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Autumn Reverie raise the standard with new electrically-charged eleven-track EP ‘Twenty Twenty’

With a sensationally healthy outbreak of thunderous music for the soul, Autumn Reverie turn the temperature up on a cold year with the brilliant ‘Twenty Twenty‘.

Autumn Reverie are a fiery five-piece Post Grunge band from Madison, Wisconsin in the USA, who have a sound that is born from that pure love of making that timeless rock music which stands the test of time throughout all generations.

With particular highlights being headline track ‘Stalemate‘, ‘Cast Away‘ and ‘Buried‘, they warm up your willing ears with that special kind of flourishing soundscape, that has you somehow happy, sad and reflective at the same time.

Their signature heavy sound breaks the windows and does a great job of annoying those pesky neighbors with bad music taste, who you don’t like anyway.

Their melodic riffs are certainly as good-if not better than advertised-and you feel their pulsating passion on each EP-worthy track. With zero fillers, they have managed to put together a collection of excellent songs that lifts the roof off and powers into your mind with gut-wrenching vocals, that has the hairs on your back standing up to impressive attention.

New eleven-track EP ‘Twenty Twenty‘ from Wisconsin grunge rockers Autumn Reverie, is that tremendous thump at your perspective, that lets you into their galvanizing world of high octane music. They tear through the boundaries with a release that shakes the hinges off the doors and lets you know that real music with meaning is still out there.

Stream this epic release on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The story about toxic love: Josiah Rodda sings about incredible story of ‘Regret’

Taken off his latest four-track EP named ‘Revamped‘, the fresh-voiced Josiah Rodda returns to bring us his latest thoughtful single called ‘Regret‘.

Josiah Rodda is a faith-driven indie-country singer-songwriter, who sings with the wind at his sails as he know what he is performing for. His outer-body experience music is about lifting to that higher place and not letting anything else distract him, as he loves to play live and inspire audiences all over.

“God has blessed me with a gift of music and I’m honored to be able to showcase my life and other people’s experiences with my music – Josiah Rodda

This is the true story about a woman that has been scorned and she had enough. The man she was with clearly make her upset and hurt too many times and she exacted revenge, in a way that made sure that he knew that she was serious. She paid the price by going to jail for a long time but in her own way, she got what she wanted however must have so much regret that it got to this level of madness.

Regret‘ from the soulfully self-aware Josiah Rodda is a stunning piece of layered beauty from the incredibly gifted Alabama-based singer-songwriter, as he shows us his gift with a stupendous vocal performance and excellent guitar skill-set.

This is a man who is using his talents and when this horrific pandemic is over, he will surely be entertaining audiences with his intimate sonic soundscape, of such tender care.

Stream this wonderfully humble artists creation on Spotify and see more on his FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Protecting your son no matter what: Kenward sings the truth about being a father on ‘Safe And Sound’ EP

New father and incredibly talented singer-songwriter Kenward, firstly wanted to make a single about the feeling he got deep inside his bones when he first realized he was going to be a father. ‘Safe And Sound’ EP is the music that has arisen from this incredible moment of being a Dad, a feeling that makes him happy and guarded at the same time.

Life is different now and he needs and more importantly, wants to take care of his young one as best as possible. That bond is there and stronger than ever.

The protective bear inside of him burned brightly at first and has only gained in light in his heart since. Soon, the single became an EP and this shows his love towards his son and for him to know that he is there for him no matter what happens.

There are 4 incredibly well-written and easy-on-the-ear gems here: ‘Safe And Sound’, ‘Searching Without a Light’, ‘Hallie Gray’ and ‘Starting Looking At You’.

The first two songs ‘Safe And Sound’ and ‘Searching Without a Light’ are particular highlights as the intricate guitar melodies takes your breath away. He smooth voice is so compassionate and caring, always kind and strong at the same time. The perfect mix of a man that knows he needs to be fair but set boundaries at the same time. Easier said than done but achievable.

