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Pablo Laguna exposed the shadow side of neo-classical electronica in ‘Apnoea’

Madrid’s most striking composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Pablo Laguna, built on the foundation laid by the release of his 2019 debut album, Gradus Ad  Delirium, by unleashing his unnervingly commanding album, Is Not the Land, featuring the standout instrumental score, Apnoea. The haunting sonic narrative is a compelling dive into the depths of contemporary experimental music.

Born from the mind of a composer who seamlessly blends classical training with a punk ethos, Apnoea is a masterful fusion of neo-classical orchestral strings with unsettling electronic elements.

The disquietingly arrestive soundscape is far from the conventional cinematic neo-classical path; the horror elements are beyond Lynchian as they almost veer into baroque electronic folk territory. The synths quiver and shake as much as the electronic aesthetics to deliver a poignant reflection of our tumultuous times. Even with the jarring elements in this shadow side of neo-classical electronica, you can’t help but be hypnotised by the arcanely nefarious atmosphere.

Stream Pablo Laguna’s LP, Is Not the Land, in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The World Doesn’t Make Sense: Brian Berggoetz Band feels the wicked frustration on It’s Gonna Rain

After blessing us with an incredible interview recently, Brian Berggoetz Band is rather lonely and wants to feel the fresh water drizzle all over his tired body with the thunderbolt that is, It’s Gonna Rain.

Brian Berggoetz Band is an Arizona-based alternative artist who loves to fuse in Americana and certainly keeps it sentimental and is quite simply excellent in delivery.

My sound is a combination of Dave Matthews and Bruce Springsteen. On the new EP, Familiar Sounds there is a touch of the Moody Blues as well. Recently I have been playing with a cello and violin players and that project found it’s way on to the album. There’s an orchestral rock song as well as a straight orchestral piece I did with some help from the Tucson Symphony. I’m very happy with those two pieces.” ~ Brian Berggoetz Band

Blessing all wary hearts with a rather special single to get excited about, Brian Berggoetz Band rips through the carpet and shall be that entertaining act who isn’t afraid to tell us the truth no matter what. This is epic stuff from the desert residing underground legend.

It’s Gonna Rain from Arizona-based alternative artist Brian Berggoetz Band is a booming song to turn up loud and proud when everything seems to be shattering beyond belief. Stunning all veins with a superbly lit performance for the masses to enjoy who love it loud, we are thrilled to the core by this heartbeat of a soundtrack to believe in.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Elisa Winter – Summer Spent Dreaming: orchestrally apocalyptic post-grunge resonance

While many artists desperately wrestled with their creativity during the first lockdown only to reveal trite lyricism the performer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and baroquely phenomenal recording artist, Elisa Winter foresaw the new normal before the modern plague was on our door.

Finally, her debut album, Summer and Smoke, which was officially released on Summer Solstice 2022, is here to spill orchestrally apocalyptic post-grunge resonance. The LP tracks across the tensions between truth, reality and gaslighting, with the engrossingly stunning highlight, Summer Spent Dreaming.

Lush yet tumultuous. Visceral yet encompassing the detachment we all felt in some capacity, Summer Spent Dreaming is the most authentic aural depiction of the frustration and entropy I’ve heard yet.

Everything changed, in a way it is almost impossible to put in words. I say almost because Elisa Winter discernibly succeeded with “speak to me please, what has happened to you? Searching for you in your eyes, you won’t let me in.” There’s been a disconnect that we’ve kept our heads in the sand about. Thankfully, Elisa Winter is here to vindicate the confusion in our alien relationship with reality and each other.

Elisa Winter’s latest album, Summer and Smoke, is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


‘Sweet Dreams’ Re-imagined: Exciting duo Sonophonix put their own blend on a classic with supremely satisfying results

Sweet Dreams‘ Re-imagined: Exciting duo Sonophonix put their own blend on a classic with supremely satisfying results as they are two such talented musicians. Form is temporary and class is permanent- these two incredible artists have created something so stunning here for us in the fire of 2020 that cools the airs and helps with the global anxiety.

Cellist Xue was born in Beijing, China and is now New York based where she works with various indie acts. After learning the piano aged 4, she moved onto the cello when she was only 9 years old.

Deborah is the pianist here and is from Salem, Oregon but now based in New York City too. She also started playing piano when she was just 4 years old and you can feel the quality here.

This is a beautiful expression of music without words and the stunning soundscape is a blessing to our tired souls. The exciting duo are two inspiring women that use their skills to make such amazing music.

‘We combined electronic elements and a touch of vocals to compliment the piano and cello.’- Sonophonix

This is an underrated duo that deserve more love and Sonophonix have been careful to put their own spin on such a classic song. Sometimes covers can sound clunky or too similar to the original. Not on this occasion. I feel so relaxed after listening to this and you will too.

With years of practice on different instruments, you can feel that these two talented musicians are in their element here and the results are marvelous. The goal of creating an atmospheric sound palette has certainly been achieved.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Head through to the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cagework – Mould: The Ghost of Cello Rock


Cagework was born as the musical project of Samuel Bedford after being conceived in the cello rock aficionado’s bedroom. His humbly dramatic sound is reverberating through the streets of South East London as underground revellers are all too eager to drink in the eclectic sound which he creates. Working through his back catalogue was an audiophiles treat, yet nothing stood out more than Mould.

Cagework’s debut track is a quaint, resonant mix, with a Shoegaze Indie styling, that sounds as though it were born through the 90’s penchant for reverberated guitars and stifled vocals. Mould is an atmospherically haunting mix, dubbed with some silliness that will quite literally take your breath away.

Coming across an artist that doesn’t take itself too seriously is a pretty hard accomplishment to achieve these days. Yet the London based Singer Songwriter seems to master the ability with ubiquitous ease tackling a Sonic Youth style silliness in some of his tracks. Other tracks flow with a prominent cello domination to give his sound a more orchestral and harrowing sound.

Check out Mould, along with Cagework’s other tracks by using the BandCamp link below:

Stay up to date with live shows and more releases on the Facebook page below.