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Trying to find a way out: Charlotte Lansman is at her vulnerable best on 3rd single ‘Blind’

Sometimes, falling madly in love can make you walk around with blinkers on to how it effects others. London based Bristol born singer-songwriter Charlotte Lansman is back with her latest single and this one means a lot. It’s called ‘Blind’ and finds this vivacious artist letting us into her heart for a short while.

This is the Jazzy-Blues story of a relationship that shouldn’t be happening but does anyway, as you both can’t get enough of each other. You are the secret and this is starting to really affect you as you spend most of your time waiting around. The heart wants this to continue but your head knows that the time to end this is coming closer and things are starting to unravel, slowly but surely. He loves the rush of the double life but you have grown weary and need more. Those lonely baths aren’t doing it for you anymore but for it to carry on, you don’t mind closing your eyes to hide the truth for a little bit longer.

Her voice is so crisp and elegant, the years of experience and voice training showing her class and many hours of dedication. You get the feeling that she is holding back slightly as this is a very personal story that she perhaps wrestled with about releasing. The honesty is admirable and her lyrics show you inside the door as we see the empty wine glass that should be full, next to hers.

Blind’ by London’s Charlotte Lansman is a riveting story of love that should be simple but is highly complicated. The Jazzy songstress shows her vulnerability and sings with such grace. With her new music on the way and a fledgling recording career just getting going with some big goals in place, she is a quality performer who tells it how it is. Honesty, no matter if you agree with the person or not; is always an admirable quality that is often rare in the weird world of flashy fakes and human robots.

Hear Charlotte’s music on Soundcloud, YouTube and find out more about this fascinating artist on her IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A wonderland of sounds to dance to: South London multi-genre outfit Joe the Lion drop double A-side single ‘Fashion/Machine’

Joe the Lion from South London are back with more top class music on ‘Fashion/Machine‘. They are the band that are so nice, they put out two songs at once. With a blues guitarist, rock bassist, jazz saxophonist and hip-hop drummer all meshing their influences into one melting pot, that produces a tasty meal that will definitely fill up your empty stomach.

His voice strolls in casually like a Sunday afternoon as he is backed up by a sound that is rich in variety and so much soul you might blush so much. This is carefully crafted and polished music for the proper fan who appreciates the electric mix of memories this type of sound brings out.

The solos are quite brilliant and it’s easy to forget your mind map and get lost here as you gaze at the stars and wonder why this kind of music isn’t loved more. You smile and chuckle to yourself and remember that great taste in music is something you are born with.

Both of these songs are excellent, however ‘Machine’ might just edge it like a Joe Root cover drive to the boundary. The extra oomph blusters through the speakers as the band take over and grab the vocals with them.

This is a hot plate of goodness for the soul. Joe the Lion bring us ‘Fashion/Machine‘, a double decker of sonic explosion for the ears that we all need right now.

Listen on Spotify for the South London’s band latest track and see when they are live again via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The bluesy comedown: ‘Trouble in Paradise’ from Salvador Mundi is a terrific listen

With a summer daze and bluesy wonder kind of feel, this is a song that needs to be appreciated. This exciting two-piece act called Salvador Mundi and they are here with new track ‘Trouble in Paradise‘- a song that will bring back some memories for you.

A band that have the power to make you follow them, this is something rather fascinating. The vocals take you to another place and the riveting guitar melodies make you wonder about life and what it all means. This is a fresh song that is so tasty for our hungry souls, the chorus gets you in the mood real fast and you feel in an instantly better mood. This is the power of top class music.

Trouble in Paradise‘ from Salvador Mundi is a gritty Blues-Rock journey that feels like you are in a beat-up car with your best friends. The party was so much fun but now things are super hazy and you want to feel normal again but for some reason, you are staying in this dusty zone.

For fans of bands like The Black Keys, you will love this and your feet will be tapping all the way through this new single. This is a song that is sweaty and oozes so much quality, you might need to be sitting down for this one.

Click here for the Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The Bigst Hands – Catch a Fist: Dive Bar Delta Blues

With slight gothic hues lingering in Americana Blues Folk sound, The Bigst Hands’ latest single Catch a Fist is as delectably dark as it is soulfully soothing. Any fans of Kurt Vile will definitely want to delve into the Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based artist’s Delta Blues sound.

The despondently sultry release will stick with you for long after it has faded to a close – especially considering that the track contains one of the most hauntingly cutting Blues guitar solos I’ve potentially ever heard. The Bigst Hands has a way of allowing you to feel like he’s playing the notes on your heartstrings.

The brashly booming drums, phantasmic quivers of the slide guitar and seductive melancholy offered vocally make Catch a Fist and unforgettable track. If Bukowski was still around, I could imagine he’d be an ardent fan of The Bigst Hands and their explorative lyrical style which makes no bones about dissecting the human condition – warts and wall.

You can check out Catch a Fist for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Dylan Koski – I’ve Got Mine: Scorching Guitar-Driven Modern Rock

From the four-tracker “Sour Milk and Cigarettes”, Dylan Koski’s “I’ve Got Mine” is a modern, searing, scorching guitar-driven rock track which easily showcases Koski’s virtuoso guitar skills alongside his bourbon-burned vocals. With a guitar tone to die for, reminiscent of Santana and Rory Gallagher, rich in old-school ‘woman tone’, the guitar perfectly compliments Koski’s unique lyrical take on the ‘old school love song’.

Featuring Brandon Pettiford on drums and Tony Harpon on bass, and recorded at Sonic Lounge Studios, “I’ve Got Mine” is the absolute real deal of a track – Driving and powerful, modern yet familiar, slick and stylish, riff-driven yet with real songwriting style, “I’ve Got Mine” is an absolute stormer of a song.

Check out the “Sour Milk and Cigarettes” EP on Spotify, and the “I’ve Got Mine” video on YouTube.

Review by Alex Holmes


Embrace the ferocity in Miss Emily’s fiercely tantalising Blues track “The Sellout”

Need a live music Fix? Sensationally talented award-winning Blues artist Miss Emily has treated her ardent fans to a live rendition to one of her most soulfully imploring singles, The Sellout.

Finding artists with a voice which crawls under your skin and into your soul is no easy feat, but it is hard to ignore Miss Emily and the evocatively ethereal tones which she can command as she verses the scathingly alluring vocals. The passion and level of conviction in her projection of the pitch-perfect notes allows the empowered vibes to stay with you long after the track has faded to a quiescent close.

If someone took you by the shoulders and attempted to shake the naivety out of you, the effect would be less visceral than if you hit play on The Sellout. Her band leave plenty of room for her vocals to utterly dominate the track, but you’ll still get to drink in plenty of rhythmically enticing alchemy which bleeds through the smooth blues grooves.

You can check out the video of Miss Emily performing Live at the Isabel by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast  


C. Moore Music mashes up the Alt 90s sound with “Knockin’ Around”

NYC Folk Punk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist C. Moore Music left us instantly enamoured with their genre-mashing single ‘Knockin’ Around’ which featured on their 11th solo record ‘Unruly’.

He may be a prolific artist, but Knockin Around proves that quantity never comes before quality by boasting transfixingly arrestive hooks right from the intro. The dynamic soundscape may see many of evolutions as it progresses, but your attention will never be in danger of faltering from the grungy almost tribalistic momentum which ebbs and flows in this stunningly crafted single.

With a vocal vibrato which would give Eddie Vedder a run for his money and a freshly sonic smorgasbord of Psych, Blues and Folk on offer instrumentally, Knockin’ Around doesn’t just revive what previous artists allowed us to fall in love with. He brings nostalgic aural elements into a contemporary realm with his own signature sound which will be a hit with any fans of Dinosaur Jr, Pavement and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

You can check out C. Moore Music’s single Knockin’ Around via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sun Lite has dropped their Psychedelically Entrancing Cold Wave single “M.O.T.H.E.R.”

Belgian solo artist Sun Lite is here with their mesmeric era and genre-blending single “M.O.T.H.E.R.” Hit play and prepare to fall down the entrancing rabbit hole which was dug out with elements of Blues, 60’s Psych, Funk and EDM.

It transcends stunning. It’s an aural exhibition of harrow orchestrated with nothing more than a laptop, a keyboard, an acoustic guitar and Sun Lite’s intensely phantasmal vocals which are sure to be a hit with any fans of The Chameleons and Peter Murphy.

With hints of tribalism, your rhythmic pulses will be efficaciously arrested by the soundscape which leaves plenty of room for mind-warping experimentalism.

In short, M.O.T.H.E.R. is an obsession-worthy track for any staunch fans of psychedelia. Unlike so many Psychedelically-inspired artists, it’s more than just an ode to the past. The darkness which crawls through the single will stay with you for long after the psychedelic cold wave single has faded to a close.

You can check it out for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Nathan Fox sends a siren call with their intoxicatingly bluesy Alt Pop single “Trouble”

Nathan Fox

If we still believed that exceptional artists sold their soul to the devil in exchange for their talent, we’d be making that very same accusation about up and coming singer-songwriter and instrumentalist Nathan Fox.

Trouble” is their forthcoming intoxicating feat of Alt-Pop which puts Alex Turner’s attempt to be bluesy and cool to shame.

The atmospheric alchemy which comes from the collision between the funk-led arrangement and Nathan Fox’s harmonically raspy vocals is unparalleled from anything else I’ve heard before. I’m pretty sure it will be the same for anyone else that hits play on this trailblazingly ingenious record.

Trouble will be available to stream via all major streaming platforms from October 9th. In the meantime, you can check out their former tracks on their website and keep up to date with news of the release via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The Be Colony – Free at Last: Mellifluously Ascension-Aiding Rock

There are few things sweeter than freedom, one of them is the seminal single by up and coming Alt Folk Rock trailblazers The Be Colony.

Free at Last has a mellifluously ascension-aiding feel which is perfectly paired with the enlightened lyricism which will allow you to melt into your own introspection. The shimmering choral tones give Free at Last a celestial and psychedelic vibe as the Old School Alt Folk Blues instrumentals chime and groove through the progressions. As the track evolves, the band’s virtuosic skill starts to shine even brighter as the intricate solos leave you transfixed in pure soulful alchemy.

You can check out The Be Colony’s standout track Free at Last by heading over to YouTube

Review by Amelia Vandergast