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Neon Lights: Toronto’s Pascal Dennis reminisces all about the ‘Tumbleweed Hotel’

Released via his ambitious 16-track ‘Crazy Angels‘ album that dropped recently, Pascal Dennis opens the creaking door and leads us into the vivid memories about that story-filled ‘Tumbleweed Hotel‘.

Pascal Dennis is an experienced Toronto, Canada-based indie singer-songwriter, author, professional engineer, and management consultant.

Pascal’s aspiration is to continue to write and record songs about his city, family and life experience, the way he feels them. Pascal is also the author of five business novels and a book of poems.” ~ Pascal Dennis

Showing us into a world where it’s so easy to get lost after a few decisions you might learn to regret, Pascal Dennis sends us a flashback into the past with a highly memorable performance here. There is so much serenity on each note as he shows us how a true professional does it – while he expertly sends our minds into a reflective place – as we wonder what actually happened to that cowboy.

Tumbleweed Hotel‘ from the Toronto, Canada-based indie singer-songwriter and author Pascal Dennis, is that cinematic-like story that takes you behind the curtain to see what really happened. He sings with such an honest approach and takes you into a nostalgic place, that has you believing you are in a small town in Texas on a Sunday afternoon.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keep Trying: Berlin’s State Space returns with the excellent light-seeking ‘Lanterns of Tomorrow’

Bringing us a terrific new single that fanatics of Oasis and The Verve will truly appreciate, State Space has us in a dreamy mood that urges us to never give up as the sun is coming on ‘Lanterns of Tomorrow‘.

State Space is the creation of Berlin, Germany-based Ukraine-born artist and electrical engineer Vova Tumasiants who loves to combine his love for art and reality into a pleasurable experience for all his listeners.

I like the warm sound that comes with bringing together the British alt-rock sound and the Pop vibes that I’m such a big fan of.” ~ State Space

Soothing our heavy hearts with a pacifying performance that forces you to listen a bit closer, State Space takes us on a trip into a happier time with his likeable vocals which is harmonised so calmly like a true professional.

After impressing us significantly with the radiant dream-chasing ‘Saint‘, this is another gem that will have your consciousness feeling so much new-found determination to never give in to those self-doubting voices that try and bring you down.

Lanterns of Tomorrow‘ from the highly creative Berlin, Germany-based artist State Space, is a single that will remind you of classic music from the ’90s that sticks in your head forever. His vocal ability is here for all to see – as we sing along to this terrific artist – on a mood-altering effort that has been made with love. This is that keep-shining effort that has your smile lighting up again, away from the previous darkness that has stained the world for too long.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Step Up: 17thekid is quite excellent on ‘Never Mind Who You Thought I Was’

With a boss mentality and a princess vibe that shows her elevation away from all small-mindedness that threatened to bring her down, 17thekid shows us that she is headed towards a radiant future that is only about those positive vibes with ‘Never Mind Who You Thought I Was‘.

17thekid is a multi-skilled bedroom rapper, RnB artist, drummer, singer-songwriter, music producer, audio engineer, and dancer, who makes a pure-sounding blend of faith-filled music that seems to brush off all the nagging doubt that was holding you back before.

Flourishing the airwaves with a 2Pac-like delivery, 17thekid reveals to us her lyrical ability that is absolutely razor-sharp and flows like an established vet. She sings and raps with a real self-enlightened attitude, that is rather sensational at times and is a real head-nodding experience that is a real flourishing effort.

Never Mind Who You Thought I Was‘ from the youthful indie RnB/soul artist and music producer 17thekid, is a track that reminds you to always be chasing your dreams and love-filled heart forever. With so many people waiting for your downfall, this is a track that takes you back to the old school ’90s when music seems to be at its peak. This is an extremely talented woman who performs with such phenomenal determination and shows us all her promise in this excellent effort.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Life Is A Game: Joey Steez twists up that unstuck blunt on ‘Manifesting’ (feat. Midas Welle)

As he raps about staying strong and keeping away from the easy distractions that can take you down the torturous tunnels of doom rather quickly, Joey Steez lights us up with some true talk on ‘Manifesting(feat. Midas Welle).

Joey Steez is a multi-skilled Midwest, USA-based hip-hop artist engineer, videographer, and music producer. He is an underground artist who likes to keep things only truthful, as he strays away from the corny fluff that clogs up the drains of most ears.

This is the make-money not false stories anthem, that takes you inside the mind of a man on a quest to only win and manifest his dreams into reality. His bars are hard and so ominously slammed inside our minds, with grinder flows which might shake unwitting skeletons back into action. The beat grabs you in like a hungry vampire who wants that delicious blood, and takes us on a head-bobbing journey to that promised lane we all seek.

He draws his influences from the late 90’s and early 2000’s southern hip hop, as well as East Coast rap.” ~ Joey Steez

Manifesting(feat. Midas Welle) from the hungry Midwest rapper Joey Steez, is that OG-truth track all about keeping it real and never getting it confused. People want you to lose – even those closest to you – so the best way is to keep it true hustler and never let that grip go. Getting soft just isn’t an option, otherwise you will turn into a fading memory that is hard to remember for most.

Hear the audio on YouTube and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stand for something: MDG4EVA sparks the passion inside your soul with ‘Shiny Man’ (Ft. J. Harvey)

Bringing the heat with a catchy track to beat the blues, MDG4EVA is back with the smoothly ear-blessing ‘Shiny Man‘ (Ft. J. Harvey).

Marcus Gilmore aka MDG4EVA, is an American producer, engineer and musician from Dallas in Texas, who illuminates positive energy through his music, to inspire and teach us that you can do anything you set your mind to.

This is the soulfully enhanced story about not selling your soul to get to where you need to go in life. You will meet some fake people from time to time who want you to lose, but if you stay strong and brush that off, you can really shine so bright if you want it enough.

Their raps are flamboyant and stunningly energetic, the magnetically positive nature illuminates up your speakers as you are filled with a new sense of purpose, on this wonderful hip-hop track that has that special conscious feel attached.

Shiny Man‘ (Ft. J. Harvey) from Texas emcee MDG4EVA, gives you hope during this dark time to follow you plan with real humans and to not deviate due to current fads of undesirables, who put you off your rhythm due to their own selfish plans.

Life is all about being happy and creatively stimulating after all.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rising from the underground: T. Murda draws down the lines of intent with his breathtaking bars on ‘Chalk Talk’

T. Murda is back with a new rugged mindset on his brand new fiery Hip-Hop single called ‘Chalk Talk‘.

Taken off his latest hard-hitting fourteen-track album named ‘Murder, She Wrote‘, ‘Chalk Talk‘ is a powerful statement from a highly self-motivated emcee who is done playing games and is deadly serious about getting to where he needs to be life.

After a brief and unforeseen stint on IR due to a cowardly betrayal by a few (former) friends, the resurgent Los Angeles, California-based Trap rapper/songwriter, producer, and engineer Tevin Robinson aka T. Murda (Young Murda), has hungrily dusted off the mic as he is re-invigorated and his rhymes show you what you need to know.

His consistently resilient flow cruises through your curious soul like a blacked-out low-rider, that is keeping out of the flashy limelight and staying in the shadows- only surfacing until the time is right to appear. With a street-hop style that leaves you in no doubt that he is for real, as he stretches the mic with unwavering intensity that sets him apart from most in the Trap scene.

Chalk Talk‘ from the LA-based underground Hip-Hop emcee and producer/engineer T. Murda,is an ominous message to his detractors, that is made with quality skills on the mic and a beat so heavy- your fragile speakers will be weighed down by the ferociousness carried out here.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

London singer Ross Western rides the airwaves above with the electric ‘Easy’

Easy‘ from Ross Western is a new single full of life and energy, this is a artist on a mission to be known all over the globe.

This is a quality songwriter, producer, engineer based in London who returns with a new song that has a brisk start that catches your attention. This is the follow up to his last effort called ‘Worlds‘, full of touching piano and a movie feel. A more than worth follow up is seen and heard here, such is the brisk quality. This one is a bit edgier, with a indie rock kind of journey. I love the varied skill set which shows off the talent we are exposed to.

Easy‘ from Ross Western is a fun journey above the clouds, you just want to fly while listening to this truthful experience that makes us all smile. This is a perfect weekend song by the beach, living life the way it should be. The vocals catch you and fill you up, the guitar riffs reminds you that this is a song to support.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

#Pluto is incredible on his smooth house single ‘Change’

A powerful house beat to wet all appetites is the order of the day here with #Pluto’sChange‘.

This young Producer outta Wisconsin in the USA, loves making music and also helps other indie artists with their audio engineering service needs.

House, Neo-soul, Lofi, Boombap, Alternative, Trap, Rap and Electronic music is the usual style for this talented producer but he is open to all genres. This kind of attitude is a guiding light in the music world where most of the time, people don’t work together.

After two years away from the game, #Pluto is reset and the break away did him the world of good. Sometimes you just need a little break to get that passion back, you need a new perspective and to reboot is the key to life.

With a busting beat that is smokey cool, the style gets you in the mood and this is perfect for the weekend. #Pluto is fantastic on ‘Change‘. This is a producer with a huge passion for music and change is imminent. The production is scrumptious and you will want to play this again and again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen