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Instead of my Lunches: Othenic and Spencer are stuck inside their heads on Problems

Opening up the tap to their issues which threatened to drown them deep in the waters of doom, Othenic and Spencer are as honest as they come on the revealing new single to nod heads with when the times get tough on, Problems.

Othenic is a hugely promising Kentucky/Cincinnati-based indie hip-hop artist/music producer who is joined by his long-time friend and highly-rated collaborator, Spencer.

With many projects to their name and more on the way, Othenic and Spencer lift up the lid here. It’s up to us to smell the cheese or not after all. With fake sharks looming in our waters, it’s so refreshing to hear something with so much meaning and significance.

Problems from Kentucky/Cincinnati-based indie hip-hop artist Othenic and Spencer opens the book on the problems that many youth faces in this rather wild world. They tell it how it is here. Nothing is missing. Truth is oozing here. It’s catchy and to the point, just like we need it. Turn this up.

Get the beat going on Spotify.

Check out their moves via their IG: Othenic and Spencer.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A&R Factory Present: Lavoy

Blending and layering hints of modern Alt-Pop and 80’s nostalgia, Lavoy is Alternative’s answer to Ellie Goulding.

Since their polished synth-laden take on dance party rhetoric hit the airwaves in early 2014, the charismatic collective have brought new meaning to the term ‘entertainment’, while the unassuming audience finds themselves persuaded into letting the movement take over and soon realise they’ve given way to the luring sound. Founded on and fuelled by the principles of quality dance tracks and the pure elation the 5-piece displays while performing, the alt pop visionaries that make up Lavoy are ascending beyond the forest of new industry talent with a great bit of confidence and more fervor than most seem to muster in a life time.

“Friend is about the value of others individually and the influence that relationship can have on someones life. I wanted to make a statement on the currency of friendship… that a friend is alive in this particular time to influence a moment in ones life is a powerful thing and a position of great stature. Todays world has benefited technology advancement and many other thing in great ways, but we’ve unknowingly been distracted by these things and I believe the art of friendship is becoming a lost art and has been sacrificed up in exchange for convenience and ease. This song was written when we first left our home in Alaska and is highly influenced by our friends that we left behind when the band moved to Washington. There’s nothing quite like leaving home to cause you to stop taking your relationships for granted and seeing the value in them.” – singer Tyrell L. Tompkins

Lavoy’s forthcoming EP, produced by Casey Bates (Portugal.The Man, INXS, Pierce The Veil, MxPx) will be in stores later this year.