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Wetzlar – Waiting: The Artist Making Radiohead Sound Positively Euphoric

Interpol fans, you’re in for a treat with Wetzlar’s latest single Waiting which was released July 20th.

Usually, I’m not a fan of excessive vocal effects, but there is something about Wetzlar’s ingenious mix and production that made the reverb pouring from his melancholic vocal offering devastatingly beautiful. With Wetzlar’s earlier releases such as ‘City Life’ the tonality is purely neo-classical as you listen to the deep swells of the piano against the uplift of the tentatively stroked higher notes. The same instrumental momentum is carried through to Waiting as you listen to the acoustic instruments create an almost overwhelming sense of dread and trepidation.

The vocals to Waiting were allowed to bleed into the track, in a way not too dissimilar to Shoegaze bands such as Slowdive, and My Bloody Valentine. Yet, Wetzlar has his own deeply pensive style which comes to life through the Lo Fi production that allows Waiting to remain tentatively raw.

You can check out the haunting official music video to Wetzlar’s equally haunting latest single Waiting on YouTube now.

Head on over to Facebook to connect with Wetzlar and keep up to date with all of his latest releases (that I’m praying I won’t have to wait too long for).

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Wherestessah: Prepare for Some Seriouly Sensually Visceral Lyrical Waxing

Traditionally, female artists have been pretty coy about their sexuality, yet up and coming artist Wherestessah has recently released her latest single ‘I’m Still Trash, Ur Still Daddy’ to prove that women are more than capable of waxing lyrical about their sexuality.

Wherestessah’s vocals are absolutely on point in this punchy Pop hit, in fact, I’m struggling to compare her vocals to any of her contemporaries thanks to her sultry prowess as she verses the absolutely genius lyrics ‘safer on my knees than in my mind’… that’s just pure poetry RIGHT THERE. There’s not many artists who would get away with such an explicit track and still manage to keep the overall effect resonantly poignant and passionate. The beat which comes alive through both digital and acoustic instrument has an Indie tonality with all of the harsh resonance of an Urban Pop hit – the end result is overwhelmingly resounding.

You can check out Wherestessah’s latest single I’m Still Trash, Ur Still Daddy for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Former Morrissey Fans Are Going to Need to Check Out Ben Avison’s latest Single

As a massive former Morrissey fan, the sentiment behind Ben Avison’s latest single ‘Steven, Please Can We Talk’ wasn’t lost on me. Morrissey was clearly looking for some form of reaction with his latest absurd statements, and Oxford, UK based performer Ben Avison didn’t fail to deliver. The beautifully tongue in cheek track with an equally antagonistic music video has to be my favourite retaliation to the former icon’s absurdity. All satire aside, Ben’s talent as a poignant and perceptive artist didn’t go unnoticed, his rich, yet soft vocals were the perfect way to express the reticent disdain which was riddled into the lyrics. Ironically, the jangly guitar riffs wouldn’t be out of place in a Smiths track. Under poised melody the track unfolds around Ben’s inventively genius lyrics that really do capture the embarrassment that ex-Morrissey fans are feeling right now. Steven, Please Can We Talk almost certainly deserves to go viral, just so we can watch Morrissey react to it!

You can check out Ben Avison’s spectacular video to Steven, Please Can We Talk on YouTube – it might just be the best thing that you see and hear all year. Or head on over to Bandcamp and buy the single, all profits will go to Love Music Hate Racism.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


The High-Vibe R&B Pop Cross Over Track That Bleeds Pure Euphoria

Ladies and Gentlemen, we may have discovered the hottest R&B Pop mash up of the summer.

With his latest drop ‘Exit at the Group Stage’ Nactus Kunan created an overwhelmingly hot track. Forget the tired old tap and trickle of the same old 808 drum beat sequences that seem to make up every urban inspired hit this year, because Nactus has quite literally created a monster. Each precious second of the track is filled with fuzzy reverb as you’d expect from any self-respecting Shoegaze band, but instead of spiralling into melancholy Nactus’ vocal offerings and high-vibe style allow the track to bleed pure euphoria.

Exit at the Group Stage is one of those tracks which I have no doubt could appeal to music fans regardless of their genre preferences. It’s fuelled with an infectious level of hype and produced to absolute perfection. Nactus’ vocals have that queissent charming quality to them which makes it all too hard not to be sucked into his captivating matured crooning. Yet despite the level of maturity in his vocals, there is still a pinch innocence.

You can check out Nactus Kunan’s latest single Exit at the Group Stage out on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Martina Topley-Bird – Solitude: I’m Not Crying, You Are

When the prelude to a track has you expressing expletives, you know that you’re in for a hell of a track. As a massive fan of Bjork, Massive Attack and Lydia Lunch it was only natural that I’d fall so quickly for Martina Topley-Bird’s latest single. Solitude was released ahead of her upcoming 4-track EP ‘MTB Continued’. I’d struggle to tire of Martina’s sound, so it’s safe to say I’m more than excited for the release to drop.

I’m not even ashamed to say that even before the track reached its mid-way point I’d shed a tear after drinking the fragile ambience of her evocative vocal offerings. The fluid mastering over this track sets as the perfect platform for Martina to lay down her overwhelmingly sensual yet strong vocals down. To top it all off, the lyricism is absolutely flawless. ‘Feed me starvation’, I’m pretty sure most poets out there would struggle to come up with a more poignant soundbite.

You can check out Martina’s latest single Solitude which was released June 15th, 2018 by heading over to her official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Intellessence – Whisper: It’s a transcendental offering of lucid musical synergy

There’s something just a little bit more beautiful about Intellessence’s new Single Whisper. The soundscapes created by the solo recording artist and producer have a way of reverberating through every cell in your body. The resonance and the breathing texture within the innovative sound which Intellessence cooked up can barely be depicted through words, it’s more than just rhythm and time, melodies and rhyme. It’s a transcendental offering of lucid musical synergy; if you could imagine a cross over between Prog Rock & Dream Pop you’d be able to get a pretty good idea of the rhythms of catharsis on offer from Intellessence.

Whisper was just one of the ethereally stunning singles from Intellessence’s 2017 album Mesmer in which he demonstrated his unique approach to sound.  The trained audio engineer has always been keen to find new ways of unlocking new potential in music. With his control over melodic groove I’d say he’s cracked it.

You can check out my personal favourite track Whisper on Spotify along with his 2018 album Dynamo.

For more info head on over to the artists official website

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Rick van Meijel – The Spark: A Tentatively Euphoric Orchestration of Perceptible Passion

Rick van Meijel’s latest single The Spark isn’t something you listen to, it’s not just vibrations that your eardrums collide with, it’s an experience that takes you to an almost transcendental level. The instrumental orchestration sits somewhere between Industrial Rock, Neo Classical and electronica. If film soundtracks took acid, the end result would sound a little like the Spark. Swathes of synth progressively thrash through the track accompanied by a bassline which sounds like it has a heartbeat of its own. The amount of energy and emotion written into this composition isn’t easily ignored, even though there are no lyrics, it’s still palpable through the torrent of sound depicting a perceptibly passionate orchestration filled with tentative euphoria. Rick van Meijel’s electronica music is just another example that everything is a little better in the Netherlands.

You can check out Rick van Meijel’s latest single The Spark on YouTube, make sure to subscribe for the drop of the debut EP ‘Reliving’ which will be out June 8th.

For more music & info on Meijel’s upcoming release head on over to his official website and yes, each track is just as compelling as the last.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


InterParadox – Revelation: Kill Your Deities

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have an existential crisis as you ponder which genre to delve into every time you open Spotify. Thankfully duo’s such as InterParadox have creates an overwhelmingly dynamic sound with their latest single in which they incorporate everything from EDM to Hip Hop Rap to Rock. As their recent track Revelation unfolds, it becomes increasingly evident why they chose that name to encapsulate their sound.

InterParadox compliment ingeniously clever Rap verses with hauntingly evocative soft rock vocals which aren’t too dissimilar from the aural alchemy you’d find in an Incubus track. While the rhythmic rap bars set the momentum, the vocals set the emotion in an evocatively charged ensemble created by instrumentalists & vocalists Anthony Bissinger and Dennis Homm. Their talents don’t end with their pensive approach to lyricism combined with their ethereally compelling vocal ability. The composition of the beat is a labyrinth of hooks and guitar-driven breakdowns that add to the layers and sublime textures to the track. The word pioneering gets thrown around a lot these days, with InterParadox it would be an understatement to say that they’re the epitome of pioneering sound in 2018.

You can check out the official music video to Revelation on YouTube

Connect with the Hip Hop Rock duo on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Why follow fashion when you can start your own?

Think Me a Fool (Official Video) from foster & the pranksters on Vimeo.

Foster and The Pranksters make exactly the sort of vintage music for the modern age which is really ticking a lot of boxes for me at the moment.Whilst there is something in its eclectic flights of fancy and sonic choices that suggests it is the product of the modern world, it beats with a more experienced mind, a more lived in heart and a much older soul. Raw blues, early rock and roll, funky grooves, soul moves and even an unexpected rap break to help the song cross the finish line all come together to build music which revels in its own ragged glory, its own substance over style heart, its own celebration of the way music used to be made whilst never taking its eye of the path ahead of it.

Think Me A Fool and the wonderfully band responsible for it remind us, in attitude at least, of the ethic of artists like The Band, ones who in the face of the current zeitgeist deliberately subverted expectation and delivered something far older and less fashionable, wonderfully out of step with the current trend and just waited for others to catch up. The Band did it in the face of encroaching hippiedom and hard rock, Foster and The Pranksters do it against a backdrop of landfill Indie, disposable pop and bedroom rap mumblers. Why follow fashion when you can start your own, wholly new, indie-roots movement?


Wasabi Fire Alarm – break down generic barriers

Wasabi Fire Alarm raise two fingers

When you think of alternative music it is easy to think of music which exists on the peripheries, music which is alt-this or post-that, something far away from the mainstream. Well, the great thing with the brilliantly named Wasabi Fire Alarm is that whilst they are most definitely wandering some alternative pathways, there core sound is made up from some very recognisable, palatable and non-extreme sounds. It’s a fine line they walk but one that is done elegantly and eloquently.

Two Fingers in a V, even the title smacks of punky belligerence, is actually a slick mix of jazzy licks, soulful riffs and blues grooves, placing them somewhere between the up-town cocktail club and the down town basement party. Clever isn’t the word, its better even than that. Easy on the ears, built from delicate  and graceful lines, it boogies and sways, jumps and jives in the gentlest of ways but there is still something subversive lying at its lyrical heart. Wolves in sheeps clothing? Very much so. Being different, standing apart from the pack, pursuing a singular route isn’t always about in-your-face confrontation or taking circular musical route. Sometimes it is just about the most subtle and supple approaches, and if it wasn’t for the lyrical message and indeed the screamo harmony vocals hanging around just out of earshot, it would be the sort of song that you could take home and meet your parents.

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