That special light: Mike Hall Bass adds his own ambiance to classic single on ‘Owl City-Fireflies (Solo Bass Cover)’

Featuring a lovely lo-fi feel that has your whole body tingling in joy, Mike Hall Bass returns with his fantastic ‘Owl City-Fireflies (Solo Bass Cover)’.

Mike Hall Bass is a charismatic New Jersey-based bassist, with a world class style who has worked with and played alongside some of the best bands in the world. His class is for all to hear on this brand new single that helps calms down our busy mind, his chilled out version has you tapping your feet and remembering fondly, when you heard this well-known song all over the radio.

He adds a soothing element to this all-time classic track and eagerly takes us for a mellow ride through the soothing bass melody he has lovingly created. The harmonics are easy on the ear and he strides in with a carefully crafted gem, that is a delight to listen to.

Owl City-Fireflies (Solo Bass Cover)’ from the lovable New Jersey bassist Mike Hall Bass, is a wondrous effort from a quality guitarist, who leaves a lasting impression on a top song that he has truly made his own.

Hear this soothing song on Soundcloud and see more about him on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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