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This Is My Story: Underground Sydney rapper 1FIVE8 opens the book up on his life with ‘Storytelling’

As he raps with an ode to the past and a look to future successes, 1FIVE8 flows with an introspective style as he opens up the door to what he is feeling about all the enthralling adventures with ‘Storytelling‘.

1FIVE8 aka The Kid, is a gritty Sydney, Australia hip-hop artist and music producer. He makes a sterling blend of raw rhymes and mixes it with well-executed beats, that has your heart beating rather quicker than before.

Using music and writing to tell his story and the struggles he faced with mental illness growing up.” ~ 1FIVE8

He raps with a real underrated flair and keeps things hardcore the whole way through without the corny fluff – as he cooks us up the story of his life – while fighting for everything that he has earned. Featuring that no-nonsense approach and filled with fiery bars that would break most soft rappers in half, this is a thrilling ride from the beginning to the end.

Storytelling‘ from the rugged Australian music producer and rapper 1FIVE8, is a strong-willed track from a man who is clearly on a mission. He raps with an underground style and lets it be known that he sees himself at the top soon – no matter what happened in the past – which threatened to derail all his most well-intended plans.

Telling the world your real story, is the only way to connect to those who feel the same.

Check out this new music video on YouTube and find out more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘All Night Long’ from groovy Australian MMM Watermelon ft R.E.N. is worth turning up

All Night Long‘ from groovy Australian MMM Watermelon ft R.E.N. is worth turning up real loud. This is the party anthem of the year.

Based in Sydney in peaceful Australia, MMM Watermelon is a DJ first and foremost. While bringing his unique fast paced mixing style full of turntable trickery to the table, he has recently turned his hand to house music but always with a distinctive MMM Watermelon twist. Chicago-based Collaborator R.E.N injects his music with social wit and perception blending his charisma, innovative artistry, and signature sensibility to forge his own definitive sound. This is the kind of music that makes you listen twice. The scratches in the loops keep the song fresh and so fine.

After producing the perfect beat, MMM Watermelon called in R.E.N. to build a rhyme over the top. ‘All Night Long‘ is an energetic house track that revolves around the love of being out all night long, a sentiment that is sure to resonate with listeners. We all want this and can’t wait for it to happen again.

All Night Long‘ from Australian MMM Watermelon ft R.E.N takes you on a night filled journey wherever you are in the world and that is the point of the song. This is a road-trip kind of feel, life is good and no one is thinking about the current world of 2020. This is one to listen to when you are keen to go out or cruising in the car on the way out.

Head through to Spotify page.

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Australian rapper Rivilin rips on emotion-charged ‘I Am Nothing’

The Australian rapper Rivilin comes through charging with emotion on the new Hip Hop laced single called ‘I Am Nothing‘.

This is all about being with someone you really care for, things are great at first. However for whatever reason, things haven’t worked out and now it’s over. You thought that this would be different but its turned out just like before. In heartbreak. The raging raw emotion is something to behold here as we have vocals that are so fiery and raps that tell the whole story. You now think that that person hates you as they are cold towards you now. Then you are together again but you know that she doesn’t want you in the bed when she wakes up. Things are messy now and you need to work out what to do.

I Am Nothing‘ from Rivilin is a wild ride into the emotion of a relationship that goes up and down, it’s fun and emotional but so tough to work out. This is a new school Hip Hop track with trap-filled influences that fire in with passionate vocals and lyrics. The young Australian artist has brought out a top track and the video is terrific.

Click here for the YouTube link.

Here is the Spotify page for more.

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Australian singer-songwriter and cat lover Zellda sings with such beauty on ‘Like You Do’

Zellda brings us a ray of sunshine on the love-sprinkled new release ‘Like You Do‘.

Like You Do‘ is the second single from Western Australian singer songwriter Zellda. This is a superb music melody that captures the fear and excitement that begins when finding a new love. In Zellda’s folk-inspired tone, ‘Like You Do‘ is a raw and honest account of the self-talk that comes into play when wrestling with the emotions of wanting to dive head first into something new but also holding back to avoid potential heartbreak.

‘My few steps back into the dating pool were misguided, feeling that familiar flicker begin to spark only to be let down’. After a decade of writing songs, Zellda decided to let her creations wander beyond the walls of her bedroom, launching her debut single ‘When I Was Younger‘ in 2019.

Like You Do‘ re-imagines the love song, refreshing “butterflies in the stomach” by adding a depth and compassionate relevance to the idiom and capturing within this endearing single.

I love how honest this song is and it is sung with such beauty. After telling herself that she would be alone with her cat forever, things changed and I’m so glad that she found love. A very passionate lover too. The lyrics are real and the story is so lovely, this is a singer with heart and soul.

Like You Do‘ from Zellda is one of the cutest songs you will hear all year. From being alone to being happy just like that. Life changes quickly sometimes and we are just here for the ride.

Click here for the Spotify page.

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Australian producer Ian Chamberlain mixes it up with ”No Signal Remix”

In life there comes a time when there is no signal. You try and tune in correctly but there is nothing there. To rise above you have to look deeper to see what is really going on.

Based in Adelaide in Australia, Ian Chamberlain is a fairly new producer that is refining his game to bring out better and better music. He inspired by musical genres past and present, mechanical sounds, and the world of nature.

With a trippy beat that is very distorted at the start, I knew this was going to be interesting. The song soon changes up and I feel that I am on an island somewhere nice and tropical. Perhaps with low hanging fruit on trees and the bars serve beverages with funny little hats in them.

No Signal Remix” is the remix of the track ”No Signal” from 2018. The song is pretty much the same with a few subtle influences to keep things interesting. This is a solid release that keeps things so chilled in the heart with the blood pressure needing more of this in this crazy world.

Head through to Soundcloud so you can hear more from the Australian producer.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jimmy Theo returns with lyric video for ”The End Of Time” ft Dave Lewis on Sax

Australian born singer-songwriter Jimmy Theo is back with new music and he brings Dave Lewis with him to add the smooth sounds of his saxophone for ”The End Of Time”. This is a love song from Jimmy and he shows his heartfelt feelings about the love of his life. A sweet song in the current world pandemic life that we all face, this is a very chilled track that should have us all remembering the good times.

The youthful UK based performer is in inspired form and brings a message of unconditional love with him during these dark times. A welcome break from protests and negative vibes indeed.

Jimmy Theo from Australia takes us on a journey of love in ”The End Of Time”. He craves the touch and affection of his partner and just wants to be next to her. A young artist who will improve with each song, this is a sterling effort. The added sax blends in the song perfectly and this will be a romantic song for all ages.

Get more Jimmy Theo in your life via his YouTube channel and admire the musicianship.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

ANTVNIO’s ‘BROTHERS’ is a taste of Melbourne’s rap scene

Melbourne-based ANTVNIO has released Brothers, a Pacific-ocean crossing mesh of dominated hip-hop waves.

With heavy influence from both modern UK and US trap and rap styles, Australia’s young trap artists are beginning to expand in droves – and ANTVNIO’s ‘BROTHERS’ feels very much a part of that. While the track has its both high and low points, there’s an enjoyable ‘real-life’ sensibility about this release, and it speaks to the lengths of just how much the digital era has really affected music creation. 

While there’s more persistence needed from the young artist in smoothing out the rougher edges to compete in an extremely exciting wave of artists like The Kid Laroi, BROTHERS might be worth a listen if you want to expand your tastes and dive into the independent waters of Australian-seasoned trap. 

You can check out BROTHERS on ANTVNIO’s Soundcloud page here