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That Dreamy World: Welsh DJ Keltech takes us to an exciting planet on ‘Off Grid’

With a breathtaking tone that enters your mind as it reminds you of a thrilling movie that you can’t stop enjoying, DJ Keltech marvelously takes us really far away from this stressful madness to totally reinvigorate ourselves gloriously on ‘Off Grid’.

DJ Keltech is an experienced synthwave, cyberpunk and darkwave scratch DJ and music producer from beautiful Wales in the United Kingdom. He makes that thumping music full of tasty intrigue – that spices up your day – and put that little bit of hotness back into your hungry tongue.

Influenced by the sounds of John Carpenter’s bleak analog horror scores and Stranger Things” – Keltech

His eclectic background in Hip Hop, turntablism, electronic music and film scoring give him quite a solid foundation for capturing that nostalgic vibe.” – Keltech

Off Grid‘ from the wonderful wizard Welsh scratch DJ DJ Keltech, shows us a place where we need to be, as its miles away from the current affairs which dogs the world back into its undesirable kennel. He has a terrific ability to show us what we are all feeling in music creation art form, as this talented DJ takes us into his flashy car to hide us from what is really going on outside. This is a powerful song that smashes through the windows willingly, to slide our minds into a good place again.

Stream this fiery new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Simulated Youth – Digital Memories, featuring Rielle & Camoragi; a trap anthem for the cyber age.

US alt-electronica artist Simulated Youth is set to release his two-track release, Digital Memories, featuring vocals from Rielle & Camorag. Thankfully, he has stayed true to his signature cyberpunk EDM style that we have come to adore while creating a trap anthem for the cyber age with the title track.

The canter in the rap bars is just as dizzying as the melodic command in the reverb swathed synths in the bass-riding single that is just as conceptual as the preceding releases from Simulated Youth. This time, he tells a two-sided story of breaking up in the modern age where it is impossible to disconnect from the people we have grown apart from with the digital tethers that keep us connected. Digital Memories is for everyone that has ever scorned Facebook memories for reminding us of our exes. Especially if those exes belong in a private hall of shame.

With only a hint of hyperbole, experiencing the danceable drop for the first time may have been the highlight of my 2021. Simulated Youth is easily one of our favourite discoveries this year. His devilishly meta production style is enough to make a sapiosexual weak at the knees.

You can check out Digital Memories from June 25th here.

Connect with Simulated Youth via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Another World: London-based darkwave producer Daverage J. Normal takes us to an exciting planet above on ‘Dark Stars’

With his much-anticipated upcoming EP ‘General Dysfunction‘ lacing up for action soon, Daverage J. Normal takes us to a planet far away from this strange world that we find ourselves stuck in with ‘Dark Stars‘.

Daverage J. Normal aka DJN, is a creative London, England-based space-driven synthwave electronic music producer and bassist, who fantastically fuses retro-futuristic music into our hungry souls to immerse head-first into.

Inspiration is mostly just cooking away in the back of my mind and from noodling around with synths, generally leaning towards a retro-futuristic and science fiction vibe. I have a very simple process, power on, mess about, oh, I like that, let’s evolve it..” – Daverage J. Normal

Dark Stars‘ from the superb London-based electronic darkwave/cyberpunk music producer and bassist Daverage J. Normal, shows us brilliantly upwards to a new place that full of life and promise. The blazing electronica is dazzling and pulsating throughout, you feel like this might be the perfect fire dance music and get lost easily into this terrific creation. The dark elements capture your vivid imagination and things get more intense as the song heats up, putting your headache at ease and helping you bathe in pure water, that is full of crystals and healing energies.

This is what excellent electronic music sounds like in 2021.

Stream this buzzing new single on Spotify and see more on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen