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Michael Zen shows us where he is mentally right now with the catchy debut track ‘Vibe Along’

Dropping a summer track to warm our hearts up and to see the world through his eyes, Michael Zen rides with this sweet crush who is feeling his style as things start to steam up on ‘Vibe Along‘.

Michael Zen is a USA-based Hip hop artist who is a new face on the scene but shows impressive lyrical chops on a new track that will have you nodding your head in approval.

Opening up our eyes to what the world is like right now as the dust settles from all previous carnage that jeopardised our very existence, Michael Zen introduces us to his sound and he does so with impressive vigour with an impressive debut release.

Vibe Along‘ from the USA-based indie rapper Michael Zen, is a love-filled story all about setting the tone with his mentality which is all about keeping things casual and to the point. With no time to waste as he looks to truly become one of the greats in the game, this is a single which leads you into the new school world. His mind is busy, looking for that special soul to share his life with while also keeping those paper stacks high, as we are thrown into a release that is all business.

Bringing us a style that is definitely in fashion right now, this feels like a smart first step into a music scene that is always looking for the next big thing.

Hear this audio on Spotify and see more via the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just Having Fun: Tyrel Ross feels his heart racing with excitement on his sexy new single ‘This Girl Is Hot’

With a spring in his step and a smile so wide you can see it all across town, Tyrel Ross feels the passion flowing all over his body as he get the crew together and shows her that he is serious about having fun tonight with only her on ‘This Girl Is Hot‘.

Tyrel Ross is a Trinidad and Tobago indie-pop/RnB artist based in New York. After starting to perform live when he was just thirteen years young, the stage has been his home ever since. He is only interested in evolving his sound through charm-filled vocals and honest lyrics, which make the ladies swoon in delight.

Always a lover of music, he joined his high school music band where he got his first taste of performing live on stage.” ~ Tyrel Ross

This is the story of your eyes locking closely when you see each other again, as your tender lips move sensually together, and you know that things are about to get hot in the room. The lyrics are to the point and the party-stacked beat only adds to the excitement – on this extremely body-bouncing new release – which has your toes tapping and the drinks flowing.

This Girl Is Hot‘ from the Trinidad and Tobago musician Tyrel Ross, shows us his massive crush on that girl who he saw at the carnival before. Thanks to his good friend convincing him, he decided to go and see her and from there, the party started and the water dripped all over the champagne-soaked club.

This is a steamy late-night track that certainly has your pulse quickening, as you get involved into the party on this highly likable single.

Watch this water-filled music video that will have your heart beating on YouTube and see more on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dream About Me: Emerging Wisconsin singer Poet22 powers our hearts into a romantic flutter with her beautiful ‘Crush’ (feat. Shakko)

With her first much-anticipated full-length ten-track album ‘Chrysalis‘ on the way shortly, Poet22 teases us gently with her lead single that will have your mind in a romantic state called ‘Crush(feat. Shakko).

Kala Lones aka Poet22, is a Appleton, Wisconsin-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter/poet. Since she was very young, Poet22 has always dreamed deeply and visualized calmly about being a successful singer, who tours the world and performs with such joy.

”It was important for me to be as honest and as vulnerable as possible with this project. I have been so blessed to work with other young Black independent artists like myself, who do what they love and love what they do.” – Poet22

She sings gloriously with such a stunning tone, each word seems so glowing and somehow effortless like she is performing right from the core of her beating heart. This is the cute story about that real feeling inside that you can’t easily explain but just know — as you don’t care if they feel the same at first — but of course wish that they returned the love.

Crush‘ from Wisconsin-based singer-songwriter and multi-talented creative Poet22, has our beating hearts in a game of intense twister, as we feel the interwoven love bow of goodness from this wonderful artist. She gives us a dazzling single that hits all the right spots deep into your preciously designed soul — as you feel all giddy and smile cheekily to yourself — thinking of that person in your life that you care about so much, as they make your heart beat so fast like no other human can.

Stream this soulful single on Spotify and see more visuals on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jamie Felton Releases Feel Good Pop Song “Grab My Hips And Sway”

Jamie Felton is a multifaceted music artist from Oxfordshire who does not only sing and play the guitar. He writes, arranges, records and produces his tracks himself and is also capable of playing a variety of instruments as well. This guy is truly amazing at what he does and his passion for music shines through and is noticeable by anyone. His latest release “Grab My Hips and Sway” features a high energy arrangement and a tuneful melody that you will not be forgetting any time soon. This song is not just a feel good song though. It features an interesting arrangement and a surprise at the end with a horn section building up the climax and final chorus.

With some very rhythmically active guitar parts and a cool sense of melody the song starts off simple and evolves into a party. One of the most interesting aspects though, is Jamie’s vocal tone quality and his performance style. With a tone colour that is very suitable for rock and roll and soul, he creates a pop sound that it unlike any other. This guy definitely knows how to make music ideas in his head come to life, and the fact that all his music is made by him from start to finish proves that he is ready to have a solid career in music. Listen to the song and watch out for more !

-Sarah Marie Bugeja