Renowned indie DJ and producer, Paul Allen Wright, went back to his rock roots with the arrestive rhythms in his EP, Voices

The indie DJ and music producer Paul Allen Wright returned to his rock roots with his riff-driven EP, Voices, featuring the standout single, I’m Walking, which has already racked up over 120k streams on SoundCloud alone. The hypnotically tribal guitar-led rhythms leave little room to wonder why I’m Walking has become a fan favourite.

His aversion to genre specificity gave I’m Walking a similar structural feel to a chilled indie leftfield electronica record. Instead of synths sitting prominently in the mix, Wright opted for acoustic strings to guide the desert-y and sporadically blues-y progressions. With the choice of the Stevie Nicks-ESQUE female vocals, I’m Walking was ethereally complete.

Hear I’m Walking for yourselves on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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