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Let Me Find That Peace: Sol Naut truly misses that special one on ‘Your Love’

After dazzling our stirred-like-Bond’s-martini senses with his previous sizzling single from earlier in 2021 named ‘Voyager‘, Sol Naut has our pressurized pulses sprinting with a spectacular effort for the ages with ‘Your Love‘.

Sol Naut is a mysteriously enthralling electronic solo artist and music producer who is fairly new on the scene but performs with an experienced edge that lets you know that he is for real.

Sol Naut drops one of the more bass-stretching singles of 2021 so far with an extraordinary effort that has you appreciating nature again – with the cute chirps of the birds to the strong growl at the end – that has your whole body back outside again and away from the addictive forces that can grab your attention, with a little box to keep you away from where you should be.

Your Love‘ from this quality electronic artist Sol Naut, appears to be the kind of track that is all about taking time to reflect on what has gone on before. The outstanding beat is superb and has your fascinated ears shaking from all the charm that leaves you in quite the tranquil state, to replenish your hungry soul that needs that love again.

Finding your place again through meditation is the only way to heal up first, so that you may love intensely again.

Check out this vibe-filled single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Floats Away Into The Dawn: Talented young Pittsburgh musician Victoria Montgomery hears the calming voice of freedom with ‘Never Let Me Go’

After years of gaining confidence with open mics and taking the time to improve her songwriting skills, Victoria Montgomery flourishes brightly on her new single taken off 2021’s debut EP A Song For You‘, with the soulfully sweet ‘Never Let Me Go‘.

Victoria Montgomery is a Washington, Pennsylvania-born, Pittsburgh-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, and Washington and Jefferson College graduate in International studies. She sings with such a vividly innocent imagination, which shows us that it is still possible to float around freely chasing your dreams, if you so wish to do so in this often dark world.

Her smooth and tranquil voice opens up your mind to see within your own soul, as you are taken aback by such a relaxing artist, who has fought hard to overcome her own fears. She sings with a growing sense of belonging, with a pleasant soundscape that has your soul feeling content again.

Never Let Me Go‘ from the thoroughly enthralling Pittsburgh-based indie pop/folk Victoria Montgomery, shows us a emerging artist with a beautifully peacefully tone and a heartfelt lyrical ability, which shines through on this lovely new single. This is the story about finding that sweet love that sets you free and makes you so happy inside.

Closing your eyes and opening your heart is the only way to be truly happy, when you find that special soul.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more moves on her Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mind Your Business: New Jersey artist Jonny Flip knows that others that dealt him wrong will feel the dreaded ‘Karma’

After switching his main engineer and producer to Bye4Now, Jonny Flip has found a new lease of life as he speaks truthfully about those who plot against his success, and will feel the hard pinch of ‘Karma‘ really soon.

Jonny Flip is a fast-emerging New Jersey artist who blends pop, rap and rock into his own genre with lots of talent to spare, as his drive to be one of the best is so evident in his music, which flies into your speakers with exciting abandon, as he tells it how it is.

This is the story of telling others off who have let him down and will pay the cost, through this dreaded real feeling that they will feel soon. He is moving onto bigger and better things and doesn’t have time to be dragged down by pettiness, which only leads to disappointment anyway.

Karma‘ from the enthralling New Jersey multi-genre musician Jonny Flip, is that flamboyantly exciting release that has you swept up into a constant state of head-nodding. He is ready for more and it feels like he is only starting to unlock his full potential.

With a powerful voice and an ear for what his sound should be like, this ever-evolving future star is headed all the way to the top, if he can stay focused — and not get wrapped up in the shiny pitfalls — that many before him have fallen headfirst into.

Stream this new single on his YouTube and check out the IG for more news and releases.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What Is In The Future: UK producer Sentry drops bass-filled wonder with ‘Untold’

Featuring lots of atmospherically elegant piano soundscapes that has you feeling so relaxed and calm, Sentry soon smashes down the hammer and lets all those ‘Untold‘ stories out with absolute precision.

Sentry is an enthralling electronic music producer from the South West of England in the UK, who uplifts our consciousness with that calculatingly melodic, euphoric and ambient-infused future bass music, that has so much heart-healing appeal.

You get lost in the gaze of this sensationally produced song — that has you locked in for the whole story — which takes you to a place where you need to go. The breaks and quick change of direction takes you by surprise at first, as the piano of the past lures you in, while the futuristic bass takes you over the mountains to the place, where you need to be at. Growing stale in your comfortable state, isn’t what needs to happen to truly elevate your mindset.

Untold‘ from the UK-based electronic music producer Sentry, is a sky-elevating performance that will have you in a different mood to before, as he smartly fuses his skills into creating a movie-like soundtrack, that thumps into your eager soul and doesn’t leave anything left on the table. Reaching for your dreams and telling the real story, has never been more important.

Hear this vibrant new track on Soundcloud and check out his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wanting the whole package: Swedish pop singer Eva No won’t settle for anything less than ‘100%’

Powered by London-based Yellow Rhinestone Records and produced by Peter Hägerås, the enthralling Eva No uplifts our hearts to ‘100%‘, with her stunning new single that will have you turning the volume all the way to full, whether your pesky neighbors like it or not.

Eva Nordell aka Eva No, is a Swedish pop singer-songwriter who loves to make music that helps you get off the couch and dance your socks right off. She dazzles with sultry but classy vocals and lyrics that gets your body moving.

The story of wanting that full commitment and nothing less streams through your happy speakers. She wants that kiss but only if her partner is willing to show her that they are the real deal and not some flash in the pan.

Her sparkling voice shines through on this vibrant pop song that has no hidden agendas, only truth and this song is so catchy, you will have it stuck in your head for days on end. This is the type of track that your whole family can enjoy and is made with love from a talented singer, that puts her heart and soul into each second here.

100%‘ from Swedish sensation Eva No, is a yes in terms of energetic appeal and she transforms a bad mood into a good one on this delightful single.

When you know what you want, a lot of people feel threatened by your confidence, but it definitely makes decision-making a lot easier.

Stream this exciting new single here on Spotify and see her FB for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen