Keep Trying: Berlin’s State Space returns with the excellent light-seeking ‘Lanterns of Tomorrow’

Bringing us a terrific new single that fanatics of Oasis and The Verve will truly appreciate, State Space has us in a dreamy mood that urges us to never give up as the sun is coming on ‘Lanterns of Tomorrow‘.

State Space is the creation of Berlin, Germany-based Ukraine-born artist and electrical engineer Vova Tumasiants who loves to combine his love for art and reality into a pleasurable experience for all his listeners.

I like the warm sound that comes with bringing together the British alt-rock sound and the Pop vibes that I’m such a big fan of.” ~ State Space

Soothing our heavy hearts with a pacifying performance that forces you to listen a bit closer, State Space takes us on a trip into a happier time with his likeable vocals which is harmonised so calmly like a true professional.

After impressing us significantly with the radiant dream-chasing ‘Saint‘, this is another gem that will have your consciousness feeling so much new-found determination to never give in to those self-doubting voices that try and bring you down.

Lanterns of Tomorrow‘ from the highly creative Berlin, Germany-based artist State Space, is a single that will remind you of classic music from the ’90s that sticks in your head forever. His vocal ability is here for all to see – as we sing along to this terrific artist – on a mood-altering effort that has been made with love. This is that keep-shining effort that has your smile lighting up again, away from the previous darkness that has stained the world for too long.

Listen to this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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