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MOBI1 & Hardest Bars ignited the London grime scene with ‘Joey Clipstar Freestyle’

In the gritty heart of West London’s grime scene, MOBI1’s latest single, ‘Joey Clipstar Freestyle’, is a rhythmic inferno, signalling his indomitable presence and unyielding ascent.

Surviving a catastrophic explosion and emerging from literal ashes, MOBI1i is an emissary of resilience. Anyone who locks into his bars that run as hard as his beats can live it by proxy and feel the fire that blazes as MOBI1 razes the music industry with the head-spinning volition in his flow.

The production, a collaborative genius of Katmandu and Wadizdis, tears up the rulebook of drill beats. It’s a rhythmic firestorm, a relentless assault on the senses that perfectly complements MOBI1’s explosive delivery. Every hook is a masterstroke of lyrical agility, a testament to Mobi1’s skill as he weaves through the beat with a tongue-twisting fervour.

In short, ‘Joey Clipstar Freestyle’ is a declaration that MOBI1 is here to reign supreme in the grime domain. As he continues to make waves across the UK, from radio sets to fashion shows, one thing is crystal clear: he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Check out the official music video on YouTube or add MOBI1’s latest hit to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ADZii Boii – Let’s Go: a high-speed chase through the streets of raw, unfiltered lyrical genius

ADZii BOii

ADZii BOii, the Scottish hip-hop heavyweight, started 2024 with a seismic bang by unleashing his latest single, Let’s Go. Hit play and be flung into a high-speed chase through the streets of raw, unfiltered lyrical genius which cements his position as a formidable force in the hip-hop arena and offers a glimpse into his unapologetically candid mind.

The single is a masterclass in blending the ferocity of drill beats with the finesse of intelligent lyricism. ADZii BOii’s flow is a relentless force, intertwining with the pulsating beats to create a musical experience that’s both exhilarating and thought-provoking. The motorbike sound effects add to the high-octane atmosphere, painting a vivid picture of speed and agility that mirrors ADZii BOii’s rapid-fire delivery.

What sets Let’s Go apart is ADZii BOii’s ability to weave social commentary into his lyrics with a wit that’s both brutal and hilariously on point. The track is a rollercoaster of emotions, echoing the artist’s own life experiences. His storytelling prowess first showcased in his debut album, Colours, takes a more intense turn here, with each bar packed with meaning and raw energy.

The lion on the cover art is not just an image; it symbolises the aggression and power that ADZii Boii brings to the track. Notably, ADZii Boii is on a path to redefining the landscape of alternative hip-hop.

As we eagerly anticipate his second album, expected in Spring 2024, Let’s Go is a testament to ADZii Boii’s evolving artistry. Stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Timmy – Speedy Gonzales: A Gritty Testament to UK Rap’s Evolving Landscape

Timmy’s latest track, ‘Speedy Gonzales‘ is a dark, gritty, and profoundly impactful testament to his burgeoning dominance in the rap scene. His ability to press the right lyrical buttons and pluck at the rawest melodic heartstrings is evident throughout the track, which is driven by Timmy’s impassioned delivery and the haunting, ethereal backing vocals that seamlessly blend with his grime bars and drill beats. It’s a vignette that takes you through the highs and lows of urban life, reflecting on the diminishing value placed on human existence.

The track’s pace is relentless, mirroring the artist’s namesake, Speedy Gonzales. Yet, it’s the depth of the lyrics and the sombre sonic imprint that truly sets this song apart. Timmy doesn’t just rap; he tells a story, painting a vivid picture of the struggles and realities faced in the streets. His words are convictive, cutting through the noise and leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

The track is a bold statement from an artist who is clearly not afraid to speak his truth. As the final beats of ‘Speedy Gonzales’ fade, you can’t help but feel a sense of anticipation for what Timmy will do next. His talent is undeniable, and his ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level is beyond compare in the UK’s underground rap scene.

Watch the official music video for Speedy Gonzales via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

West London’s freshest trailblazer Zush held no prisoners with the killer cadence in ‘Playing for Keeps’

West London rap icon in the making Zush showcased a luminary on the cusp of great acclaim by unleashing his high-octane hit, Playing for Keeps, which flavours UK drill with a Caribbean kick while exhibiting his ability to hold his own against the charisma of Stormzy and Dave.

By bringing cultural flavour into the dark and ensnaring atmospheric Drill tones, the depth of the track is enhanced to the nth degree; from the first beat you are immersed in an adrenalizing aural visualisation of his infectiously visceral sonic signature.

After the success of his seminal single, We Got the Sauce, which saw his talent recognised by Pulse 88, Itch FM, GRM Daily, UGM, The Beat London, Westside FM, Bound 2 Blow and many more, Playing for Keeps is an impossible-to-ignore statement of intent from an artist who exhibits his determination in every facet of his captivating expression.

By honing his talents from a young age as a high school beat-maker, DJ in a rap group and percussionist in a steel band, Zush was primed to make an unforgettable entry into the domain of UK rap. The influence of hip-hop legends like Nas, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, and Pharrell, coupled with the Caribbean beats from his upbringing, is evident in Playing for Keeps, which fuses his reverence for sharp flows with his affinity towards his Caribbean roots, which pull through when he asserts his Caribbean accent in the chorus as a juxtaposition of the drill bars which exhibit his command of flow and cadence.

Playing for Keeps dropped on the 30th of November; stream it on Spotify and never miss another seminal release from Zush by following him on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mr Asap made lyrical bombs out of his mic drops in ‘Heathrow’

Taking influence from Dave, Lotto Boyzz, MoStack, and Wu-Tang Clan and turning that inspiration into a brand-new urban fusion, the London-based up-and-coming artist, Mr Asap, is ensnaringly fresh on his new track and music video, Heathrow.

By bringing cinematic elements into his instrumentals, including evocatively weighted minor key piano progressions and classical strings, Mr Asap went beyond the drill beats to deliver a track that will consume your consciousness whole while he flexes his skills with wordplay in a way that makes lyrical bombs out of mic drops.

It may be early days in the industry for Mr Asap, but his determination to step out of the ordinary with every bar has established him as a luminary the spotlight deserves to shine on. Expect even bigger things from Mr Asap in 2024; with his swathes of charisma and his gritty true-to-form intellectualism, he won’t disappoint.

The official music video for Heathrow premiered on November 24th; stream it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lil Zino tore the stigma out of ‘PTSD’ with the drill debut of the year

After racking up over 206k streams on the official music video for his debut single, PTSD, and becoming a viral sensation on TikTok in the process, East London’s Lil Zino stormed into the rap scene with one of the strongest debuts of 2023.

With melodic minor key pseudo-trap instrumentals setting the cinematically melancholic tone, the atmosphere was set for Lil Zino to pour vulnerable candour into the track with his stonily steadfast vocal delivery which runs through in a magnetically paced cadence. While some rappers wear their trauma like a badge of honour, Lil Zino is adding nuance to the narrative by exhibiting the weight of scars, becoming one of the most authentic drill voices in the process.

There’s no understating the evocative pull of the track that projects an intimate vignette of the violent event, which led him to finding a necessary means of expression. By keeping his composure while painting a stark picture of the harsh realities of East London’s streets with his blunt bars, Lil Zino delivered a hauntingly affecting release, which will stay with you long after the outro.

Stream PTSD on SoundCloud or watch the official music video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The temperature dropped as the UK-hip-hop visionary GADZ reflected on our ‘Cold World’ in his sophomore release

GADZ let the UK hip-hop scene know the score with his sophomore release, Cold World, by laying it all down on the melodic lines in the choruses and holding no prisoners when it came to creating a vignette of our increasingly inhospitable world, which necessitates a backbone of steel the amount of resilience exemplified within the dynamic track.

Going by the bars, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the Luton-hailing artist had lived a thousand lives. The depth of his introspective musing is an instant affirmation that he’s worth his weight in lyrical gold. Sonically, expect to be put through the evocative paces as you follow the eclectically sublime urban track through its seamless transitions from fiery bars and beats to soulful harmonies.

The track’s catchy, melodiously progressive refrain is a testament to his superlative talent. But much like his debut single, Fadeaway, which dropped on Valentine’s Day, and was subsequently backed by BBC Introducing’s Theo Johnson, it’s the magnetism in the resonance that will keep drawing you back to the track.

From a young age, GADZ developed a passion for music, a flame that was kindled by his father, a music educator and enthusiast who encouraged his musical exploration across various instruments. GADZ’s musical expedition truly began in his teens, fuelled by nights immersed in drill beats and crafting freestyles, which he would present to classmates. His relentless pursuit of mastering his craft led him to record his first track in a studio two years ago.

His talent has since been showcased at the O2 Academy Islington, earned him a nomination for Best Performance by RBE, and opened the door to BL@CKBOCK’s U18s Cypher 2022, leading to numerous appearances across Bedfordshire and an international fanbase who revere his artistic autonomy and willingness to put his heart on his bars. With a rapidly growing following, GADZ stands out as one of the UK’s most promising talents, poised for continued success as his artistic journey unfolds.

Stream Cold World on SoundCloud or immerse yourself deeper with the official music video, which premiered as a courtesy of GRM Daily on November 3rd via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Don’t Get Caught: Mykez 2Nation races towards the cash on Helpline (1-800)

On point throughout and sidestepping those slippery dominos which can burn hands like a fireplace, Mykez 2Nation gets that dough and drops a catchy track to veer deep inside the Helpline (1-800).

Mykez 2Nation is a Hayes, West London-born Southampton, UK-based indie rapper who has the rare ability to mix in elements of head-nodding afro beats, UK hip-hop and drill all at once.

Powered by B On Point Entertainment and thinking so logically and bringing the real crew along to sip on the success with him, Mykez 2Nation knocks over all competition and turns up the heat with a lyrically sizzling track which might get us bouncing like winning the lotto on Christmas.

Helpline (1-800) from the Southampton, UK-based indie hip-hop artist Mykez 2Nation is a thriving single which will put many into a much better mood than before. Flowing rather wonderfully and demonstrating his easy-to-hear skills, we are thrilled to the core by a song with real meaning in a strange world.

There is a fire in the belly here to heat up all frigid hearts, as we are taken swiftly into a lyrically cognizant single to spark up when the motivation levels dip lower than previously expected.

If you want something real, check out the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Grab a hyper 8-bit of American drill with Slaywitme’s latest single, good guys

‘good guys’ is the latest feat of hyper 8-bit hip hop from the alt-rap artist, Slaywitme, who has had multiple viral hits since making his debut in 2020. His first single, morrigan, has racked up over three million streams on Spotify alone, and his latest collaborative hit with Dom Corleo is just as hype-worthy. Don’t take our word for it; delve into the galvanizingly polyphonic panache of the high-vibe earworm from the New York-born, American drill icon.

With the manga-esque motifs draped over the reverberatingly heavy bass lines and Slaywitme’s unfuckwithably playful bars, there’s no resisting the infectiously exhilarating propensities in this new wave trap anthem that is sure to splice even more accolades into the career of the luminary rapper.

Check out good guys on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nothing To Lose: South East London’s F Boy Tony is ready for the appetising buffet on Mood Check

Getting the party started no matter what the time of day or night, F Boy Tony has that cool cat mentality on lock as he opens the door to his superheated new single with visual memories called Mood Check.

F Boy Tony is a South East London, UK-based indie drill artist, music producer, director and manager who isn’t afraid to punch his way into those big-time opportunities.

In addition to his musical abilities, Tony is also a skilled producer, director, editor, marketer, and manager, handling all aspects of his career by himself.” ~ F Boy Tony

Turning off car alarms automatically with his amiable charm, F Boy Tony has dropped a totally honest track with a rare self-assurance. His flow is smoothly assembled and his confidence is rather evident, as we are entertained by a video which contains many highlights.

Mood Check from South East London, UK-based indie drill artist/music producer F Boy Tony is one of those songs you will either absolutely love or distinctly hate. There is no middle ground. That’s exactly the point. He doesn’t care. This is that here-I-am-world moment which will fuse his music into that emerging-to-the-top conversation.

Turn this up on YouTube. Check out the snaps on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen