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Always Manic – Falling into A Coma: Piercingly Evocative Anthemically-Charged Alt Rock

Any fans of Against Me! will undoubtedly want to check out the anthemically-charged standout single “Falling Into A Coma” from US Alt Rock artist Always Manic.

It has all the anthemic appeal as hits from bands such as the Foo Fighters, yet the striking levels of volatile dynamic emotion take Always Manic’s sound to the next level. Alt Rock tracks don’t often come as evocatively magnetic as Falling into A Coma.

The up and coming artist has proven with Falling into A Coma you can pour all the apathy and angst you like into a track, but if there’s enough euphoric energy and fuzzy guitar-driven electricity weaved into the mix, it can become an extremely effective feel-good hit.

The slight vibrato on the vocals in the first verse stung, but hearing the momentum build and the restraint falling away sweeps you up in the energy of the track until you feel as adrenalized as the track itself.

You can check out Falling Into A Coma for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Irish indie rock band Rofi James released their new single ‘Everytime I Make You Hate Me’ on April 24th 2020, an alternative pop effort that follows the success of their previous debut singles ‘Fools For Your Love’ and ‘Open Eyes’.

‘Everytime I Make You Hate Me’ is a compelling combination of the best indie pop and indie rock influences of the last decade, with its melodies sounding original and fresh among the contemporary alternative scene.

The song presents a range of pads and rhythmic guitars that broaden the sound both in the verses and choruses, and grows even wider with the balanced pop drums resulting in a almost epic harmony. The little crunch in the vocals perfectly suits the sweetness of the overall song, a fantastic contrast that will immediately catch your ear.

Head over to Spotify and listen to ‘Everytime I Make You Hate Me’.

Review by Jim Esposito.


CATALINA SKIES- Fear King Kong: It’s no doubt that it’s an insanely superb piece of art

London-based quartet CATALINA SKIES have recently dropped their newest single ‘’Fear King Kong’’. With a mixture of Indie Pop and Alternative Rock, they surely know how to make a track that’s catchy in all the right places.

With in your face guitar riffs, crazy drum solos alongside the deep gritty vocals that compliment the lyrics. A band that has a story to tell and does that through up-beat melodies and energetic vocals. Sharing similarities with bands like Enter Shikari and Foo Fighters, from listening to Fear King Kong its safe to say they have nailed their sound.

Picking up the pace, and then slowing it down is something this band do very well, the overwhelming feeling of suspense lingers, when the pace picks up this massive amount of energy appears and the whole track just gets that little bit nosier and that little bit heavier and it’s so interesting to listen too how much of a transition it has but how well its done.

CATALINA SKIES is one you must check out if you’re into Rock or Indie as they will not disappoint, we can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for this year.

You must check out CATALINA SKIES Fear King Kong now by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Karley Myall


Dan Plants and Nate Cronk- Stay: A journey through the sound of Synthwave

‘Stay’’ was created by two great friends Dan Plants and Nate Cronk, it dives straight into the Synthwave style as it introduces a variety of different sound effects as well as some catchy vocals.

From start to finish it has this up-lifting beat that gives the track so much energy, there’s a mixture of hard-hitting drum beats, insane riffs on the guitar as well as the synth effects that intertwine themselves into the vocals and instrumentation.

It tells a story throughout about love and heartbreak, but even if it tends to have a more poignant meaning, it still manages to keep your spirits high as the melody is so contagious and it gives off this cheery feeling.

Dan and Nate have made something that’s creative, something that may not be for everyone, considering the overall sound is not as popular as it once was, but even then Stay shows just how good it can be. It has some incredible rhythms and a superb lyrical approach, if you’re one that hasn’t really delved into the world of Synthwave music then you must!

You can check out Stay for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall


Crisis King – Tonight – If You Thought That Extreme Music Could Not Be Eclectic, Think Again!

Crisis King is an artist with a fondness for hard-hitting metal, post-hardcore and industrial tones. His recent studio work, Tonight, is an EP that features 6 original songs. The artist’s music explores genres as diverse as hardcore, industrial, new-metal and more, going for an eclectic, yet direct sound. Opening number, “Die Easy”, is an extremely powerful wall of sound that feels like a stampede of vikings, crushing and burning everything in their path. The song has powerful drums and loud guitar riffs that are down-tuned and aggressive, perfectly matching the vocals.

The dark lyrical themes on the songs of the EP are also a great match with the album’s production aesthetics, but there is also room for melodies here and there.

“The Tides” highlights the group’s most melodic side, yet it still features hard-hitting drums, loud guitar walls and serendipitous changes. Throughout the span of these 6 tracks, Crisis King really stand out for the diverse approach they are able to bring to the table, exploring different sides of their musicianship and offering up an EP that feels eclectic, yet extremely direct, just as you would expect from a band such as Crisis King!


After Success In The iTunes Rock Album Charts ZEALS Release ‘READY TO FLY’ EP

Zeals is a 3-piece based in Somerset, England. Their recent EP exudes passion and directness, going for a bright, lush and relatable sound.

The songs featured on their new EP, titled “Ready To Fly”, could be compared to the work of artists as diverse as The Fray, The 1975 with even a hint of Bruno Mars.

Their sound is cheerful and uplifting, yet chock full of beautiful grooves and engaging melodies. This release actually marks the band’s sophomore EP – their second studio work, featuring 5 new songs that offer a very balanced set list, somewhere in between sincere love songs with a mellow tone and unapologetic party songs with bright and wide-open vibes.

Opening track “Feel it” falls right in between these two different approaches, going for a really melodic vibe that still has some poetic lyrics with a romantic flare. The second song on the EP, “Do You Really Care”, is probably my favorite track on this release. I really love the contrast between the sampled beats and the cool guitar sounds, and the brooding, reverberated atmospheres of the song really open up later into the arrangement, making me think of influential acts such as U2 or One Republic, among others.

“Paddles” kicks in with a rocking, incendiary riffs that mark the band’s most vicious effort in this set-list – standing as proof that these guys can rock out if they so choose! This song is dead-on rock and roll with a modern edge, echoing the work of artists such as The Foo Fighters or Muse, but with a catchier approach.

The following song, “Dark Waters” brings the vibes to a more mellow pace, offering a very emotional ballad that stands out as one of the most introspective moments on the entire album. The sparse arrangement really hits the spot.

Last but not least, closing number and title track “Ready To Fly” is a stunning and catchy arena-rock anthem, where the band seemed to be able to take every element they have explored on the various sounds on this EP and put it all into one beautiful song.

This band managed to wrap up a consistently great release, with tons of beautiful melodies, memorable lyrics and amazing grooves – where different genres and ideas collide seamlessly into one another, making for something truly special – this little gem of an EP was recorded over the last few months at Longwave Studios in Cardiff with producer Romesh Dodangoda.


A&R Factory Present: White Limo

Following the single Queen in October 2016 comes the brand new single Fixing Replacing. The track is a big but intimate rock anthem, with a groove that oozes of epic arena rock.

White Limo has been around since 2012, and with our luxury arena rock we’ ve managed to fill the void that is in the Rock-scene today. Influences from the Foo Fighters, Muse, Queens of the Stone Age and Biffy Clyro is heard clearly in our music. The debut album “Secret Sounds” was released in 2013. The album was praised in the press and took us around Sweden. The second album “Magic Formula” was released in February 2015 and that album was praised as well.

Magic Formula goes deeper into the polished arena rock and makes it clear that they have found there sound. They also started their own podcast ”White Limo Rocks Podcast” late 2016, and it has been an exiting thing for the band.

The band consist of 4 driven guys who wants nothing more than to put you in the limo and give you the ride of a lifetime. Manager for the band is the eminent Roger Östman, who has over 20 years in the music industry.

Nisse Lindberg – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Andy Larsson – Guitar, Choir

Oliver Gonzales – Bass

William Kjellgren – Drums & Cymbals


A&R Factory Present: Days Indoors

British four-piece DAYS INDOORS have spent the last year working in the studio on their forthcoming album “Dusty Road”. With a release period of July / Aug 2016, Dusty Road, will be DAYS INDOORS’ first full length studio album.

The name of the album is taken from the positive and energetic first single ‘Dust’, and reflects the trajectory of the band and its members throughout their musical career. It’s been quite a ride, with many musical up and downs to get to where the band is today. This album really is an anchor to a band shaking off its past, and a breath of fresh air musically, moving to a more defined, simple sound that hopefully people will identify with.

The cover photo, from French photographer and artist Frédérique Bouet, represents a beautiful, yet somehow blurred landscape in a fast moving motion, yet it appears tranquil, serene, unruffled… This cover helps enhance the main theme of the album: vulnerability.


A&R Factory Present: The Rift

Since forming in 2009, The Rift have played alongside the likes of Exodus, Yngwie Malmsteen, The Misfits, and more as well as receiving nominations at the Hollywood Music Awards and Ventura County Music Awards. Now, 2016’s full-length debut INVENTIONS crystallizes their one-two punch of technically intricate instrumentation and hypnotic hard rook hooks evocative of Thirty Seconds To Mars, Stone Temple Pilots and Foo Fighters.

“We wanted to make songs that hit hard, but you can sing along to at the same time,” adds ARIS (vocals/guitar). “Sometimes, we go bluesy-rock and other times there are tinges of punk/metal. We explore different styles while keeping a solid, real sound.”