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Dystopic downtempo house meets 60s psych in Timothy and the Apocalypse’s single, The Mindful Cherub.

Timothy and the Apocalypse has been melting minds with their darkly psychedelic revivalist take on downtempo house and acid jazz since making their debut with their album, Future So Bright.

The standout single on the debut album, The Mindful Cherub, is sure to entice anyone who recognises David Lynch as an exceptional electronica artist as well as an incredible filmmaker. There are plenty of odes to the cold psychedelic tones found in Pinky’s Dream, featuring Karen O; the tonally multifaceted track was written as a nod to 60’s Psyche escapism, and that’s exactly what it delivers.

There’s a fine line between ambient electronica and escapism electronica, the Mindful Cherub will transport you to a brand-new world.

The Mindful Cherub is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergas

Bad Wolf peeks behind closed doors in his latest nu-disco single, ‘Curfew at the Disco’

While plenty of us sulked about the inaccessibility of dancefloors and lack of like-minded community, Philippines-based artist and producer Bad Wolf imagined what went on behind closed doors while creating his latest melodically tropic single, Curfew at the Disco.

After the release of his debut single, If I Can Make You Dance, in January 2021, he was scouted by MojoHeadz Records and inspired to release at least ten new singles in 2021. Based on Curfew at the Disco, we can expect plenty more soul-oozing DAW-created grooves from the artist who is quickly becoming renowned for painting with metropolitan strokes and with kaleidoscopically urban colour.

Curfew at the Disco unravels as a mix of euphoria-evoking nu-disco and roots deep techno that allows Bad Wolf to invite you into his imagination where you can explore the intimacy of the house parties which happened while dancefloors and venues gathered dust. The air of hedonist rebellion runs right through Curfew at the Disco, right next to the influence from indie dance and 80s Japanese City pop.

Curfew at the Disco officially released on May 3rd; you can check it out for yourselves via SoundCloud. Connect with Bad Wolf via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

EDM Artist Guy Metter has made their debut with the experimentally bold single “Last Night”

With the spoken-word narrative which sits synergistically against the groove-deep beats in Guy Metter’s mesmerising Alt Electronica debut “Last Night (We Took Over a Jazz Club)” there was an intensity to the sound like we’d never heard before.

Your mind is split between wanting to follow the intricate and boldly experimental instrumental Jazz & Funk-soaked progressions and wanting to hear how the compelling narrative story ends. Neither of them disappointed.

The lyrics perfectly captured that all too familiar sense of guilt which follows hedonistic indulgence. With a sensual versing and just as much sensuality from the beats, Last Night is a single we’re definitely not going to forget in a hurry.

You can check out Guy Metter’s hypnotically masterful for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Classact – Love: Melodic Experimental Electronica

Up and coming artist Classact released their latest serenely mellow mix “Love” on November 6th. Slapping a genre label on the single may prove to be somewhat of a challenge but slipping into the spacey ambience of the mix was made all too easy thanks to the production from Wavy Tre.

With nuanced Hip Hop vibes and lucid downtempo House tones, Love spills plenty of catharsis as the light and intricate beats wave through the melodies. The vocals on the mix find the perfect synergy with the electronic progressions, there may not be all too much in the way of lyrics, but Classact’s vocals still inject plenty of personable warmth into Love.

You can check out Classact’s latest mix Love for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

OLD PUP – FANTASi: Ambiently Immersive Downtempo House

Up and coming Electronica artist OLD PUP has recently dropped their latest EP “New Tricks” and shared with the airwaves a potent amount of aural serenity.

The perfect introduction to the artist and producer’s slightly Lo-Fi, infinitely cathartic style is the standout track “FANTASi” which unravels as a light, spacey, downtempo feat of instrumental Hip Hop and Ambient House.

If you’re looking for artists offering trippy lucid vibes to add to your playlists, you won’t go far wrong with the light, warm tones found in the multilayers of OLD PUP’s deftly smooth mixes. They may be fresh from their inception, but evidently, that hasn’t prevented them from putting out fresh stylistic mixes.

You can check out OLD PUP’s latest mix FANTASi for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Illegal NoiZe – Inlimit: Ominously Danceable Instrumental EDM

Illegal NoiZe (formerly known as DJZ) has recently dropped their atmospherically dark feat of EDM “Inlimit”. With a sound so polished it resonates as cinematic and rhythmic pulses which are caustically compelling, you get little choice in whether or not you get hooked into the sharp electronic track.

It’s not all too often we can say that Instrumental Electronica tracks offer any amount of distinctive appeal. But considering the fact that Inlimit is so ominously danceable, Illegal NoiZe won’t have all too much trouble re-establishing themselves.

The honesty, in the admission of their bootleg misadventure which saw DJZ’s name disappear from the internet makes Illegal NoiZe’s (and they’re incredibly apt name) mixes even more appealing.

You can check out Illegal NoiZe’s mix Inlimit for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Antoine Don – Good Morning: Ambiently Smooth Downtempo House

LA-based artist, producer and engineer Antoine Don has recently released their latest offering of ambiently smooth downtempo instrumental House with the short and sweet mix “Good Morning”.

The hazy soundscape perfectly captures the lucidity experienced through snapping back into focus in the morning. It would be a fairly trippy way to start the day, but if those are the vibes you go for, Good Morning comes highly recommended for your morning playlists.

Antoine Don has made plenty of waves in LA working as an artist and mix engineer for DubRoom Studios. With their tendency to blend a myriad of styles together to creating resonantly lush tracks, it comes as no great surprise.

You can check out Antoine Don’s latest single Good Morning for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast