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Las Vegas-based duo Demon and Lion praise the unknown legends on ‘Humble Heroes’

Opening up their hearts and showing much respect to those who help without the glory that so many greedy souls crave, Demon and Lion remind us to show love to the hard-working legends who are striving each day to keep the world safe on ‘Humble Heroes‘.

Demon and Lion are a Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie-rock duo who impressively have the ability to perform live in 5 different languages and started their career in Argentina.

Honoring all those around the world who selflessly fight every day against all odds for the lives and well-being of others.” ~ Demon and Lion

Guiding us into a shattered picture that shows you the strain that so many are feeling as they stay quiet and fearless to assist others, Demon and Lion offer their appreciation with a wonderful single to remind yourself that the world needs to show love to those who work bravely in the shadows.

Humble Heroes‘ from the multi-lingual Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie-rock duo Demon and Lion, is a praise-filled single that shows us the flames of strength from those brave warriors who have stood up tall when the world was crumbling to its core. Their vocals slide kindly into your ears and simmer brightly into your eyes, to show you that kindness actually does exist. With a wonderful lyrical experience to truly savour – this is a song that is an anthem – to pay respect to those selfless servicepeople who have saved so many lives.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the Twitter music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Edmonton Lo-fi artist Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s drop sensually-stimulating debut track, ‘Draft Punks’

Steering us into the first-ever release that sizzles enticingly like a tasty steak getting cooked to perfection on the hot barbecue, Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s catches our attention with a tease-fueled release that will have you feeling like this is going to be something different to the rest with ‘Draft Punks‘.

Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s is the Lo-fi synth solo project of Edmonton, Canada-based Luis Lamela who was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He studied music in Berklee College in Buenos Aires and currently runs a home boutique studio where he releases his materials through his publishing company, LFL Music Publishing.” ~ Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s

Displaying a real charisma and an effortless attraction, Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s have a magnetic appeal that seems to coat your energies with skilful effect – as you close your eyes and imagine that night – you just knew you were with someone who radiates alluring captivation beyond comprehension.

Draft Punks‘ from Buenos Aires, Argentina-born Lo-fi synth solo artist Johnny Johnny and the Johnny’s, is a catchy new single that appears to be all about being so delighted you are with someone who you are so proud to be seen with. Mixed to a stunning level of enjoyment – this is a promising release from a talented artist – who is only just getting started and sounds hungrier than most to succeed where others fail daily.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Blood On The Ground: Buenos Aires band Los Cozmatics are quite brilliant on ‘Tears’

Made in busy Buenos Aires with a true love, Los Cozmatics are in scintillating form with their new single which will have you shedding a few ‘Tears‘.

Los Cozmatics was formed by The Bronx-born John Acosta, who is an indie trip-hop/pop singer-songwriter and music producer.

Featuring Argentine-singer Daira Robin, guitarist/producer Ezekiel “Zeke” Vallejo, Pablo Guarnieri on drums, and Laura Corrazina on the bass with this incredible project, this is a stunning effort with so much soul.

She sings with such mesmerizing beauty and real class, with a caring soundscape which feels like you are being lifted into a rather sad story of mystery. There is blood on the floor and there are lots of people are looking, as you just wish that life was back to normal again.

This is a fine track with so much tranquilizing and striking atmosphere, which has your mind floating into a new world of intrigue. You are transported into an air of introspection throughout, as you turn up the volume to soak each word into your engrossed mind.

Tears‘ from the Buenos Aires, Argentina-based indie pop/trip-hop music project Los Cozmatics, is the story about looking away from the darkness and bringing in the light again. After a sad time, the healing needs to happen so that peace and love may return.

Sung with a true grace and featuring an assortment of clearly quality artists who seem to have that world class ability flowing through their souls, this is a real gem of an underground track to turn up and truly embrace.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Victoria May sparks so bright with new pop debut “Electricity”

Victoria May is a young British born pop singer with a massive future. She sparks brightly here with her debut single called “Electricity“.

Now based in Argentina, Victoria impresses like a futuristic starlet on this pop soaked winner. With quality production and pure vocals that make my ears sweat, this is a tremendous entry into the music world.

Recorded in Buenos Aires and mixed in New York, you can feel the overriding international standard and the whole package is a delicious listen the whole way through. This is a young musician with a huge future if she can stay focused and hungry for more. Victoria’s voice puts me under a delightful spell of positive energy.

Electricity” is one of those songs that makes you listen again and again. You imagine Victoria’s feeling towards her new crush, she wants it but isn’t afraid to keep her guard up just in case something is off.

This is an absolute gem and I highly recommend you give Victoria May your full attention.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen