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There She Was: Comedic rapper Soft Tommy dreams vividly of the ‘Horse Girl’

Returning with a stable music video that shows us his versatility, Soft Tommy falls for the ‘Horse Girl‘ and they seem to be a match made in braid-flicking heaven.

Soft Tommy is a new-age comedic rapper and songwriter from the Midwest, USA. He cleverly makes that type of music which is meant to be enjoyed and not taken too seriously at all.

”Spanning genres from classical power ballads to rapping, electronic dance & pop music, Soft Tommy has learned to use music as his primary language for communicating with the human race & helping spread his message of love, humor & self acceptance.” – Soft Tommy

This is a song that shows you into a mind of a shy person, who finally met someone that truly gets him and likes so much that he says. You feel that spark and the flame won’t go away, as things heat up and you feel like this could be something special, or just a fleeting moment of desire.

Horse Girl’ from the always-entertaining Soft Tommy, is a daydream to the girl that he quickly fell in love as she fell into his arms. He remembers the way that she played with her hair and this moment made his heart beat so much faster. When you meet someone that captures your attention like a Polaroid, you just picture yourself with them forever.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more song release news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Not For Long: Soft Tommy remembers the pain that hurt for a while on ‘Too Bad’

As he changes things up with a heartbreak-charged sad song about loss and how you need to move on, Soft Tommy sends us a melodramatic-filled 3rd official single, that tells us how his life has changed since a previous close one left rather quickly on ‘Too Bad‘.

Soft Tommy is a comedy electronic/pop music artist, dancing rapper & songwriter from the Internet. He makes that differently entertaining music that isn’t meant to be taken seriously, only to put smiles on faces and to you have you intrigued beyond belief.

This is the message of feeling that you need to express those hidden emotions which have been making you so glum recently. The past has you thinking deeply but you know that the road to redemption is to move past this, so you can feel like yourself again.

Too Bad‘ from the comedy music rapper and singer Soft Tommy, is an emotionally call to heal inside, as the hurt was so tough to deal with and the new perspective has begun to replenish the energies lost, so you may quickly return to previous full power. This is a sad track that is sung with so much passion and has you in a supremely reflective mood.

Watch this new video on YouTube and find out more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

“I Don’t Know What Sex Is” by comedy music act Sam & Bill

I guess the best thing you about Sam and Bill’s latest track is that it isn’t until the second verse blows wide open in all it’s weird glory that you are sure if it is a parody or not. Okay, from the start it feels a bit uncomfortable, a bit indecorous, some might say rude, but given the current pop market you really can’t tell. I mean, if the Kardashians can be reality TV icons, this could be a serious effort. In fact, even knowing that it is satire, it still out-performs much of the designed-by-committee, production line pop that floats to the surface of the charts these days.

And then it turns into a hardcore punk version of They Might be Giants…and a prog-rock musing about Wolverines…. I don’t really know what to say about that. Sam and Bill continue the traditions of The Bonzo Dog Band, Monty Python and Flight of The Conchords and have been variously described by others as  “The Sexier Simon and Garfunkel” and “Bad Motherfolkers,” make of that what you will.