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Send Boys To Die: Dee Lunar pushes back against the evil propaganda on War Drum

Pushing back against the barricades that have been placed to halt any free thinking, Dee Lunar shreds through the plastic and emerges as the inspiring leader we all need to play loud with War Drum.

Dee Lunar is a Cairns, Australia-based DIY alternative rock solo artist and model who transforms moods with a stunning array of excellent soundtracks for our souls to heal inside.

In addition to creating music, Dee is also an adult content creator and model, who is passionate about sex positivity and freedom of sexual expression for women. She has a sex positive podcast called, ‘Sex with Dee’ available on Spotify, as well as her music-specific podcast, ‘Music with Dee’.” ~ Dee Lunar

Dee Lunar is rather brave and sings with so much heartfelt emotion. She pushes the sheep-filled crowd away and opens up a fresh path for many to feel self-enlightened with during these dark days.

War Drum from the incredible Australian multi-talented alternative artist Dee Lunar is such a motivating release which shall urge many to rise up against the madness. Slamming hard against the fake and refusing to be caged any longer, this is the anthem the world needed to hear right now.

Listen up on the Spotify link. See more on the IG page.

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Monique Angele brings back that tender love and much-needed hope on Sing Together on Christmas

As the sleigh bells ring and so many prepare for a special time of year, Monique Angele shines a light on what it all really means for humanity who just need to feel peace for a few hours on Sing Together on Christmas.

Monique Angele is a much-loved Australian/Canadian operatic piano pop singer-songwriter who loves nature and makes memorable songs filled with imagination.

Christmas is a time where we all want to be together, sing together and love one another. Through difficult times we should all try to love one another and care for each other.” ~ Monique Angele

Showing us where the love needs to be in this time of year when many are rather lonely, Monique Angele sings with so much joy and care which shall warm the souls of so many. This is such an incredibly beautiful effort that is a much appreciated entry in 2022.

Sing Together on Christmas from Australian/Canadian operatic piano pop singer-songwriter Monique Angele is one of the more healing entries anyone is ever likely to hear. There is so much supreme class on offer, which is made with true intentions and extraordinary poise.

If we all join hands as one, anything is possible.

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Sydney-based metal act BESOMORA slices their way in rather viciously on Mass Starvation

Sparking up our attention with a hardcore song which could break down bank vaults, BESOMORA stride through like gigantic Transformers on their massive new single called Mass Starvation.

BESOMORA is a Sydney, Australia-based indie melodic metal band who play as a four-piece and pack a punch that would knock out many heavyweights.

The name Besomora is derived from Slavic mythology and draws inspiration from dark spirits and demons, which the band deems a direct representation of the imagery they wish to portray and a reflection of their music.” ~ BESOMORA

Forging through the noise with their Eastern European background bonding their heritage together in a united front, BESOMORA is a loud band and might shatter innocent eardrums. They drive through like a Tower Crane and lift us away from the fake and into a world of rip-roaring velocity.

Mass Starvation from Australian-based melodic metal band BESOMORA is rather explosive and might leave some debris behind with a soaring display for the ages. Showing us why they’re one of the most exciting bands around, this is a metal head’s dreamy delight to get the bright lights in our minds flaming alright again.

See this heavy music video on YouTube and see more on IG.

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Australian musician Peter Thomas-Warman drops fascinating new track Revolution Then

Searching for freedom and putting his heart on the sleeve for us all to be inspired by, Peter Thomas-Warman looks for the vital enlightenment that has been hiding away for too long on Revolution Then.

Peter Thomas-Warman is an Australian indie folk bedroom singer-songwriter and radiographer who projects his vocals rather sweetly.

Soaring so high and with so much love and care, Peter Thomas-Warman is that underground musician who assembles poetic-like stories to warm even the coldest veins back to life again. Revolution Then encapsulates the feelings of so many lost humans, who are searching for that empowering light.

Revolution Then from Australian indie folk bedroom singer-songwriter and radiographer Peter Thomas-Warman is an emotional roller coaster and shall surely massage your heart awake. Lyrically aware and with melodies that are made from actual experiences in life, this is the type of song to play when meditation is needed.

When it’s time to stand up for what is right, everything minor falls away forever.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

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SVLEM return with the speaker-hugging Live Session (Nevermore + Adore & Devour)

Risking it all again with a lineup change that has provided exhilarating results, SVLEM shows us deep inside the vision with a recording from their recent experience at Housefox Studios, with Live Session.

SVLEM is an Australian indie alternative metal project who like it raw and loud as they take us back to the underground with a sterling presentation.

The band that’s bound to put a spell on you has already set Australia’s radest venues on fire alongside Carmeria, Victoria K and Temtris to name a few and has successfully financed their Live Session thanks to their growing fan base.” ~ SVLEM

Showing us what we have been missing out on with a powerful portrayal your heart was waiting for, SVLEM trigger our senses awake and dominates proceedings with a terrific display that hits dizzy heights of intrigue.

Live Session from Australian indie alternative rock/metal outfit SVLEM is a thunderous performance from a band who would certainly play live even if a tornado was close by. Pulsating eardrums and shocking many with their rugged new music, this is a release that will please those who love things rather raucous and in your face.

See the new video on YouTube and find out more on IG.

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Connection: Mr Meo reminds us what it is to be truly Human

Feeling so good inside and seeking that hunger for something more than normal from a frightening world, Mr Meo has dropped a reaction-filled single to make us all hold hands and dance in unison on Human.

Mr Meo is an Australia-based groovy indie crossover artist/music producer who makes tunes to bring smiles back to the faces of those who were previously sad.

Creating unique compositions filled with artistic expression, indie crossover is the architecture soundscape of Mr Meo.” taken from SoundCloud

Showing us his multi-instrumentalist skills to the max with an 80s-like soundtrack, Mr Meo guides us through that happy place that can take you back into a nostalgic gaze. Sparked with passionate emotions and a vocal melody to keep your smile alive, this is a delightful single to hold on tightly to.

Human from the Australian artist and music wizard/producer Mr Meo is a fine effort that might cause your soul to vibrate and get your eyes awake again. Flourishing with so much passionate energy to get you thinking deeper than ever, we find an experience to treasure while our hearts heal.

Hear this top song on SoundCloud and see more on IG.

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Australian DJ ALBA drops heavy-hitting new speaker-shaking techno track, ‘Stay’

With an assortment of unreleased music ready to be thrown into the ears of techno music fans all over the world, the experienced ALBA returns with a brilliantly awesome reminder of his excellent skill set with, ‘Stay‘.

ALBA is an Australian DJ and dance music producer who makes those foot-sliding singles that get you off your seat and headed to your local club.

Taking a 2-year hiatus and travelling the world to experience more of what music and artists have to offer, He came back to where it all began, taking on his new solo project ‘ALBA.’ Since starting mid-June 2021 he had already secured a residency at a huge Brisbane hot spot whilst also playing other venues and events.” ~ ALBA

With his mind alert and ready to take over the scene to bring all party fans something to play with splendidly, ALBA is on a mission here with a dance-the-night-away track to get those mates together as one, so that you all can have a night that goes into the legendary column forever.

Stay‘ from Australian DJ and dance music producer ALBA, is a thunderously exhilarating new single from an artist who knows what the fans want. After years of sweating in the DJ booth and also taking time to renew his love for the game while learning the world scene, this sounds like a creative reborn. Dropping the bass with confidence and mightily sending us into a new stratosphere with some extra female vocals to seduce us in, this is a track to play loud when you are in the mood to let your hair down and get grooving again.

Hear this absolute ripper on Spotify and enter his world on IG.

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Eamonn Conor recalls that sensual kiss that changed everything with ‘Pony Ride’

As he gazes into the clear eyes of that incredible lover who has made his whole heart happy and warm, Eamonn Conor is in dazzling form with a single all about that radiant feeling that has you smiling for days on ‘Pony Ride‘.

Eamonn Conor is an Australian indie-pop solo singer-songwriter who blends in RnB and soul elements to have a style of music that is always his own.

Since releasing his debut single Pony Ride in 2017, Eamonn has gone on to release several tracks, culminating in 2019’s Thoughts EP. Thoughts displays a musical versatility throughout all of its tracks, from electronic inspired pop, to classic R&B and soul elements make it a captivating listen from start to finish.” ~ Eamonn Conor

With a spectacular ambience that sends your whole body in an absolute flutter like an optimistic bird flying high in the sky, Eamonn Conor is in a mood that could possibly take your breath away. Soothing our lonely souls with something so genuine and real, this is a superb single that has been made with so much care and a kiss-filled atmosphere.

Pony Ride‘ from Australian indie-pop singer-songwriter Eamonn Conor, is one of the most romantic tracks you will ever hear. The vocals are smooth and loving, the lyrics tell you how he feels, and the beat has you in a vibrant mood to be with that person who makes you feel alive inside the deepest part of your soul. Showing us what true love looks like, this single should inspire anyone who is feeling uninspired to talk to their crush and start up that romantic journey.

Hear this stunning single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

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This Is My Story: Underground Sydney rapper 1FIVE8 opens the book up on his life with ‘Storytelling’

As he raps with an ode to the past and a look to future successes, 1FIVE8 flows with an introspective style as he opens up the door to what he is feeling about all the enthralling adventures with ‘Storytelling‘.

1FIVE8 aka The Kid, is a gritty Sydney, Australia hip-hop artist and music producer. He makes a sterling blend of raw rhymes and mixes it with well-executed beats, that has your heart beating rather quicker than before.

Using music and writing to tell his story and the struggles he faced with mental illness growing up.” ~ 1FIVE8

He raps with a real underrated flair and keeps things hardcore the whole way through without the corny fluff – as he cooks us up the story of his life – while fighting for everything that he has earned. Featuring that no-nonsense approach and filled with fiery bars that would break most soft rappers in half, this is a thrilling ride from the beginning to the end.

Storytelling‘ from the rugged Australian music producer and rapper 1FIVE8, is a strong-willed track from a man who is clearly on a mission. He raps with an underground style and lets it be known that he sees himself at the top soon – no matter what happened in the past – which threatened to derail all his most well-intended plans.

Telling the world your real story, is the only way to connect to those who feel the same.

Check out this new music video on YouTube and find out more via the IG music page.

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‘All Night Long’ from groovy Australian MMM Watermelon ft R.E.N. is worth turning up

All Night Long‘ from groovy Australian MMM Watermelon ft R.E.N. is worth turning up real loud. This is the party anthem of the year.

Based in Sydney in peaceful Australia, MMM Watermelon is a DJ first and foremost. While bringing his unique fast paced mixing style full of turntable trickery to the table, he has recently turned his hand to house music but always with a distinctive MMM Watermelon twist. Chicago-based Collaborator R.E.N injects his music with social wit and perception blending his charisma, innovative artistry, and signature sensibility to forge his own definitive sound. This is the kind of music that makes you listen twice. The scratches in the loops keep the song fresh and so fine.

After producing the perfect beat, MMM Watermelon called in R.E.N. to build a rhyme over the top. ‘All Night Long‘ is an energetic house track that revolves around the love of being out all night long, a sentiment that is sure to resonate with listeners. We all want this and can’t wait for it to happen again.

All Night Long‘ from Australian MMM Watermelon ft R.E.N takes you on a night filled journey wherever you are in the world and that is the point of the song. This is a road-trip kind of feel, life is good and no one is thinking about the current world of 2020. This is one to listen to when you are keen to go out or cruising in the car on the way out.

Head through to Spotify page.

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