There are no bad songs or fillers here and each song is meaningful and from the heart. I imagine this being played on his son’s 18th birthday celebration as they laugh and smile over an adult beverage, his friends happy too and wishing their father did the same thing. His tone gets your heart strings to blow in the wind to get some fresh air; the emotion is heightened by a performance that will have you hugging those close to you that you care about. His voice goes to notes that you thought impossible and the lyrical delivery is quite frankly masterful and humble.

Life has changed for Kenward on ‘Safe And Sound’. He has stepped up to the plate with his words and he knows that he needs to back it up with actions now. Life as a kid with a strong role model that looks out for you, listens and supports you no matter what detours swerve around the corner; is only going to make that blood bond stronger long-term.

Stream this wonderful EP on Spotify and see Kenward’s journey with his son and family via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Yung Ballxr shows promise with the Hip Hop-trap filled ‘Everyday’

Yung Ballxr shows promise with the Hip Hop-trap filled ‘Everyday‘ that gives us an insight into this young emcee’s lyrical explosion.

Taken off the recent new EP ‘Tough Times‘, this is one of 5 fire and tasty tracks for the ears on this new school beat. This is the sound that youngsters love in Hip Hop in 2020 and this falls in this new style. This vocals are sung but have rap influences and we can hear the stories of the street on this one. Life is hard and we have to do what we can to survive.

Yung Ballxr is in electric form on his new single ‘Everyday‘. The life of cruising around with the crew, getting up to no good and doing the same things each day. This can get a bit much but the song is a perfect sandwich to be devoured with meaning. With a massive lyric ability, this is probably the best track off the new EP and a real Hip Hop beat comes with it. Lots of potential here and this is the sound of the new school.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Jacquevall brings us reassuring R&B stunner ‘Not Alone, Pt. 2’

Jacquevall brings us reassuring R&B stunner ‘Not Alone, Pt. 2‘ and this is a slow jam to make you feel better.

Do you want to talk about it or not is the question. You love them so much but sometimes things happen and mistakes can happen. Moving on and taking that next step to grow is the key here. That is the only way to heal up and switch into the next step of love. When you are together, there is only laughter and good times. Things feel right.

“This song is about my love for my fiance and acknowledging the challenges we both face, but wanting her to be completely open with me. To be that one she can completely confide in. I would say the main message I want listeners to know is to understand that everyone makes mistakes, but I believe we don’t have the right to judge on whats right or wrong because we all grow in our own way and that’s the journey of life.”

Taken off the latest 6-track EP ‘Reminisce in Discovery‘, ‘Not Alone, Pt. 2‘, is all about that real love and taking charge of this relationship. Jacquevall is in fine form here and he sings with such heart and skill. This is a self-aware single from a man on a mission.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The Seawolf’s ‘Ginnungagap’ is a masterful EP with ambient lo-fi to ease the pain

The Seawolf is a Scandinavian eerie lo-fi with a new lo-vi sound that is like no other. The new EP ‘Ginnungagap‘ is such an exhilarating piece of music, it will change your perspective on life with it’s mysterious sounds that have Nordic heritage for us to learn.

Eerie and ethereal, ‘Ginnungagap‘ is the debut EP to come from ambient low-fi artist The Seawolf. Styling his music as ‘low-vi’, an unusual mix of low-fi and viking/norse folk music. The Seawolf collaborated with Jósúa Rood and celebrated folk artist Runahild on this EP, as well as experts on the field of Norse mythology and Viking traditions. Forced into a creative space by the lockdown in LA, The Seawolf shows how life can spring out of the darkest places, and hopes that this resonates with his listeners. He certainly achieves this goal here, this is a gem.

Having previously released three singles, ‘Ginnungagap‘ is The Seawolf’s debut EP and this one is real quality. The first five songs had me in deep and and the nordic lo-vi is exactly what I needed to hear today.

