Wanting the whole package: Swedish pop singer Eva No won’t settle for anything less than ‘100%’

Powered by London-based Yellow Rhinestone Records and produced by Peter Hägerås, the enthralling Eva No uplifts our hearts to ‘100%‘, with her stunning new single that will have you turning the volume all the way to full, whether your pesky neighbors like it or not.

Eva Nordell aka Eva No, is a Swedish pop singer-songwriter who loves to make music that helps you get off the couch and dance your socks right off. She dazzles with sultry but classy vocals and lyrics that gets your body moving.

The story of wanting that full commitment and nothing less streams through your happy speakers. She wants that kiss but only if her partner is willing to show her that they are the real deal and not some flash in the pan.

Her sparkling voice shines through on this vibrant pop song that has no hidden agendas, only truth and this song is so catchy, you will have it stuck in your head for days on end. This is the type of track that your whole family can enjoy and is made with love from a talented singer, that puts her heart and soul into each second here.

100%‘ from Swedish sensation Eva No, is a yes in terms of energetic appeal and she transforms a bad mood into a good one on this delightful single.

When you know what you want, a lot of people feel threatened by your confidence, but it definitely makes decision-making a lot easier.

Stream this exciting new single here on Spotify and see her FB for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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