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The Lake Awaits Us: Chicago’s Treneti ignites our hidden flames with ‘Fast Drive On LSD’

Taken off her brand new 10-track album release called ‘A Fertile Nile‘, Treneti captures our awareness sharply on the ear-warming single all about having a ride you won’t quickly forget on the body-tingling ‘Fast Drive On LSD‘.

Treneti Brown aka Treneti is a multi-skilled Chicago, USA-based vocalist, bassist, indie electronic music producer, professional dancer, singer-songwriter, and is known worldwide for her outstanding work in regenerative arts.

Treneti infuses a deep understanding of the importance of embodiment, self-introspection, and healing frequencies into her music. Treneti believes the rhythms and melodies of our ancestors are stored within our DNA. In her song composition process, she engages with this remembrance, bringing forth a truly unique emanation of the sacred ancient nomadic and celestial essence of humanity.” ~ Treneti

With a soothing voice that has your valuable mind feeling so much more comfortable than before you pressed play, Treneti is quite scintillating here on a track that has so much magnetic attraction. This is a consciousness-calming experience like no other, as we are let into a whole new way of thinking from a true visionary who is only just getting started.

Fast Drive On LSD‘ from the soulfully-stimulating Chicago, USA-based music producer, artist, and elegant dancer Treneti, is that spellbinding song with luscious vocals you have only dreamed of before. With her calming 420-friendly energy that transmits only peace and love, this is a mind-soaring effort that takes you into a more elevated place than before.

Life is all about advancing spiritually, after all, to lift yourself away from anything holding you back.

Hear this nourishing new single on her Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Things I’m Told: London’s djamesk13 knows that things aren’t the same as before on ‘This Is The End’

With the entrance bolted shut and the freezing cold wind surging all over his frosty body, djamesk13 wonders what happened to the partner he fell in love with all those years ago on ‘This Is The End‘.

djamesk13 aka David Kemp is a London, UK-based bassist and indie-rock singer-songwriter, who has been so invigorated to make music during these pandemic-fueled times.

I`m just making, creating music when I can, started late last year during Lockdown, just trying to improve, got loads of ideas.” ~ djamesk13

djamesk13 displays his sharp mind and growing inspiration to keep busy intellectually during these depressing times with a sturdy effort filled with much-promise and smartly-pencilled lyrics. He drops a relevant single about a memory of that person who swept you off your feet, who has gone cold like a winters morning in the depths of a Siberian winter.

This Is The End‘ from the London, UK-based indie-rock solo artist and bassist djamesk13, is that sad story about when the passion ends and the door slams behind you forever. The love was so strong for a long time but now but the taste has started to go off like mouldy bread and you know it’s time to toast the good times and move on. Performed with a raw edge that shows a man exploring his sound to get it just right, this is a top effort that has you feeling in a romantically reflective mood.

Hear his new creation on Soundcloud and see more of his vision on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Newborn Stranger: Austin’s Alex Wilson desires that cheeky company on ‘Young Lust’

Is There Anybody Out There? by Alex Wilson

Taken off his highly-ambitious and awe-inspiring 26-track album called ‘Is There Anybody Out There?‘, Alex Wilson is quite outstanding on his brand new single about trying to find that special woman to be romantic with on ‘Young Lust‘.

Alex Wilson is an Austin, Texas-based industrial funk/rock bassist, songwriter, and music producer who makes that raw type of music creation that has you listening twice.

Alex (Wilky) Wilson brings a variety of influences from Peter Gabriel to Pink Floyd to Daft Punk to Metallica to Prince.” ~ Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson unquestionably has an impressively trimmed beard. He shapes through this track like an old pro too as no shaving cream is required, with a rugged display of guitar playing that will have you buying this man a drink from the bar.

Young Lust‘ from the Austin, Texas-based industrial funk/rock bassist, songwriter, and music producer Alex Wilson, shows us his music love potion that is rather enticing on the ears and has you wondering if that girl came around last night. His bass-bending skills are rather superhero-like – and there is much to admire – about an artist who just lets it rip and leaves it all on the line. This is that old school feel that the world needs more of in its overly-sensitive veins.

Hear this fresh new single on Bandcamp and see more news on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Daniel Ben Mortiz lets the rhythm blossom in his latest jazz-funk soundscape, Beso Solar.

Jazz musician, composer and producer, Daniel Ben Mortiz released his latest single, Beso Solar, on September 30th; while the blissful tones induce you into a state of entrancement, the complex time signatures in the organic, almost primal soundscape have the opposite effect as they affirm that your rhythmic pulses are well and truly at the command of Mortiz and his unpredictably arresting progressions.

What starts as a lofty and meditative soundscape transgresses into a bassline-driven feat of improvised jazz and funk alchemy that won’t fail to leave your consciousness entirely consumed.

Beso Solar is now available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ode To The 80’s: EDM producer NiraN drops the epic bass groove on ‘A Night In Vice’

Featuring a wonderfully old school big drum percussion and a shake-your-body soundscape to you get into the mood, NiraN takes us back to a much simpler time on ‘A Night In Vice‘.

NiraN is the solo project of worldly experienced EDM producer/musician Farhan Saleem. He makes that supremely taste-filled ambient, deep house and chill type of music, that has you reaching for those shades and cold beverage to enjoy his busty beats.

Having lived in different parts of the globe, I have always listened to, been inspired by / and tried to incorporate music and inspiration from all over the world in my music”. – NiraN

The thumping beat transforms your mind and takes you to a new place that you perhaps wanted to go, but didn’t quite get to. The consistent bass and glassy-feel has you feeling re-energized and full of life again. The song slows down beautifully in the middle – as the warping energy sinks your doubts away into the quick-sand below, and takes you to a happy planet far away from the current madness.

A Night In Vice‘ from the talented globetrotting EDM artist, bassist and guitarist NiraN, brings us back to a place where things were alive and a night out must of been something you never could forget. The mood is lit with possibilities here, and this is a real beach party must-have when things in this crazy world, go back to almost-normal again.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more via IG

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That special light: Mike Hall Bass adds his own ambiance to classic single on ‘Owl City-Fireflies (Solo Bass Cover)’

Featuring a lovely lo-fi feel that has your whole body tingling in joy, Mike Hall Bass returns with his fantastic ‘Owl City-Fireflies (Solo Bass Cover)’.

Mike Hall Bass is a charismatic New Jersey-based bassist, with a world class style who has worked with and played alongside some of the best bands in the world. His class is for all to hear on this brand new single that helps calms down our busy mind, his chilled out version has you tapping your feet and remembering fondly, when you heard this well-known song all over the radio.

He adds a soothing element to this all-time classic track and eagerly takes us for a mellow ride through the soothing bass melody he has lovingly created. The harmonics are easy on the ear and he strides in with a carefully crafted gem, that is a delight to listen to.

Owl City-Fireflies (Solo Bass Cover)’ from the lovable New Jersey bassist Mike Hall Bass, is a wondrous effort from a quality guitarist, who leaves a lasting impression on a top song that he has truly made his own.

Hear this soothing song on Soundcloud and see more about him on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Keeping it real: Scottish songwriter/bassist Realer blocks out the noise to ‘Stay Rad’

Realer urges us all to stay cool and do what we can in order to stay sane during these wild times on the bass-driven music video for ‘Stay Rad‘.

Ricky Cocozza aka Realer is a self-motivated Glenrothes, Scotland-based indie-pop singer-songwriter and bassist who has taken it on himself to create music and not rely on anyone else. He is on a path to learning new skills each day and his drive and determination is rather inspiring.

With a massive 80’s and modern synth-pop feel grabbing your heart and with bass guitar melodies to make you look twice, combined with an honest touch of realness; there is so much to love on this catchy new single.

His lyrics about YouTube addiction, getting wrapped up for a while in the news and not living in fear, strikes a chord in your mind and you finding yourself nodding your head in agreement.

This is a song you can groove to and have a laugh at the same time. He doesn’t take himself overly serious and this is a relief to the senses and the fun lyrics combined with a positive attitude, is exactly what the world needs more of. With a vibrant voice and a funky bass together intertwined, this is an artist that drops the truth mic on the ground to much applause.

Stay Rad‘ from Scottish bassist/singer-songwriter Realer is a true story of how we need to keep it together, stay creative and distract the wondering mind from all the nonsense around. Keeping your mind sane is the number one priority and having a bit of fun while reaching your goals helps your mindset too.

Support this talented musician on YouTube, hear more on Bandcamp and see his journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pablo Ojeda’s latest single “Greasy” oozes contemporary Funk appeal

Funk Bassist Pablo Ojeda released their 6-track EP Gotta Move on July 17th. While each of the instrumental tracks is sure to be a hit with any fans of Jazz Funk, the perfect introduction to their almost impossibly smooth style is “Greasy”.

Greasy may seem like a strange choice for a bass-led Jazz Funk mix, but once you’re half-way through, you’ll notice that your consciousness has already been consumed by the mesmeric unpredictable progressions which in true Jazz style, throw time signatures out of the window.

There may be plenty of nostalgia to be found in Greasy, but there’s no disputing that it’s a modernistic soundscape which oozes contemporary Funk appeal. Get it in your ears.

You can check out Pablo Ojeda’s single Greasy for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast