your mental state of mind called ‘Clouds‘, Empress Linoleum impresses mightily on ‘God Complex‘.

Lily Pearson aka Empress Linoleum is a futuristic London-based hip-hop/electronic producer/artist, who’s music is so honest and truly heartfelt. She explores various topics that are often misunderstood and is an inspirational woman with vocab skills to make your heart skip a beat.

This is the true story of how some people let their egos grow way too large, as your self-awareness allows you to see inside for a brief moment, to confirm your suspicions about this subject that is often ignored. You realize that you have to be careful too, so you don’t let the same thing happen to you. Your mind is different to most but we can all fall for the same traps and be held by pre-conceived notions, that don’t actually help us at all.

God Complex‘ from the amazing talent of London’s breathtakingly creative Empress Linoleum, sees her eagerly brushing off the fake plastic that gets thrown at her by small-minded foes, to find herself through the clouds of the world to see that everlasting true enlightenment.

After recently beating her own worrying eating disorder, she is a guiding light to what is possible if you believe in yourself. She is a true fighter who pours her whole heart into her art, to make music that is truly memorable for all the right reasons.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The deep love desire: ‘Unravel’ from Kristrun is an electronic waterfall of succulent sounds

Icelandic native Kristrun is an electro-pop artist like no other as she weaves her way out of the recording studio and into your breathless body, holding your heart and doing what she pleases with it. Her exquisite voice brews up to percolate something so very mysterious as you shiver briefly in your seat, listening to each sound to find out what is going to happen next. This is out of a scary movie at first and each little noise makes you quickly scan the area outside your house to see what is out there. She has that rare gift that makes you wait in anticipation and fascinates at the same time.

The Liverpool, England based musician then dazzles her spectacular vocals and the penny drops into the ocean. Her peacefully pure voice is a wonderland of escapism from the darkness of the world. The beat is so futuristic and is way ahead of its time. Adding to the vivid story is a consistently special sound that is so sweet and tender. She sings about wanting that special love and letting her partner take what they like from her. Kristrun just wants to love and to let you unravel with her and experience that very feeling inside that some can’t even imagine exists.

With trip-hop and industrial influences, mixed with her love of underground dance from living in the UK, this is an elegantly classy performer who sends us into a different atmosphere with ‘Unravel’. Kristrun is a creative mind who gives out a message about love that must be heard. She desires it all and to feel the true soul of someone with you intimately, is the only way to love deeply and really know who you are with.

Hear this futuristic marvel on her Spotify and find out more on Kristrun’s IG and Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Invisible Dears Release Psychedelic Folk Track ‘If You Can’

Under the title of Invisible Dears, Thomas Baud mixes a strange and heady brew. It is part post-folk, part neo-psychedelic, part retro and nostalgic, part futuristic and forward looking, part dream like and part driving and anyone who can do all of that in just one song is someone who you really need to get to know better. If Syd Barrett’s story had been a less tragic one and he had carried on making music, this is the sort of sound I imagine he would have gathered around him.

But whereas Barrett would have arrived at his musical destination through a series of random accidents or via belligerent non-conformity, Baud’s approach seems much more deliberate, intricately planned, deftly crafted and purposeful. Barrett would have sprung his version on you as a joke, which only he was on the inside of, Baud, delivers his with not only fine precision but also a knowing wink. If one song can cover so much ground imagine how great a full Invisible Dears album is going to be.