Lots of love and soul: Tomboxe drops debut album ‘Does the Andrien’

New singer-songwriter Tomboxe sings with such love and meaning via his debut nine track full album called ‘Does the Andrien‘.

Tomboxe is a British-Nigerian musician who is so honest on this release as love for yourself, fear or love, love for the world and feeling lost in love sometimes, are all covered here. This is a man who is totally in touch to what is going on in the world with relationships, and speaks the truth here on was he sees and feels.

His voice rises about the rest as you can feel that he is a self-aware singer with a style that is unlike others. With a voice that was born due to being a big Justin Timberlake fan growing up, he hasn’t stopped to look in the mirror and is only ever evolving.

The high notes that he is able to reach is quite spectacular and its never too overbearing at all. The different R&B//Soul/Pop styles are all connected as the flow of the album is a well-made mix, that will have you dimming the lights and holding your lover so tight.

Particular highlights are without doubt’ Ode To The Dawn‘, ‘That Wont’ Do‘, ‘In The Darkness‘ and ‘It Is You‘. It feels like there is an extra edge here and these songs are made with a personal touch. This feels like music that has been carefully planned out and the love is so clear to hear.

Does the Andrien‘ from the soulfully genuine British-Nigerian singer-songwriter/poet Tomboxe is up there as one of the more impressive albums of the year. With a voice that amazes and with authentic lyrics, this is an R&B release to take note of.

Stream this love story via Spotify and find out more on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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