Bills Stack So High: Madukwu sees that angel in disguise on the excellent Heaven Knows

With vital help from his management team, Miss Glo Vader, Madukwu, returns to our consciousness again with a genuinely top-notch release you will find hard to ignore called Heaven Knows.

Madukwu aka Madukwu Chinwah is a multi-Grammy-award winning Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist, multi-instrumentalist, and prolific music producer who is probably best known for introducing neo-soul to the world.

Released from his latest 12-track album called Royal, the legendary Madukwu is in pulsatingly imperious form, with a glowing gem for the youth to learn from.

With a supremely skilled storyteller’s pen in action, a precise production to match, and an ear-warming voice that will cause many hearts to flutter like a happy bird seeking a comfortable next, you may find yourself turning up the volume here.

Heaven Knows from the exceptionally world-class Dallas, Texas-based indie hip hop artist Madukwu is an inspiring story that shows us how one chance can change everything, if two hearts may join as one. Sung with expert poise and vocally advanced melodies that many try to copy but can’t, this is a brilliant release from a real legend in the game.

Even if you have had countless heartbreaks, the courage to find the one must be in your soul in order to be romantically happy each time you close your eyes at night.

Hear this phenomenal new single on Spotify and see more news on his impressive IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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