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Clint Cash speaks for the financially disenfranchised in his latest dark trap single, Ballin

Jackson, Tennessee-hailing hip hop artist Clint Cash has allowed music to take him from rock bottom to a place of passion and creativity. His fourth self-produced album, Cold Heart, captures much of his struggle, especially the standout single, Ballin.

The dark and atmospheric trappy beats in Ballin reflect the extreme lows that he has endured as well as the lyrics which viscerally run through relatable struggles, with a focus on the difficulty of relationships with money when you’re contending with a scarcity of it. It’s a sombre single, but the overarching energy is nothing short of vindicating for anyone that could never relate to hip hop tracks that are braggadocios about lavish excess.

Ballin is now available to stream on YouTube.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

Come Slide Through: Clint Cash brings the party bash with ‘Kung Fu’ (feat. Woo Horry)

Making sure that the nights adventures only end after 6am in the morning, Clint Cash brings the fun back on ‘Kung Fu‘ (feat. Woo Horry) on the late-night flow track to help us remember when we were wild and free like a runaway cat.

Clint Cash is a wise Jackson, Tennessee hip-hop artist/producer who has learnt the hard way in life and brings in the talented Woo Horry, to form a top team that shreds happily through their formulated verses, like they were hungry for more.

After experiencing the ups with a lot of lows inside his mind to keep him humble, you feel like this is an emcee who is only thinking of the future, as he vows never to be down again.

“I know what its like to have nothing, but as long as you have the mindset of winning you cant lose.”- Clint Cash

With wordplay venom pulsating from their strengthened armor, you feel like this could be the party of the year as they stomp down the bars with an enthusiastic beat, that has you thinking about going out again.

Kung Fu‘ (feat. Woo Horry) from Clint Cash is an ode to the future, when staying out really late will be back without too much care in the world from many. This is a catchy new single that brings the memories of the good times, flooding back to former glories.

Stream this party track on YouTube and check out his story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen