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Thom Morecroft – The Last Day You Left Home

Thom Morecroft is a singer songwriter who loves to bring intimacy with melody and energy into one concise, yet catchy formula. His most recent single, “The Last Day You Left Home”, is a very earnest and understanding song that has a warm sound, and an even warmer heart to it.

The production quality is quite astonishing. It offers a really clean and pristine sound, but definitely not a sterile tone by all means. The balance is awesome, and it enables the listeners to fully enjoy the nuances that they can experience in Thom Morecroft’s music and lyrics alike. “The Last Day You Left Home” is at times energetic and catchy, at times personal and understated, echoing the work of influential artists such as Damien Rice, Elliott Smith, and Iron & Wine, only to mention a few.

Find out more about Thom Morecroft, and check out “The Last Day You Left Home” on all the best digital streaming services out there. This release is going to be a must for fans of indie-folk.

Black Hours new track ‘Saccharine’ is a beautifully sweet folk ensemble number

London-based 7-piece alt-folk ensemble – led by vocalist Dave Malkin – Black Hours has released new track ‘Saccharine’ from their latest ‘Saccharine EP’.

‘Saccharine’ is a wonderfully moving dreamy, folky number dominated by some poetically weathered vocals from frontman Malkin . It powerfully sweeps up from syncopated, sad plucks like a mournful breeze as Black Hours’ femininely cavernous backing vocals help up the stakes to their intensely symphonic peak. Swimming in pools full of Damien Rice’s golden era appeal, ‘Saccharine’ sweetly delivers on moving mountains of the ensemble’s sonic quality through should-be high-end living room speakers. 

The perfect production helps stretch every inch of harmonic plucking and rubbing from the 7-piece’s strings – with each replay proving that Black Hours have delivered a beautiful release with ‘Saccharine’. Every indie, folk – and any respecting independent music – lover should give this bitterly sweet track a taste. 

You can listen to ‘Saccharine’ on Black Hours Spotify page here.

Chris Hobart has dropped his single Wolf Pack: Synth Indie Rock at it’s finest

Up and coming artist Chris Hobart has dropped his single ‘Wolf Pack’ embracing the wholesome sound of Synth Indie Rock, it’s a masterpiece.

An impactful instrumentation pulses through this piece, that loud bang on the drum, using the synthesizer to create that catchy melody and adding in humming and a chant, giving it a more powerful meaning.

The way the rhythm is changed from the beginning, middle and end keeps you listening. Towards the halfway point, is where the Indie Rock elements take their lead, the loud high-pitched riffs on the guitar, the clash on the drums but still keeping that same synthesized beat but lowering the volume on it so it gently collides alongside the rest.

Chris creates a feeling of suspense through his vocal ranges, keeping it rather flat in places but hitting them high notes perfectly, having a rather silvery tone when it comes to his voice and wide array of pitches

This one is one that will be listened to by many and will definitely be on repeat, so be sure to check this one out.

Head over to SoundCloud now to listen to Chris Hobart’s track Wolf Pack.

Review by Karley Myall

Fox Harbor Release Heart-Warming Song “Some Kind Of Magic”

Fox Harbour are a Nashville based band fronted by two voices which complement each other perfectly in a blend of vocal harmonies, strong driving melodies and an authentic country sound with pop influences. Nathan Cogan and Claire Cooper have not only joined forces to make this project come to life but they have also crafted their very own distinguishable sound and artistic vision along the way. “Some Kind Of Magic” is in fact their latest release which presents a delicate yet strong balance of harmonies and tuneful melodies as well as a heart-warming spirit in the whole arrangement and performance quality.

The duet aspect in “Some Kind Of Magic” is indeed what brings it to life and makes it so impactful and infectious. It is primarily a dance of conversation between the two which culminates in a unifying chorus that truly brings out their vocal compatibility and highlights their ability to create one homogeneous sound. Apart from this, the gentle guitars and strings instrumentation also makes room for the tuneful melodies and vocal tones to shine bright. The two vocal tones in combination with this instrumental arrangement in fact create a very particular balance and character which is truly difficult to find. A characteristic of sound which only true artists with careful attention to detail can obtain.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

Pablo Schmal Release Mature Pop Track ‘Lovejar’

Pablo Schmal does that most rare of things, he makes pop that sounds both grown up and wonderfully infectious at the same time. Throwaway pop is two a penny, it always has been, and that is pretty much the nature of the beast. But pop aimed at a more mature audience generally misses the point, taking itself too seriously and forgetting why it came into the room in the first place. Lovejar, however, is the best of both worlds.

It plays with the same dreamy vibes that Damien Rice made his hallmark but has a more confident delivery than his drifting soundscapes. It employs some wonderfully trippy electronica and chiming musical motifs that take this out of the realms of the usual singer-songwriter offering and pushes it towards a more mature and exploratory sound. The real charm is the songs ability to sonically twist and turn, play with dynamics and throw in a few musical curveballs but still stay focused and cohesive. A neat trick if you can do it, Pablo not only does so but also makes it sound effortless.

Chamik Zhang releases romantic pop track ‘I Wish You Well’

When we think of romantic pop music of substance, even in the more commercial world, we generally think of the high-concept and artistic direction of Kate Bush and Tori Amos or the high volume commerciality of kitsch dinosaurs such as Elton John or Billy Joel (though The Stranger is an album that should be studied in music colleges the length and breadth of the country.) Well, with I Wish You Well, Chamik Zhang finds a middle way that combines integrity with appeal.

Chamik Zhang makes short work of blending Damien Rice minimalism with just the right amount of commercial melodicism. Heartstrings will be tugged, emotions unleashed, young women will swoon and the world will feel just that little bit more poetic. And when did the world ever not benefit from such happenings?