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It’s four to the floor in Audio Jacked’s club hit, Love What You See

After his defiantly electric debut, Won’t Be Locked Down, which aired in early 2022, the UK-based songwriter and producer Audio Jacked (Daniel Puddick) is keeping the euphoria flowing. His latest EDM Pop hit, Love What You See, is a throwback to the era that saw him running club nights across the UK, but modernism didn’t go a miss in the clearly contemporary production that throws a few nods to the likes of Stardust and CeCe Peniston, but you’ll find no dust in this high-fire club hit.

One hit of the pulsating bass and we were right back on a 90s dancefloor, drinking in the lusty grooves and getting high on the salaciously powerful melodies that fizz with the kind of passion that can only transpire on those hedonistic nights enabled by rhythmically gifted producers such as Audio Jacked.

Love What You See officially dropped on October 14th. Check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK producer, Audio Jacked has revealed another soulful floor-filler with Not Me That’s Broken, featuring Jessie Wagner

You only need to look at the title of Not Me That’s Broken to know Audio Jacked isn’t your average electronica grifter. By building his big room house track around emboldening substance and soul; he allowed emotion to drive the momentum just as much as the monolithic basslines and powerful breaks that rhythmically knock you off-kilter before the hooks pick you back up again.

Jessie Wagner had her work cut out for her keeping the progressive pace; between her vocal dynamism and the clear connection to the lyricism, she was arrestingly triumphant.

This may only be Daniel Puddick’s third release as Audio Jacked but the experienced UK musician and songwriter has been enriching the EDM scene since the 90s, and his finger is just as firmly on the big melody pulse as it ever was.

Not Me That’s Broken is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

UK music producer Audio Jacked drops debut single ‘Won’t Be Locked Down’ (feat. Jessie Wagner)

Released from his label Funktasy Records, Audio Jacked shows that proper assertiveness that should ward off any selfish humans who just want to control their lovers on the beat-heavy new single to wake you up called ‘Won’t Be Locked Down(feat. Jessie Wagner).

Audio Jacked is a Daniel Puddick-created electronic project that is based in the UK and this experienced music producer and writer has just sliced our earlobes with his new creation.

Back in 1990, Daniel Puddick aka Audio Jacked ran several club sites and club nights where he first played out his material.” ~ Audio Jacked

Introducing us to his sound that is perfect for that late-night sweaty dance floor where lovers shall meet, Audio Jacked sizzles with a debut that is memorable for its crisp sound and inspiring lyrics that might set you free from any previous dungeons you found yourself inside.

Won’t Be Locked Down(feat. Jessie Wagner) from the UK-based electronic music producer Audio Jacked, is a catchy single that should encourage us all to stay free and to never let anyone else bring us down. There is a fabulously fresh sound here that is ultimately perfect for our senses to wrap heartily into, as we laugh at the mistakes we made before. Moving up to an elevated place where your heart won’t be smashed open, is the only way to live after all.

Hear this new dance single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen