Michael Zen shows us where he is mentally right now with the catchy debut track ‘Vibe Along’

Dropping a summer track to warm our hearts up and to see the world through his eyes, Michael Zen rides with this sweet crush who is feeling his style as things start to steam up on ‘Vibe Along‘.

Michael Zen is a USA-based Hip hop artist who is a new face on the scene but shows impressive lyrical chops on a new track that will have you nodding your head in approval.

Opening up our eyes to what the world is like right now as the dust settles from all previous carnage that jeopardised our very existence, Michael Zen introduces us to his sound and he does so with impressive vigour with an impressive debut release.

Vibe Along‘ from the USA-based indie rapper Michael Zen, is a love-filled story all about setting the tone with his mentality which is all about keeping things casual and to the point. With no time to waste as he looks to truly become one of the greats in the game, this is a single which leads you into the new school world. His mind is busy, looking for that special soul to share his life with while also keeping those paper stacks high, as we are thrown into a release that is all business.

Bringing us a style that is definitely in fashion right now, this feels like a smart first step into a music scene that is always looking for the next big thing.

Hear this audio on Spotify and see more via the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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