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Look In My Eyes: South East rapper Fourstars feels like it was a total waste of time on ‘Hell On Earth’

Invigorated by the likes of Yung Lean, 6 Dogs and Lil Peep, Fourstars points us into the fires of rage as he wonders why he even showed interest in someone heartless who clearly didn’t possess the same romantic feelings on ‘Hell On Earth‘.

Fourstars is a South East, UK-based indie emo trap solo artist who makes a new school blend of story-filled music about life, love, and making it in this competition-riddled world.

With an introspective picture that pains the walls red after being let down by someone who he thought was different to the rest, we find Fourstars raging about something that he wanted to avoid but got into anyway. With sharp-edged lyrics that bite hard at the mic as he vents his utter frustration, this is a single filled with soul-scarring stories that will have you thinking about those previous relationships you shake your head at.

Hell On Earth‘ from South East, UK-based indie emo rapper Fourstars, is a harrowing tale about a man who feels like his ex didn’t really care about him in the first place. With a disgruntled tone and a blustery beat that attempts to blow away all of the self-doubts really quick, this is a reminder to be so careful about the people you bring into your life. Featuring quick-fire raps from an upset man who is feeling cold after all that transpired, this is a track to play loud when you are feeling the burn after an unexpected breakup.

Hear this fiery new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can’t Even Breathe: Cardiff’s Minas is quite spectacular on top new single ‘Foreign’

Taken off his latest album ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’, Minas drops the truth-filled 2nd single with his new offering all about feeling like an outsider in your own land called ‘Foreign‘.

Minas is a Cardiff, Wales-based indie alt-hip-hop/electronic artist who makes the type of music experience that is rather rare and has your whole intrigue-drenched soul appearing alive with full-powered energy from beginning to end.

Minas vents his frustration at society and the priorities people around him have, whilst also hitting a personal note, with his Greek heritage putting him on the outside looking in.” ~ Minas

Minas has had to courageously claw his way into the minds of so many through sheer guts and resolute determination. He shows us more of the underdog mentality – with such a dazzling array of abrasive messages and busting beats – that has your pulse racing like Lewis Hamilton with enthusiasm over someone so sincere in this rather fake-seeming world.

Foreign‘ from the Welsh indie alt-hip-hop/electronic artist Minas, is a gritty and raw new single that certainly has the hairs on the top of your head heating up with such an explosion of sensationally-created sounds. He leads from the front and is understandably frustrated and honest, with how the world is going now as he finds more self-enlightenment each day. to stay strong no matter what.

Feel your bones enthralled by this breathtaking talent via his Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen