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Up in Flames Again: Supah Sayin doesn’t see the future on 01:12 AM in Tejas

After disregarding the disbelievers and making it rain on Double Dutch, Supah Sayin sees the world going crazy and packed with vicious wildfires ousting the hope of so many on the explosive new single, 01:12 AM in Tejas.

Supah Sayin is a 25-year-old Dallas/Fort Worth-based indie psychedelic hip-hop artist who is one of those creative wizards who drops elevating tracks and flips moods with his conscious message.

Influenced greatly by the psychedelic age of rock and his idol Jim Morrison, Supah Sayin created a unique, first-of-its-kind genre: psychedelic rap.” ~ Supah Sayin

Taken off the excellent Neo-Lizard King and hoping for sense and order to be restored and solutions to be found, Supah Sayin has torched the souls of so many with an enlightening song to open the lost eyes amongst the suffocating winds of modern times. There are sublime laser-sharp lyrics about the financial crisis and the immense upheaval of the planet, caused by the so-called leaders who have drenched pollution over innocent humans.

01:12 AM in Tejas from Dallas/Fort Worth-based indie psychedelic hip-hop artist Supah Sayin is a fighter-for-the-people single we all needed to hear. Avoiding the fake game and slicing the truth so calmly that millions can consume it without an upset stomach.

Keeping things in perspective and never holding back, we are treated to a look behind the masses, with a superbly honest single which deserves so much love and respect.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Try Your Luck: Fort Worth emcee Supah Sayin waits for the payout on Double Dutch

Dropped as the first single off the brand-new release called Neo-Lizard King, Supah Sayin makes it rain on a truly monumental undertaking with a piercing flow which will wake up the restless on Double Dutch.

Supah Sayin is a 25-year-old Fort Worth, United States-based psychedelic hip-hop artist who drops mentally awakening tracks to glide mightily inside.

Focusing on the subject matter of his music as well as the listening experience, his main goal is to provide an audio acid trip on every track.” ~ Supah Sayin

Displaying so much intent and never losing his patience despite the pesky haters, Supah Sayin sips on the weighty clutch and destroys the supposed competition with a tremendously influential performance to clear the mind. Avoiding the doubters and staying focused is the mission, of an underground artist who is only moving to self-enlightened climates.

Double Dutch from Fort Worth, United States-based psychedelic hip-hop artist Supah Sayin is a ravenous release about trying to move on from the bad energy which can drag many smart souls down. Revving up our emotions and moving through the sludge with so much bravery, we find a rocket-fueled thunderbolt of a track which will get many heads nodding.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas-based pop artist Cavono wonders if he will fail again or win the love he craves on, ‘I’m On Fire’

Thinking profoundly about this pure love that has recently passed and with the emotions still fresh in his memory, Cavono is concerned that he didn’t do enough and awaits that vital information that shall either set him free or sail his heart away into the distance on, ‘I’m On Fire‘.

London Cavono Morris aka Cavono is an Illinois-born, Fort Worth, Texas-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and music producer who after many years of trying, has found his true voice.

Taking a little bit of each of his favorite artists, His style ranges from Dean Martin to DNCE vibes. Sharing his Deep Bass/Baritone vocals became harder than it sounds due to the era of music currently, that is until someone categorized his voice to “Modern Day Crooner.” ~ Cavono

Sending into a stirring state of mind that has you pondering deeply about when you wanted to be with someone so badly, Cavono shows us profoundly inside the soul of a lover who tried his best but is mightily worried about what shall transpire next as he waits in heightened suspense.

I’m On Fire‘ from Fort Worth, Texas-based indie-pop singer-songwriter/music producer Cavono is an emotional plea for that love to come straight into his core again, rather than gliding away into the distance. Sung with a passionate liveliness that might get the hairs on your arms standing straight up to attention, this is an electric performance that shall bring you much enjoyment.

Sometimes you just need to hope for a love to return, as you think deeply and wonder if you truly did enough or faltered when it mattered most.

Listen to this flourishing new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ryan Hamilton leaves us Free Fallin’ in his Tom Petty cover

Covering iconic singles that have followed us through the eras and become part of the soundtracks to our lives is always a risky move but The Fort Worth, Texas singer-songwriter, Ryan Hamilton’s boldness paid off when he breathed new life into the already upliftingly breezy single, Free Fallin’.

Tom Petty’s original was largely faultless. Yet, as Hamilton has already been branded as the Tom Petty of this generation, hitting play quickly allows interest to evolve into indulging a revitalised classic, which was recorded during a recent trip to London at Abbey Road Studios.

Before establishing himself as a Grammy-worthy singer-songwriter with his original material Hamilton toured across North America and Canada with his former bands, received international airplay and impressed Classic Rock and Kerrang. And perhaps most impressively, he’s written and recorded with the legendary Ginger Wildheart.

We have no doubt the future of his career will be just as luminary. Watch this space.

Check out Ryan Hamilton’s cover of Free Fallin’ via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Texas-based artist Dicarlo knows what needs to be done to find that success on ‘Princess of Neon’

With a cinematically intricate atmosphere that has you instantly in a reflective mood as you wonder where you are headed, Dicarlo tells us the truth with the honest new release that will leave you gazing into your soul with ‘Princess of Neon‘.

Dicarlo is a new music project coming from the creative mind of the Fort Worth, Texas-born singer-songwriter, Vincent DiCarlo.

After 4 years in the making; the debut self-titled EP will be released in four parts.” ~ Dicarlo

Flying high and showing us the new world that has welcomed in a new way of doing things which might cause many to wonder if their hopes will be seethed away in an instant like burnt toast, Dicarlo sings with real intent as he brings his wealth of knowledge to the table – and warns us to be careful – from getting too sucked into the ravishing waves that can crash all over you.

Princess of Neon‘ from Fort Worth, Texas-born indie singer-songwriter Dicarlo, is a single that will probably shock many but leave others in agreement. With the music landscape changing from those classic days as former heroes are wheeled outside by the back door, this is a wake-up call to those who haven’t evolved and have rather stubbornly stayed stuck in their ways as the world flipped upside down.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas-based family band The Formerly Misinformed feel that slow drift apart with ‘Why When Where’

Taken off their wonderfully-received 10-track album ‘All In A Dream‘, The Formerly Misinformed send us their 3rd single off this new project with a track all about wondering what happened to that once-bright spark on ‘Why When Where‘.

The Formerly Misinformed is a Fort Worth, Texas-based indie-alternative rock 4-piece family band that make a loving blend of authentic music that is nostalgically genuine.

Stylistically, their music is rooted in sadness and isolation; themes they admit are often part of their favorite music.” ~ The Formerly Misinformed

Harmonizing in their various experiences from life as they see it, The Formerly Misinformed is such an authentic act that makes you beam brightly at the calming rhythm – and also feel sad – when you remember those laughs at the peak of your relationship. The varying emotions here are so enlighteningly vivid and rather special to ponder, from a group who have used their close bond to make a blend of music that is so warm and caring.

Why When Where‘ from Fort Worth, Texas-based indie-alternative rock family band The Formerly Misinformed, is a really reflective track all about how you feel the distance between someone who you care about so much. The romance has sadly flamed out and the love isn’t like it was, as you wonder what happened and contemplate on those happy times that seem way too far away.

Listen in to this new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Texas-based music producer and rapper Louie Sace only practice what he preaches on ‘Get It How You Want It’

Flexing his bulletproof flow that rolls in with a fresh style that is perfect for that ride late at night, Louie Sace shows us how he moves in these sordid streets that can strike you down at any second with dangerous shots that will put you six feet under on ‘Get It How You Want It‘.

Louie Sace is an indie Hip hop singer-songwriter and music producer from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas who constructs a catchy blend of music that has your head nodding all night.

Featuring lots of weapon-loaded lyrics from someone who is keenly aware of protecting himself from the haters out there, Louie Sace sends us a reminder that you can indeed do anything in life and all our journeys are different. There is a hardened edge here that is sharp and full of a laser-focus direction – that lets you know that he is not messing around in childish games – as so many fall into.

Get It How You Want It‘ from the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas-based indie Hip hop artist Louie Sace, is a street-filled track that has your mentality alive with the lessons learnt from living in this wild world. There is a savvy nature here from an artist who knows what he needs to do, in order to stay alive and to thrive mightily with a rapid-fire delivery that gets your speakers in the mood to achieve those dreams.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see his style on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Can Talk It Out: Texas singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton is ready for the hold-up adventure on ‘Banditos’

After keeping his soul alive while releasing a song a month in 2021 which has kept him sane with all the carnage brewing around, Ryan Hamilton returns with his latest single about showing the pistol to those who don’t think you are serious called ‘Banditos‘.

Ryan Hamilton is an experienced Fort Worth, Texas-based indie rock solo singer-songwriter, Wicked Cool Records recording artist, who was formally in local band Smile Smile.

Ryan has been releasing a new track a month via Wicked Cool for his project ‘1221’, collaborating with such artists as Bob Schneider and Chuck Prophet.” ~ Ryan Hamilton

This is the story of taking your opportunity when you have the chance and not giving it away to anyone, as you sense the moment is now to be in the control of the situation. With a true storyteller like this – you can feel his burning energy to enlighten us – with his terrific soundscape that is a pleasure to lather intricately into.

With a summer of festivals in 2020 postponed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ryan recorded his ‘Incommunicado’ covers EP on lockdown in Texas. Upon release it went straight to Number 1 on the UK iTunes Country chart.” ~ Ryan Hamilton

Banditos‘ from Fort Worth, Texas-based indie singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton, is a that-seems-fair soundtrack all about taking what you believe you deserve. With a motivated mindset and a flourishing voice which seems to sweep you off your feet, this is a grab your treasures track that is a feet-tapping gem. Made with a tremendous edge and a hungry attitude, this is a catchy song to turn up loud and with your cowboy hat on proudly.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Faked It: Brandon Michael Marsh opens up his heart on the vanished love with ‘Breaking’

As he recalls that once-happy feeling that suddenly broke like fragile glass inside his hurting stomach, Brandon Michael Marsh expresses himself so that he may be strong again with the sad story about his soulmate that left him on ‘Breaking‘.

Brandon Michael Marsh is a Fort Worth, Texas-based indie hip-hop rapper/singer-songwriter and music producer. He makes that deep kind of music that is about his life and he uses music to heal with, as well as helping others who have been through similar issues in their life.

You feel the passionate plea inside his animated tone, as he struggles to grasp why they did’t feel the same way that he did after showing interest. The healing has taken long as he wonders why they didn’t reciprocate, when he was at his most vulnerable.

Breaking‘ from the courageous Texas musician Brandon Michael Marsh, is a story that jots down what happens when you don’t get to be with the person who you loved so much, but who didn’t feel the same way for you. You feel empty inside and sad – as it takes a while to move on if you were so convinced – that you were destined to be together.

Sometimes the world can be harsh and breaks your heart, so its up to you to stand up and find someone who actually appreciates you.

Stream this quality new single here on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen