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Howl in the Valley releases EP Rock Candy Sessions

Up and Coming Folk-Rock band Howl in the Valley have dropped their latest three-track collection ‘Rock Candy Sessions’.

Having a range of different instrumentation throughout each track, from the harmonica, to the calming sound of the acoustic guitar, adding in that slight tap on the tambourine.

Some elements really bring in that Folk sound however on the track ‘Driva’ that infuses the Rock element, by adding in that slighter heavier riff on the electric guitar and amping up the volume through the instrumentation. The vocals use a lot more volume, rather than the previous track which was very mellow and soothing.

The end track is definitely the one that stands out the most, you really hear the pure roar emotion that comes seeping through the vocals, as the tone is kept at a steady pace and having that rather brittle tone in places. Using the guitar as the main instrument for this one, giving it it’s own time to play the calming riffs in a short guitar solo.

Howl in the Valley has created a really mesmerising collection of stripped-back songs, it’s just them with their instruments in all their glory and it’s really impressive.

Listen to Howl in the Valley Rock Candy Sessions by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Karley Myall


Chris Garcia releases indie folk track ‘The Fantasy’

Chris Garcia may just have stumbled on the perfect template for modern pop, a way of using all its immediacy and infectiousness but retaining the integrity of the indie artist and the subtlety of the folk troubadour. Many have tried but he seems to have hit on a winning formula with The Fantasy.

Just enough coffee house folk seeps through, plenty of the modern singer-songwriter styling, enough indie vibe to keep it on a modern path and more than a touch of the pop jaunt normally associated with the likes of Jack Johnson. That is quite a lot to juggle and Chris Garcia does it elegantly and eloquently and for that he has my upmost thanks.