Breaking those bad habits: Charlotte Lansman speaks the truth on ‘The Cage’

Charlotte Lansman returns with her sensationally projected vocals on the reflective gem called ‘The Cage‘.

London-based, Bristol-born singer-songwriter, Charlotte Lansman, fuses poetry, jazz and soul together like an experienced welder, to burn a bright light for our hearts to feel comforted by, during the never-ending lock-down that has us all going a bit mad. She brings a full-blown torch full of jazzy magnificence for this latest single and you will instantly feel in a thoughtful mood.

This is the story how you you can get into strange habits when you are in a long relationship and this can cause problems later on, even if you both didn’t mean for it to happen. You have also learnt from watching how others go about things from a young age and this can either be good or bad. Being blinkered sometimes and letting things can really bring you both down, if you don’t communicate early. Nipping things in the bud early is key but this is easier said than done, as when you really fancy someone, you want things to be natural and fun.

Her stunning melodies has you turning the lights down low and you listen so intently as her smokey-glow voice illuminates your sensual speakers. The classy jazzy feel is so wonderfully caring and you feel like singing along, her graceful energy has you swaying along with her each word. She is such an elegant performer and hits each note with a stunning tone, that shows off her vast vocal ability throughout.

The Cage‘ from London’s jazzy wonder Charlotte Lansman, is that truthful song you nod your head to due its intrinsic music value and truthful subject matter.

Learning to break these habits that bring you down in relationships is a hard balance and skill to master, To be truly happy and feel valued, it has to done otherwise you are always cheating yourself.

Stream her excellent new creation on Spotify and see more adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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