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Inspiring us through the current struggle: UK singer-songwriter Joseph Morris returns with the excellent call to support each other on ‘We’ (ft. Ironik)

Essex based Pop singer-songwriter Joseph Morris returns with his new single called ‘We’ and brings us hope in this time of need around the world. He features the quality verses of the legendary UK emcee Ironik on this track to help spread this unifying message through these dark times.

His voice bears the scars but he holds it together so admirably. The smooth vocals are such a pleasure to hear as the cold ears warm up like a hot fire burning brightly. This is singer has such soul and who makes music that actually means something. His tone is so incredible and each note seems so effortlessly delivered.

The raps are world class and the signature UK style is a blessing to this crazy year. No longer do British emcee’s look up to the rappers over the seas in the US, the opposite is true these days.

This is the passionate call to keep on trying and keeping those close to you, extra close right now. The world is wild like a raging fire right now but soon, we will be all laughing and actually enjoying life like we should. Right now we are losing but will win again if we stay united.

We’ (ft. Ironik) from Chelmsford singer songwriter Joseph Morris is a treat for the battered soul that has taken too many dust storms to the face in 2020. With a classy style, this is a track that will end up being timeless and surely in a movie or two.

Support these two quality artists on Spotify and catch Joseph on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A modern and commercial pop hit: The Vision’s ‘Right Now’

Up and coming 3-piece Essex band The Vision drop their new song Right Now, a modern and commercial pop hit that wins its place among major artists’ latest singles.

The upbeat tempo adorned by claps and dense synths widens the harmony without overfilling the structure, and produces some good dance vibes you can’t help but enjoy within the very first minute.

Beautiful pop vocals sing about diversity and acceptance, concepts we’re all sensitive to, while the seriousness of the theme provides a great contrast with the easiness of the music – all for a contagiously fresh outcome.

The Vision’s commercial style handprint must not be taken for granted, so give them some credit by listening to Right Now on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.

Alan Dreezer releases their latest artfully evocative single “What You Didn’t Say”

“What You Didn’t Say” is the artfully evocative latest single from singer-songwriter Alan Dreezer who definitely wasn’t shy about pouring a little soul into their R&B Acoustic Pop soundscape.

There’s a slightly vintage appeal to What You Didn’t Say which will throw you right back to the power of Pop in the 80s, yet, instead of listening to polyphonic synths, you get a rich, warm, and dexterous ethereal backing complete with celestially pulled strings. Additionally, nothing about What You Didn’t Say felt like assimilation, instead, it registered as a genuine offering of undiluted passion. The cathartic aural wonderment found in the instrumental arrangement was only matched by what is on offer from Alan Dreezer’s natural, deep, unflinching vocals.

What You Didn’t Say is available to check out via Alan Dreezer’s official website

Review by Amelia Vandergast