UK-based music producer Bite The Boxer grew tired of that long wait on ‘Forgotten’

Following up on the previous EP release called ‘A Stream Becomes A River‘, Bite The Boxer put on his Sherlock Holmes hat and managed to find a track that was thought lost forever and has been brought back to life on ‘Forgotten‘.

Bite The Boxer is a UK-based multi-genre, DIY production project that merges various aspects of dream-pop, synthwave, cyberpunk, ambient, chillwave and Lo-fi.

Formally an indie-rock act that has developed through time, this is the kind of music that will blow your mind into smithereens as Bite The Boxer shows us his world-class abilities on this outstanding new single. With a really smooth feel that captivates all your senses together – this is an experience that will take your intellect into a nostalgic place – that has you remembering when you were left behind after waiting too long for something you thought would be automatic.

Forgotten‘ from the superb UK-based production project Bite The Boxer is one of those scintillating tracks that will cause unexplainable shivers to emerge all over your dazzled body. There is a moody atmosphere to swim into here that is so fascinating – with a spectacular beat and ear-shaking vocals – that will totally intrigue your whole soul as your feet tap in flawless alignment. This is a single that will have you looking up into space, as you wonder why you were left alone when all you wanted was true love.

Listen up to this new song on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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