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Chloe Chadwick confronted short-fused ghosts in her captivatingly all-consuming alt-rock hit, Temper Gene

Cheshire’s most promising singer-songwriter, Chloe Chadwick, has stepped off her international touring circuit to strike sonic gold once more with her latest single, Temper Gene.

The impassioned pop-rock soundscape that delivers a captivatingly all-consuming indie-country twang digs deep into the phenomenon of falling head over heels for someone who will only inevitably keep you under the thumb with their short-fused psychopathic tendencies. How she managed to stay true to her brand of unadulteratedly passionate song crafting while exploring such a dark theme is a mystery that only lends itself to magnetism.

Her ability to spin such arrestive melodies around the maladies of the contemporary trappings of sociopathy transcends talent to paint Chadwick as one of the most seminal artists of our era. Just one hit of Temper Gene will leave you with the compulsion to lose yourself in her diverse back catalogue, which was created with a little help from world-class producers, including Chris Garcia and Kevin Dippold.

Temper Gene was officially released on August 11th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tell Me How You Feeling: Oli Ng is feeling sick as a dog on Haunted House

All outta luck and wondering where the next happy moment will be, Oli Ng tries to move far from the buzzing sound on the am-I-a-sinner-or-a-saint mystery which is slowly showing the real light on Haunted House.

Oli Ng is a Crewe, Cheshire-based indie rock singer-songwriter who has a gloriously compelling vocal ability which is matched by refreshingly honest lyrics to marvel at.

Taken off the 10-track debut album Everything Is Impossible Until It Happens, Oli Ng has brought a ray of hope for those who have grown so anxious inside a home that feels rather creepy right now. Delivering for the people and showing us this quality experience, this is a stunning track to admire for its true frankness.

Haunted House from the Crewe, Cheshire, UK-based indie rock singer-songwriter is one of those songs which is surely impossible to dislike. This is a massively unforgettable song to sweep us off our feet, and into a better room which is away from those strange noises which refused to quieten.

Moving away from the dreaded darkness and into the light, this is a must-listen in 2023.

Turn this up loud on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Close Your Eyes: Calming Chester singer-songwriter Tim Whyte feels the loving ‘Visions’ on breathtaking ballad-filled pop visuals

As he deeply imagines her sweet and loving presence close by, Tim Whyte holds on for the hope that they will be together no matter what happened before, on his spectacular new music video called ‘Visions‘.

Tim Whyte is a humble Chester, Cheshire-based solo indie-pop singer-songwriter, former band member and nature lover. He has a soothing voice that will give you shivers of delight — as he performs with a pure sound and with emotionally-charged lyrics — that might have you reaching for the tissues or pretending that something is in your eye.

He soars in the woods, looking for signs of her spirit and waiting for her to hold his hand with so much care again. The electricity fuels his mind and he wants it badly again, no matter what it does to him.

His vocal ability is so tremendous and you find yourself locked into one place, avoiding any distractions as you enjoy this terrific song that is so sad, but also fills you with hope that you may find your true love who is lost for now.

Visions‘ from the Chester-based indie-pop artist Tim Whyte, is a love story that hold you close to the dreams that you want to be a reality. You can’t stop thinking about your true love and even if it doesn’t work out, you will never forget them.

When you love someone so much, the heart will beat faster each time you think of them. Forever.

See this lovely new music video on YouTube and see his journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen