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Charlotte Lansman grooved through the last rays of summer while celebrating new love in her jazz-soul single, Stupid Love

Charlotte Lansman delivered the definitive London jazz sound while lyrically moving away from soul cliches in her latest single, Stupid Love. The London-based, Bristol-born singer never fails to hit the sultry with a little bit of grit mark in her singles that bring elements day to day-to-day reality into luxe installations of sonic beguile; Stupid Love is far from the exception.

By evading hallmarked cliches, she was free to focus on the way we wear rose-tinted glasses to cope with the false truths and how wearing your boyfriend’s shirt to the station in the morning cloaks you in impassioned ardour and enables you to fall in love with the world of around you. It’s almost a paradox how her song crafting is completely antithetical to your average love song but reaches the pinnacle of romanticism regardless.

With Joe Rodwell in charge of the production, which sees new romance explored through laid-back grooves, retro synths, rhythmically arrestive Latin jazz beats and guitar riffs that will make the last rays of summer feel even sweeter, Stupid Love became an uplifting triumph.

Stupid Love was officially released on August 24; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Breaking those bad habits: Charlotte Lansman speaks the truth on ‘The Cage’

Charlotte Lansman returns with her sensationally projected vocals on the reflective gem called ‘The Cage‘.

London-based, Bristol-born singer-songwriter, Charlotte Lansman, fuses poetry, jazz and soul together like an experienced welder, to burn a bright light for our hearts to feel comforted by, during the never-ending lock-down that has us all going a bit mad. She brings a full-blown torch full of jazzy magnificence for this latest single and you will instantly feel in a thoughtful mood.

This is the story how you you can get into strange habits when you are in a long relationship and this can cause problems later on, even if you both didn’t mean for it to happen. You have also learnt from watching how others go about things from a young age and this can either be good or bad. Being blinkered sometimes and letting things can really bring you both down, if you don’t communicate early. Nipping things in the bud early is key but this is easier said than done, as when you really fancy someone, you want things to be natural and fun.

Her stunning melodies has you turning the lights down low and you listen so intently as her smokey-glow voice illuminates your sensual speakers. The classy jazzy feel is so wonderfully caring and you feel like singing along, her graceful energy has you swaying along with her each word. She is such an elegant performer and hits each note with a stunning tone, that shows off her vast vocal ability throughout.

The Cage‘ from London’s jazzy wonder Charlotte Lansman, is that truthful song you nod your head to due its intrinsic music value and truthful subject matter.

Learning to break these habits that bring you down in relationships is a hard balance and skill to master, To be truly happy and feel valued, it has to done otherwise you are always cheating yourself.

Stream her excellent new creation on Spotify and see more adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying to find a way out: Charlotte Lansman is at her vulnerable best on 3rd single ‘Blind’

Sometimes, falling madly in love can make you walk around with blinkers on to how it effects others. London based Bristol born singer-songwriter Charlotte Lansman is back with her latest single and this one means a lot. It’s called ‘Blind’ and finds this vivacious artist letting us into her heart for a short while.

This is the Jazzy-Blues story of a relationship that shouldn’t be happening but does anyway, as you both can’t get enough of each other. You are the secret and this is starting to really affect you as you spend most of your time waiting around. The heart wants this to continue but your head knows that the time to end this is coming closer and things are starting to unravel, slowly but surely. He loves the rush of the double life but you have grown weary and need more. Those lonely baths aren’t doing it for you anymore but for it to carry on, you don’t mind closing your eyes to hide the truth for a little bit longer.

Her voice is so crisp and elegant, the years of experience and voice training showing her class and many hours of dedication. You get the feeling that she is holding back slightly as this is a very personal story that she perhaps wrestled with about releasing. The honesty is admirable and her lyrics show you inside the door as we see the empty wine glass that should be full, next to hers.

Blind’ by London’s Charlotte Lansman is a riveting story of love that should be simple but is highly complicated. The Jazzy songstress shows her vulnerability and sings with such grace. With her new music on the way and a fledgling recording career just getting going with some big goals in place, she is a quality performer who tells it how it is. Honesty, no matter if you agree with the person or not; is always an admirable quality that is often rare in the weird world of flashy fakes and human robots.

Hear Charlotte’s music on Soundcloud, YouTube and find out more about this fascinating artist on her IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Forget Charlotte Lansman.

Kicking in with a simple piano riff and Lansman’s smoky vocal before seamlessly shifting into a full-on powerful pop ballad, ‘Never Forget’ is a smooth, poignant cry to lost love, mellow and plaintive on the verses and kick-ass catchy on the chorus, the beats and instrumentation never overshadowing Lansman’s excellent voice.

Inspired by jazz artists such as Jamie Culham, Melody Gardot, and the great Amy Winehouse, ‘Never Forget’ takes those elements and mixes them with a great pop-rock sensibility, creating a strong, passionate, and compelling track that truly deserves to be all over the radio this autumn.

You can follow Charlotte Lansman on Facebook; ‘Never Forget’ is on Soundcloud now.

Review by Alex Holmes

Sultry inspiration to enjoy nature with ‘Water’ from Charlotte Lansman

Singer-songwriter Charlotte Lansman is back with her fab debut single called ‘Water‘.

The debut single from jazzy-soul singer Charlotte Lansman. This song is about someone finding themselves in a position where they feel destitute, abandoned, alone and trapped in the emotional roller coaster of a relationship going south. Then able to find strength and peace by escaping within.

Out of the room, the building, the city, and into the quiet solitude of water. Inspired in part by a past relationship and in part by quarantine which is totally understandable. Initially feeling completely trapped, then the freedom of taking the daily hour for exercise in nature. Space to breathe and reboot the brain from this crazy world. It’s time start again and learn from before.

Water‘ from Charlotte Lansman who tingles the air with this song that is so beautiful. I love her voice and this is a song that was made with so much care and heart. This is the type of music that I wish got more love. For us to be fully happy inside, we need to experience being in water for healing. Water heals all wounds. Dust off those goggles.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen