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Natalie Jean & Levi Moore – The Letting Go: Pure Contemporary Country Synergy

Natalie Jean’s creative rap sheet is nothing but impressive, so it should have come as no surprise that her latest track ‘The Letting Go’ was a blindingly beautiful country track. She kept all of the beguiling roots of her sound yet mixed it up to pave her own way through the Country genre. For her latest track Natalie Jean teamed up with Levi Moore, and it may be the best duet since Nick Cave & Kylie Minogue in Where The Wild Roses Grow. Levi Moore’s gruff yet soulful vocal style is what really made this track for me. There’s such a contrast between Jean’s beautifully empowering, yet sweetly romantic vocals and Levi’s loveable drawl, that you can’t help but get caught up in the synergy that the two have created.

Natalie Jean is a Kensington, US based singer and song writer who has been a successful recording artist since 2013 and has dabbled in many different genres, from Dance to Heavy Metal, but it’s tracks like The Letting Go that make it evident that her vocal home lies within Contemporary Country Blues.

Check out the sensational duet in action over on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


M U S T A N G – Walk Away: Majestically Raw Southern Rock

The up and coming Alt Indie band M U S T A N G has just dropped their first piece of acoustically grunge, majestically raw piece of sweet Americana early January, 2018 to the sound of old blues guitars, poignantly charismatic vocals and some blinding instrumental sections in an Alt Indie Folk Rock styling.  The vocal progression which you are treated to throughout this track is astonishingly, the vocalists moves from the sensual curve of Aerosmith to the melancholy of Glenn Hansard. The bass line throws its impossibly tight beat behind the track, pulling you further and further into the soul of this anthemic hit.

With their debut track M U S T A N G have created a soulful melody, with heart wrenching emotion, that is quite literally palpable. The pace of Walk Away is so subduing and melancholic, you feel it ringing in your ears as the track draws to a close after 5 whole minutes of audio bliss. I can’t wait to hear what M U S T A N G cook up in an album as they continue introducing Southern Rock into a new arena.

Check out the debut single Walk Away on Spotify now:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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Tod Pronto – Hide Away from the Sun: A Cocktail of Shady Blues infused with American Folk

Hide Away from the Sun is the title track to Tod Pronto’s latest debut album, in which the Folk Singer Songwriter truly brings the genre back to its roots. His resounding sounds flood through his latest release off his debut album; ‘Hide Away (From the Sun) containing his eclectic mix of old school Folk sounds for any audiophile’s delight. If you’re a fan of the contemporary folk enigmas such as Glen Hansard, Jake Bugg & Ray Lamontagne, you’ll want to revel in his sonorously dulcet folk composition Hide Away from the Sun that features the gentle keys of the piano around the iconic acoustic guitar rhythms and melodies. It’s probably the best anti-summer hit that you will hear this year, a fair reminder that everyone loves the sun, Tod Pronto is proud to help you revel in the apathy of sunlight with his Blues Folk rendition of Hide Away from the Sun. There’s that charismatic down and out aura over Tod Pronto, his American Singer-songwriter charm is infectious when infused with the perfect cocktail of Americana, Alt Country and Folk.

You can check out Hide Away from the Sun via SoundCloud:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Party is Over ? Anything but!

Country music can often seem to be full of predictable pitfalls and calculated cliche, a tried, tested and popular genre which sometimes uses that comfort zone to play it safe. But away from the rhinestones and glitter of Music City’s main thoroughfares there are artists who paint very different pictures even whilst using the same palette of musical colours.

Morgan Wade & The Stepbrothers explore wonderful new ways of blending the genre with contemporary rock and even some deft pop hooks and mainstream sensibilities. The result is a song built of sweeping country rock guitars, rich harmonies and a mix of confident riffs, poetic lyrics and clever musical detail, and an accessibility which will have the most fervent pair of country boots stepping and stomping but which will also get the pop sneakers on the move too.

The Party Is Over from their debut album Puppets With My Heart, conforms enough for the purists to love it but still manages to break enough rules for the new wave of alt-country and roots rock fans to find much to their tastes. The Party is Over ironically that when it comes to a new lease of life for country music, the party has only just begun.


Lyn Avenue Releases Authentically Country Song “Kentucky Bourbon”

Lyn Avenue is a duo project based in Savannah, Georgia with a very characteristically unique sound. Combining their southern influences and backgrounds with elements of Country music and Folk, the result is one of a kind. This  is no surprise though. The band already has a series of achievements in their biography and their music just keeps getting better and better along the years! “Kentucky Bourbon,” their latest release, is not only very well written and performed but it also has a music video with a whole lot of character to accompany it as well!

This song definitely doesn’t fail to create a lasting impression. This is not just a tune for Country music lovers because it can literally be enjoyed by anyone and everyone. With a very catchy chorus, excellent song structure, rich vocals and driving instrumentation, the song has all it takes to become a hit. As the song starts with the chorus it immediately immerses the listener in the fun atmosphere that it is very able to create. The bright vocal ton and driving playful guitar sonorities just keep pushing the music forward while delivering a truly authentic sound and creating a great atmosphere. “Kentucky Bourbon” is simply one of those songs that without any shadow of a doubt will make you feel good!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


The Sweet Sound Of Nightmares

It’s always great when music subverts the expectations delivered by the title so the fact that a song called That’s How The Nightmares Began is actually and upbeat, jaunty country number is always going to raise a smile. The track takes a blend of country sensibility and rock muscle to build a song which will not only please the Music City purists but which also has the infectiousness and sonic appeal that could see it tap into a much wider audience.

And whilst it sits right at the  fresh and forward thinking end of the genre, it also feels like it is an old favourite right from the first play through its simple but effective hooks, addictive chorus, clean but impressive guitar lines, rock driven urgency and groovesome country vibe. Another fact for you, despite this song feeling and sounding like a dyed in the wool, Nashville bound, southern fried, country classic in the making, it is actually the product of the cold west country clays of Glastonbury, England. Some days things just aren’t what they seem.


Listen To Peter Donegan’s Outstanding Songwriting Skills In “Superman”

Peter Donegan, son of late “Godfather of British Rock n Roll” Lonnie Donegan, has music running through his veins with an inevitable strong passion towards Country music in particular. His sound is authentic and inimitable and his outstanding songwriting skills are able to captivate listeners of all stylistic preferences. His latest hit song “Superman” does not only showcase these skills but also features a raw heartfelt performance quality and a clear sound that can communicate musical ideas effectively. The chorus section for this song is also able to create a very lasting impression, with higher melodies and interesting rhythmic choices as well as an instrumental background that complements these elements perfectly.

With a consistent vocal tone quality exploring shapely singable melodies using a variety of colours as well as a very effective instrumental arrangement which constantly propels the music forward, the song is intelligently crafted and performed. Another aspect of the song which makes it feel so raw and natural is it’s ability to evoke the sensation that the music is being experienced live in concert. With changes in texture that sustain interest throughout, a balanced Country style instrumentation that keeps growing and singable melodies that form uplifting choruses, the song truly shows how great Peter Donegan’s songwriting skills truly are. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Ekaterine Music Presents DreamTaun; Contemporary Country Funk

One month after the initial release of DreamTaun, the fresh new single from Ekaterine Music and we’re still revelling in the absolute masterpiece of this sonorous sound. With its wholesome hints of Country, Americana, Electro-Pop, Funk and Ska DreamTaun has the momentum of a thousand wild horses.

The track progresses with Ska tones reverberating from the guitar with transient slips of melody from the verse to the chorus. The track has an angelic aura about it twined with the exuberance of one of the most confident women that you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to expressing herself in a midst of raucous energy. The sound dominates its sweet euphoric vibe. The vocals are as clear as glass fracturing into a thousand pieces through the rhythm of this track. Ekaterine Music is the new musical venture from visionary Moscow born singer song writer Ekartine Goglidze whose music soon caught the attention of the BBC. In 2016, she was invited to perform her original material in the live sessions. She’s a woman of astounding grace and stunning talent.

Check out her new single DreamTaun on the SoundCloud link below:

Make sure you also check out her website & social media, once you get a taste of her sound, you’re going to want to get acquainted with her.


Binky Releases Energised Country-Pop Track “Fireflies”

Binky is a young British country pop singer songwriter with a very unique tone, style and approach to music. With her extensive training in music, dance and drama Binky bridged a link between Nashville and London which truly makes her sound authentic and distinguishable from all the rest. In her song “Fireflies” she in fact projects a great outburst of energy in combination with an exciting and immersive performance that is sure to have people from different parts of the world singing along to her anthemic catchy chorus.

One of the most striking aspects in this particular song is the constant drive and energy that literally surrounds the listener with a vibrant atmosphere that is hard to ignore. Apart from this, Binky’s voice contours melodies which feature an interesting range both in the verses and in the soaring chorus. The melodies chosen are not only uplifting but also very singable and memorable. The blend between country and pop is also very striking and authentic, resulting in a song that is enjoyable for a very wide and varied audience. The sound is authentically country influenced but the melodies and energised choruses bring out the strong pop element to the forefront. With her intelligent blend of styles and characteristic vocal tone Binky is not only creating a connection between continents through music but also providing us with an uplifting sound that is surely to be recognised on the radio.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Jack Hayden’s “Do It Again” Is A Driven, Punchy & Hard-Hitting Track

Jack Hayden has everything it takes to charm the audience. Engaging presence, charisma, good looks and insane guitar chops. His brand new single, “Do It Again”, is a driven, punchy and hard-hitting track that highlights the artist’s amazing energy.

One of the best things about this song is that Jack retains his appeal and melodic sining skills, even when stomping on the accelerator to the max! This song makes me think of some of the early and best work by artists such as Nickelback or Daughtry, where great melodies seamlessly blend in with powerful guitars and gigantic rock antics.

Everything about this song is larger-than-life, making for a fun, unique and really uplifting listening experience. This is a song that will charge you up and fire up from the get go.

Jack Hayden managed to show off a lot of star power on this track, with a bold, direct and energetic feel.

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