Click here for this awesome EP on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Hailey Davis has released her evocatively stormy Pop single “Shipwreck”

Shipwreck is the standout single from up and coming singer-songwriter Hailey Davis’ latest EP “Arc of Visibility”. It’s also the perfect introduction to the artist’s unashamedly bold, impeccably matured approach to contemporary Pop.

You’re likely to have heard some of the lyrics before, in the form of insidious thoughts which creep through your skull and chew away on self-confidence. But through Hailey Davis’ unfalteringly absorbing vocals and lyrical affirmations such as “I’m not perfect, but I deserve a little more”, Shipwreck becomes a masterfully empowering single.

Not every Pop artist has the ability to craft perception-shifting tracks, but perceptibly, Hailey Davis is so much more than your average newcomer. Combined with her pioneering stylistic sound, she’s a trailblazer leading the way into artful insightful Pop.

You can check Shipwreck for yourselves by heading over to apple music now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Hailey Davis has demonstrated her boundlessly chameleon Pop style in her Arc of Visibility EP

Pop singer-songwriter Hailey Davis has recently released her debut 4-track EP “Arc of Visibility”. Independently, the four singles stand as testaments to her ability to craft connectable and powerful soundscapes. Collectively, they demonstrate that Hailey Davis’ possesses boundlessly chameleon talent.

With the morosely powerful single “Shipwreck” avidly capturing the never-ending battle to get your self-respect on side, the EP offers an immersive start. Track 2, Insecurities is a groove-laden Rock-infused upbeat inspiring track which allows you to address your relationships with your insecurities. With track 3 See Me, Hailey Davis took moody Pop to the next level with the sultry and mellifluous single which is all too easy to surrender your consciousness too. The EP concludes with yet another aural curveball “Dangerous Love” which boasts nostalgic elements of 90s RnB into the electronically crafted track.

The only thing which remains a constant in the EP is the quality of the flawlessly atmospheric soundscapes and Hailey Davis’ deep, poetic, compelling lyricism.

You can check out Hailey Davis’ EP for yourselves by heading over to apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Liverpool’s Tom Swan rips in with emotional indie-rock single ”Apart”

Sometimes we are just too far apart and nothing can be done to change it. Circumstances have brought you and your loved one to this stage and it hurts so much. One moment you are looking at the stars together and next you are texting but it’s not the same.

The Silver Lining EP was released on Friday 5th June 2020 and this is the 2nd single to be brought out via Field Green Records.

Liverpool native Tom Swan dives into the music game with a delicate song of emotional proportions. He is so sad about what happened with his lover and brings us into his story with perfect precision. He misses them so much but knows he can do nothing about it. ”Apart” is a really good debut from the UK singer-songwriter  who will now go from strength to strength. He has a strong voice and the guitar riff on here at the end is truly fantastic. Tom Swan is a new name to watch and we hope to hear more from this talented singer as he surely plays all over the UK. New fans await.

Stream this song and the whole EP right here on his Soundcloud channel.

Follow Tom on his Instagram page to get news on when he is playing live and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Seattle-based Audri is here with splendidly arranged ”Automatic”

Sometimes the feeling is just absolutely laser focused and automatic. You just know when you are attracted to someone and the spark can consume you. The first time I listened to this song I just knew I liked Audri. A lot. Her voice is smokey clear and with intoxicating power.

This is indie-pop with plenty of punch and perfectly percolated with methodical precision. Taken off the new EP titled Aud, put your hands together as one and turn Audri’s music up loud.

With a way of grabbing you by the soul but not in a pushy manner, Seattle native Audri dazzles with her new single. ”Automatic” is all about the first time your eyes meet with someone and the sparks fly off the earth like a furious welder. Her voice is so incredible and she brings us into the story expertly from a distance. There is no coincidence about this talent, she is here with a bang and we need to take note. I feel free while listening to Audri. The production is fantastic and blends in perfectly with her style and for the song’s purpose. We have just witnessed a breakthrough of a massive scale. Audri is on the rise and we need to tune in now.

Click here on Spotify for this song and more music from this fantastic young artist with the world at her feet.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen