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The Bow sing about the painful memory of heartbreak on ‘Desire’

The Bow sing about the painful memory of heartbreak on ‘Desire‘ and they are so poignant on their new Indie Pop single with meaning.

The Bow are a new band consisting of members of TAOF (The Art of Fusion). They are a quality outfit and this is a marvelous song to boost our souls in 2020. With a mellow outlook, this is exactly the healing type of song that makes a difference.

You loved each other so much but sadly things ended. This is the way things are and you can’t stand it. There are good days and bad days, the love was so strong and then it ended. You will recover and this was been a good life lesson.

Desire‘ from The Bow is a Pop track for the ages and you can feel the quality here. The vocals are softly delivered but with meaning and this is a new track from deep down in the soul. This is a new band that are just starting out but with songs like this, we will be hearing lots about this fine act.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Indie-Electro producer Nolai drops hot and sensual album ”No Saints at Night”

This is a wonderful mix of songs to get your night all hot and steamy. Searching for the gap between R&B, Pop, Hip Hop and moving within waves of rich and harmonic production is the way this artist feels about his music. He certainly pushes the boundaries. All the songs were self-produced, written, recorded and engineered by Nolai himself. This talented artist must not sleep at all.

Far Away” is the first track off the new release and it gets you in the mood perfectly. With a watery start, things are kicked into the right mood with sensual vocals and you zone out to his voice. This is all about wanting the one that is far away but you can’t stop thinking of the good times.

Desire” is the second song and I love the start. The vocals move from ear to ear and I am intrigued. This track is all about the love desire and we are drawn into a sexy dance. A picture of beauty and knowing what you want with who you want.

Tonight” is the 3rd song off the album and this one is about not really knowing about the girl like you really like. You don’t really care and maybe it’s better not to know too much. You just want to be with her and be close all night. The track certainly lifts up the heat all over a sexy beat that is guaranteed to make babies in 9 months.

Weekend” is the final track and the bass is a bit heavier on the song to impressive levels. Things slow down a bit and once again we are in this complicated love story about wanting just a weekend to make things all better again. This is the cat and the mouse game and will your smooth words work to get the love that you want.

Overall this is an impress release that will be loved on the dance floor due to the quality production and hot lyrics. Nolai is on top of his R&B game and expect his name to be up in lights soon with quality music videos to match his output. ”No Saints at Night” will win many a fan in the bedroom.

Stream the whole 4 track album right here on his flourishing Spotify channel to hear it all with the volume up real loud.

Find out more about upcoming gigs on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Carry The Crown release new single ‘Desire’

Rock has always been about dynamic and impact, but it can also be about melody and infectiousness, something that Lincolnshire’s Carry The Crown are more than aware of. They are very much a modern day rock band but it is that small weave of pop awareness that runs through the heart of their songs which makes them much more than just a foot on the monitor rock band trading in past glories.

Desire is that perfect storm of widescreen grandeur, full force deliveries, perfectly executed dynamics and anthemic choruses and at the eye, the hub around which this all revolves, is a melodic heart, one that provides the hooks and addictive melodies. It is this magic ingredient, that pushes their appeal beyond the run of the mill rock fan and into more commercial waters; it crosses old rock demarcations and appeals to a much wider audience. But the clever thing is that it still ticks more than enough of the right boxes for the old school diehards and the younger rock underground to approve. Rock music with mass appeal, how cool is that?

Words: Dave Franklin