Alan Dreezer releases their latest artfully evocative single “What You Didn’t Say”

Alan Dreezer

“What You Didn’t Say” is the artfully evocative latest single from singer-songwriter Alan Dreezer who definitely wasn’t shy about pouring a little soul into their R&B Acoustic Pop soundscape.

There’s a slightly vintage appeal to What You Didn’t Say which will throw you right back to the power of Pop in the 80s, yet, instead of listening to polyphonic synths, you get a rich, warm, and dexterous ethereal backing complete with celestially pulled strings. Additionally, nothing about What You Didn’t Say felt like assimilation, instead, it registered as a genuine offering of undiluted passion. The cathartic aural wonderment found in the instrumental arrangement was only matched by what is on offer from Alan Dreezer’s natural, deep, unflinching vocals.

What You Didn’t Say is available to check out via Alan Dreezer’s official website

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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