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Blondmodel – WEIGHT: Emotively Warm, Tonally Glacial Alt Indie


Shoegaze, Post Punk and contemporary Indie converge in the hauntingly sublime standout single WEIGHT from Alt Indie trailblazers Blondmodel.

The experimental mix even finds room to lay down sonically caustic blasting synth notes into the soundscape which offered nothing but accessible accordance up until the track neared the outro.

Despite the palpable authentic creativity which went into the single, there are familiar hooks to ensure that it’s not just an easy track to slip into, it’s a track which wholly consumes your consciousness as you listen to the sheer emotion which doesn’t just come from the absorbingly soft vocals. The pensive yet soft instrumental melodies also possess the ability to crawl under your ribs.

Any fans of the National, Editors, Frightened Rabbit and Idlewild will undoubtedly want to check out WEIGHT for themselves.

WEIGHT is just one of the singles which features on Blondmodel’s 2020 EP “Neon Lights, Lonely Nights” which was released on March 27th. You can check it out by heading over to SoundCloud or Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Pop Meets Darkwave in Skull Smith’s Latest Single “The Ghost of Mr. Hyde”

There were many saccharine love songs released on Valentine’s day. Up and coming artist Skull Smith’s Gothically romantic release “The Ghost of Mr. Hyde” certainly was never in danger of falling into that category.

With lyrics revolving around the ghost of someone’s shadow-side, naturally, the single was a darkly tantalising tale.

The Ghost of Mr. Hyde doesn’t fall into the usual realms of Industrial or Synthwave. Instead, through Skull Smith’s Pop-style vocals mixed with the progressive instrumentals, you’re treated to a soundscape which is far more theatrical.

From ethereal organs to sonic blasts of almost psychedelic synths which would be fitting in a Rock Opera you’ll find a smorgasbord of influence in The Ghost of Mr. Hyde. Evidently, Skull Smith isn’t an artist who concerns themselves with genre constraints.

The instrumentals may be consistently progressive. Yet, one thing which remains as a constant is the captivating nuanced draw of Skull Smith’s effortless vocal harmonies. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but those with darker aural inclinations will undoubtedly appreciate what Skull Smith has to offer.

You can check out Skull Smith’s latest single for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Burial Grid – Guaraparinga 1998: Anachronistic Dark Wave

With a name like Burial Grid, you’re never going to expect a tame sound, are you? As soon as the beat kicked to the Synth Wave artists latest single Guaraparinga 1998 I found myself in a lucidly pioneering soundscape of eccentric effects which certainly didn’t disappoint.

The clear-cut beats are riddled around the heavy bassline, as the instrumental composition thrashes and pulls in every possible direction in a delightfully macabre fashion. If anyone is looking for a soundtrack to a horror film, Burial Grid may just be the modern-day equivalent to Bernard Hermann who created the Psycho soundtrack. Yet, Burial Grid likes to keep his beats old school with 80’s inspired Dark Wave synth created by vintage machines for a pioneeringly anachronistic sound.

For fans of Big Delta Wave, you won’t want to miss out on the dread distilled aural alchemy which the artist may describe as ‘nostalgia gone wrong’, but from where I’m sitting his music is heading in exactly the right direction.

You can check out Brutal Grid’s latest single Guaraparinga 1998 on SoundCloud now

Connect with Burial Grid via Facebook and keep up to date with his delightfully dissonant new releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast