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#Pluto is incredible on his smooth house single ‘Change’

A powerful house beat to wet all appetites is the order of the day here with #Pluto’sChange‘.

This young Producer outta Wisconsin in the USA, loves making music and also helps other indie artists with their audio engineering service needs.

House, Neo-soul, Lofi, Boombap, Alternative, Trap, Rap and Electronic music is the usual style for this talented producer but he is open to all genres. This kind of attitude is a guiding light in the music world where most of the time, people don’t work together.

After two years away from the game, #Pluto is reset and the break away did him the world of good. Sometimes you just need a little break to get that passion back, you need a new perspective and to reboot is the key to life.

With a busting beat that is smokey cool, the style gets you in the mood and this is perfect for the weekend. #Pluto is fantastic on ‘Change‘. This is a producer with a huge passion for music and change is imminent. The production is scrumptious and you will want to play this again and again.

Click here for the music link.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Sick, Tired & Done from Jazzmensoul is the story of suffering and the time is now for change

Sick, Tired & Done‘ from Jazzmensoul is the story of suffering and the time is now for change in the USA with all the terrific losses of life due to the police. This is a message that hits home.

The message here is: ”This song is born out of a consistency of brutal contempt for the lives of people of color by a nation that we have built and fought in numerous wars for, while under duress”.

Jazzmensoul and his team have sent through a deep song here that is so well-needed in this shocking time. Too many people of color have lots their lives and the lies have finally caught up to the small-minded authorities out there. Of course there are police that do a great job but for too long, deaths have occurred due to lack of care. Going overboard with petty arrests and hurting people that causes death, must end.

Sick, Tired & Done‘ from Jazzmensoul, PahPah Mike, Christopher Lowry, Gene Torres, Camille Gainer Jones, Gordon Jones and Kevin Blackler is such a vital song to spread this vital message. People are sick and tired and hopefully this cause is successful. The sooner the better.

Click here for the YouTube page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


J Money drops one of the best reflective Hip Hop tracks of 2020 with ”Change”

You always gotta be looking forward and not back. The world is a complete enigma and we are still trying to figure it all out. You feel trapped inside and lust for the good times. Many regrets and worrying stuff about that already happening that you can’t change. This can clog the thoughts and cause unnecessary stress. How do you escape?

Change’‘ is the new track from new artist J Money and it’s nosed in like a hungry mouse that has just smelt some of that good cheese. This 3 minute 12 second gem has just swirled in my ears like a slide at the water park. My mood is rejuvenated and there are only smiles. The beat is laid-back with plenty of soul. I reminisce about those good times with friends, cruising around doing nothing but together. People change or is it us escaping from the norm?

J Money is an artist with massive potential here after sending this mellow masterpiece to us with guitar vibes to think about. The world is crazy right now and this peaceful Hip Hop track is well-welcome due to it’s honest lyrics and soul-changing energy.

Stream this song via Soundcloud now and turn it up.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen