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19 year old Atlanta native LoKii AD shows us the Hip Hop future with ”Juug”

I was wondering just the other day about where Hip Hop is going and who the artists at the top are going to be in 10 years. I think I’ve found the answer. He is still in college at Georgia Tech and is only 19 years old. LoKii AD and his music is so hot at the moment you may catch a sunburn when you play this heat of a track.

Juug” is the latest banger from this emcee born in Decatur and currently residing in the East of Atlanta. Home of the South. His flow is quick and easy to understand. He is on a mission and this song is all about that swag. He likes to look fresh and this banger is all about that. You gotta look good with the fly chain and stylish car to impress this guy. Mechanical Engineering is what LoKii studies and you can see he has his eye on breaking things down.

Hip Hop is in safe hands with this young talent and with a style that changes up he is merely starting out in the music game. This is a scary prospect. This future is here. LoKii AD. Remember the name.

Stream this new school Hip Hop track right here on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hippy Creed – Last Night: 420 Friendly Funk

Call me old fashioned, but when I think of a ‘Hippy’ sound, what doesn’t come to mind is an R&B Rap artist and his music about sleeping with women whose names he cannot remember.

Never the less, in its own right, Last Night is an audiophiles delight, which has fans pumped about the Atlanta, Georgia Hip Hop artists sound which is produced to perfection.

Whilst the lyrics are uninventive, the sound supports the track through his slightly linear musings. Hippy Creed pertains the image that he’s more than just your average Hip Hop artist and within his sound lies a movement based around the importance of being aware at all times. I suppose that for someone with such a 420 inclination, that message may seem pretty necessary.

Any fans of Kendrick Lamar, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Tech Nine are in for a treat with this track, under it’s superficiality, Hippy Creed has a vocal ability and flow that will make him the envy of many R&B artists.

Check out the official music video to Last Night via YouTube using the link below:

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