Finding your youthful energy again: YumeMike opens up the light again on the mystical treat ‘Inner Child’

Taken off the debut album ‘Light in the Mirror‘, YumeMike is here with the lead single ‘Inner Child‘ and this is a thrilling journey, that has taken him to the solo world and shows a thriving artist in his element.

Bari, Italy-based photographer and synth-pop artist YumeMike, is a soulful musician that has been through the ups and downs of the music business. After being in many cover bands over the years, a new chapter has arrived and you can feel the excitement in his voice, as he opens us this exhilarating ride for us to absorb ourselves into- with a smile on our dial.

Yume (夢) is the Japanese word for Dream and this is exactly what this music sounds like. Your mind takes a trip with vocals that are honest and raw, the beat is so catchy and real, the lyrics are emotive and tell it how it is.

Inner Child‘ from Italian synth-pop artist YumeMike, is the type of song you put on to feel inspired again. The world appears dark sometimes but if you find someone that can help you be young again, you are always winning in life. With a style of singing that captures the mood of the world as we all deal with varying emotions from this horrific pandemic in our own way, this is a top notch single with so much potential.

Staying positive is the only way to succeed in life and finding your bright light is the way, to find that ultimate peace inside your soul.

Stream this debut original track from this wonderfully talented artist via his Spotify and see more of the journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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