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Dangerbirds – Red Tea: Kaleidoscopically Entrancing Melodic Jazz

‘Immersive’ isn’t usually the first adjective which comes to mind to describe a standout track from Jazz ensemble but discernibly, the Leeds-lauded Jazz outfit Dangerbirds are anything but archetypal.

After forming in 2018, Dangerbirds took their time crafting their transcendently warm album “Shapes”. Part Ambient Jaz and Part Progressive Melodic Instrumental Rock, the album is a deluge of complexity weaved into trustable rhythms. The standout track is undoubtedly Red Tea, it may not use typical time signatures, yet, you’ll want to surrender your pulses to the alchemy weaved by virtuoso-level composer and guitarist Sam Horan regardless.

Never let it be said that Jazz can’t be accessible and fit for contemporary airwaves.

You can check out Red Tea along with the rest of Dangerbirds debut album Shapes via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Trak Doe serves up transcendently smooth grooves with “Guitar Smooth”

If it has been a while since a soundscape has left you rhythmically entranced, you’ll definitely want to delve into the transcendent textures offered by up and coming artist Trak Doe’s recently released single Guitar Smooth.

Guitar Smooth finds the perfect balance between ambience and vivaciousness. The vibrance of the notes charge up the energy while the tenderly meandering notes lead you to relaxation. With the crystal clear iridescence, it’s hard not to succumb to the serenity in the instrumental Latin RnB track.

You can check out Trak Doe’s single for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Up and coming crooner Wil Pearson has released their latest sultry earworm “I Wish You Well”

Up and coming artist Wil Pearson has recently released his sultry feat of Easy Listening “I Wish You Well” which proves that he definitely isn’t your average crooner.

The contemporary twist which he puts on the timeless Jazz-infused style strips away the archaic connotations of the genre and replaces it with contemporary accessibility. If his meltingly magnetic vocals weren’t enough, there’s also a strikingly cinematic instrumental breakdown where the electric guitar and the brass battle to dominate the otherwise serene Bluesy soundscape. Mindblowing feels like an understatement. If you could imagine what it would sound like if Michael Buble, The Arctic Monkeys and Slash collaborated on a record, you might just get an idea of what is in store if you hit play on I Wish You Well.

You can check out Wil Pearson’s single I Wish You Well for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


David Wakeling – Just Believe in Yourself: Inspirationally Celestial Easy Listening

David Wakeling has recently released their latest solo album “Fly Away”, each of the singles is soulfully pure and incredibly resonant. Yet, the standout single has to be “Just Believe in Yourself” which certainly doesn’t fail to draw you into the celestial nature of the psychedelic single.

There may be a fair few tracks which have been composed around the subject of believing in yourself. But when it is coming from a person who has produced ten solo albums and found the spare time to be a Doctor, David Wakeling is undoubtedly someone with plenty of inspirational introspective to share. And that’s exactly what we found in Just Believe in Yourself. David Wakeling doesn’t play around with frills, pander to contemporary trends or hide behind electronic effects in his music, the end result? An irresistibly indulgent soundscape which offers inviting sentimentality which won’t be easily forgotten.

You can check out David Wakeling’s latest release for yourselves by heading over to the artist’s official website now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Arryus – A Welsh Tale: Ambiently Arrestive Easy Listening

With the ability to create palpably piercing melodies which will play havoc with your heartrate, there was little chance that Hungarian music producer and composer’s music was going to fall flat.

“A Welsh Tale” is the debut release from Arryus who has had plenty of time to perfect his ambiently arrestive style considering he made the rest of us look really lazy and wrote his first song at the age of 12.

So, if you’re looking for transfixing atmospherics, look no further. While Arryus may take plenty of inspiration from classical artists such as Vangelis, there’s still a contemporary vibrancy found within his sound. Especially when it comes to the title track of the album, which may be very short and sweet, but in under two minutes you’re introduced to the hypnotic layers of sound which are pulled together in a crisp yet sonorous production.

You can check out A Welsh Tale along with the rest of the album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Miriam Cooke – Freefalling: Timelessly Haunting Melodies

Freefalling by Miriam Cooke

Miriam’s vocal style is swarming with ubiquitously traditional British styling. Her new track Freefalling is a captivating symphony which comprises of timeless, yet haunting melodies, that are so poignant they’re almost empyreal. But what really stands out about this track is the essence that its based upon. Her lyrics touch upon the travesty that the 21st century England has become to create a contemporary anthem that Billy Bragg would be proud of. You’d expect the lyrics “Foodbanks and bedroom tax, what century are we in?” to come from an angry anarchistic collective, however Miriam brings light to these painful topics in the most eloquent way I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing with her distinctly upper-class influence. I only hope more artists follow in her footsteps.

Within her sound she mixes a myriad of soulful instruments such as acoustic guitar, flute harps and the violin to provide a truly ambient and lucid sound. You can taste the influences to her music, which she’s gathered from her youth spent in Ireland and her penchant for 70’s prog rock.

The latest track from her album Freefalling which was released on the 1st of December is now available to listen to and download via Bandcamp. If you do one thing today, make sure it’s checking out this track and all the heavenly splendour which accompanies it.